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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

In the wake of a Drudge Report story naming Condoleezza Rice as the frontrunner to be Mitt Romney’s running mate, speculation has been running wild that Romney may add the former Secretary of State to his ticket. Ignore it. A brief look at Rice’s career shows that she is ridiculously ill-suited to run with Romney, and would be an extremely unlikely nominee.

The first of many issues with Rice is the fact that she was the public face of George W. Bush’s historically unpopular foreign policy. Rice drew widespread criticism for her performance as National Security Advisor, and her tenure as Secretary of State is deeply controversial among liberals and conservatives alike. As Daniel Larison of The American Conservative put it, Rice “has the unusual distinction of being distrusted and disliked by many neoconservatives, most realists, and all non-interventionists in almost equal measure.”

The Romney campaign has gone out of its way to distance itself from the Bush administration as much as humanly possible. How often does it really want to see this clip appear in campaign ads between now and November?

Rice’s close ties to George W. Bush aren’t the only factor that make her an extremely unlikely vice presidential pick. She is also pro-choice.

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  • Some choice. Go with Condi and lose the conservative backing he needs while winning over some independents, or go with someone like T-Pau or some other conservative tool hand-picked for him by David Koch and lose the whole shebang.
    Now think about this scenario. Instead of Dr. Rice, he picks someone like Kelly Ayotte and the Republicans lose big time. After the election, the Republican Party circles the wagons and declares that they obviously weren’t Conservative enough to properly win. So now they go with someone so far to the Right that only Ted Nugent can identify with him. And let’s say the Democrats go with someone with national stature that was not tainted by anything associated with the names Clinton or Obama (I am sure Ms Wasserman-Schultz knows some mad scientist who can create something in a lab that qualifies). That candidate comes across as the best of all worlds and trashes the Republicans again. At this point, the Republican party will have all the relevance that the Whigs did in 1860.

  • Nom_DeGuerre

    The Condi talk just started, but the liberetards are already running to “help” Romney not to make such a terrible mistake as to select for VP extremely popular and respected black conservative woman, who even has some moderate views on abortion. Anyone with at least some grey matter in his/her head knows that our country would prosper enormously if we only could listen to demoCRAPS and do otherwise. I hope Romney is smart enough to do just that: listen to all your “friendly” advises and act to the contrary.

    • Two questions..1. what are liberetards? 2. How is Rice a respected Conservative woman? She played a key part in one of the most unsuccessful presidency’s in our time ..both in our domestic and our foreign policy. conservative…Not a conservative adm.Don’t forget they once cheered Palin . Could you imagine a whitehouse with her in it. Your libertards maybe wrong on some issues but they were right about her.

      • Nom_DeGuerre

        I usually don’t waste my time answering stupid questions, but since I didn’t see you before on this LIBERAL-RETARDS’ grazing field, I’ll give you a try.

        The difference between us is that you, demoCRAPS, FEEL what is right, while we, conservatives, THINK based on facts and cause/effect analysis.

        You FEEL that there was “one of the most unsuccessful presidency’s in our time” simply because you didn’t like Bush. We KNOW that during the first six years of his reign unemployment never went above 5% despite Hi-Tech market crush and 9/11 bequested to him by “Internet-inventor” Gore and Bin-Laden guardian angel Clinton. In January 2007 you elected Pelosi and Reid, and the whole hell broke lose. Trust me, I do not see Bush as the sharpest knife in a drawer, but comparing with Carter’s 12% unemployment, 13% inflation rate, and 22% APR mortgages, Bush is a genius. THINK about that.

        Secondly, you FEEL that Palin is UNIMAGINABLE in the WH simply because you don’t like her. We KNOW that as an Energy Commissioner of Alaska she successfully imposed on oil companies environmental and financial conditions extremely beneficial to the citizens of the state and enjoyed 82% approval rate as the Governor.

        What I FELT as UNIMAGINABLE was election to the WH of the guy with no SINGLE solid fact/achievement in his life which I could measure him against the others with. Even his graduations from Ivy League institutions (which, even in the best case scenario, by themselves are quite measly credits to become right away a CEO of the Dunkin Donuts, leave alone of the largest economy on the planet) are so dubious that all the records about them are sealed. But you still voted for him and are gonna do it again just because he is COOL.

        See the difference in decision making process of an adult and a puberty stricken pimply teenager with still underdeveloped brain? And remember: this world is not a kids play, thus it always ruled by the adults – one way or another – with kisses or with kicks.

  • Condi Rice, a fellow alumnus, will tell you whatever you want to hear, until you buy what she has to sell you. Once the sale is completed, you better get ready to face a different, mean, possessive soul.

  • The “Princess” of Arab Springs. Bringing a bunch of retarded religious zealots to power. Her destructive thinking continues to strive.

  • howa4x

    Odds on he will go with Senator Portman (R) Ohio. He knows the budget and won’t over shadow the stiff Romney. He is also popular in this battleground state and is a vanillia canidate

  • No way I don’t know how she became a Repbulican in the first place I thought she was smarter than that but there is hope.There is not my ways and my ways is not there just hear Mitt free stuff it so sad to know that is the best Republican has to offer racism should never be any party or canidate standard banner or deniel any American from their right to vote

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    You guys need to invest in better eyewear…Rice, the former CEO of Texas Instruments? Get it yet? The GOP’s back room agenda is exactly what it was when they put Bush out there…Creating a corporate environment from the top White House job down to their last little job as a Congressional page. Look no further than the Bush Administration with its all too numerous and inept corporate clowns. They are not after creating a better government at all. They are only and singularly after creating a corporation. What else explains who they consistently choose for candidates?

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Like many stereotypes in this world, poor Dr. Rice has the onerous challenge of shedding her Bush “Nanny” role. Here’s a woman, more than worthy of better and all she managed was to sidle up to all of the wrong kind…Republicans. How on earth did this hugely intelligent woman miss that Republicans are men…not women? And as the party of Republican men, she’d only be a handmaiden to their royal political agenda. Which, in retrospect, is exactly the role she was forced to play. No way was Norquist going to allow this woman with more brains than Norquist, Rove or Cheney have combined to get the spotlight. It’s just not the Republican male way. Oh sure…they make a half-hearted attempt at it just to get the vote of American women dumb enough to fall for their act. But look at the kind of women they put in that spotlight…Harriet Meiers? As unqualified for the Supreme Court as it gets? Palin and Bachmann, two of the most shrill harpies to come down the pike? And this is what the Republican men think is the typical American woman? Shows just how very, very out of touch these old fogies of the GOP really are.

    • Condi and Colin Powell were cynically used by Dick Cheney to advance the neocon agenda. At least Mr. Powell had the fortitude to resign when he realized they made him look like a fool at the UN. I doubt Condi will be chosen, and would be surprised if she accepts the offer if it is extended to her, which is highly unlikely as that would be the last straw for the far right, but it would not surprise me if Mitt choses a woman to neutralize the gender gap.

  • I Don’t Believe It No One Bit!! Rice Nor Rubio Will Get The American Taliban Nod Cause They Are Full Of KKK Members!1 And Neither Are The Right Color!! They Are Considered The Help!!! Another Reason Is Now They Know That Bush Was Playing Footies With Her In The White House And The Fact That Cheney Threw Her Under The Bus In His Book!! Just More GOP Bullshit To Keep People From Seeing The Pain In Bain!!!LOL

  • More likely they were considering her because she’s a black woman who many felt was the Yeswoman of State.

    Romney thinks he can get everyone to vote for him just by pretending to be just like them (cue the “Cheesy grits” sound bite and talking about his Mexican heritage clips). The only two things he will never be delusional enough to think he can pass himself off as are black and a woman, therefore he may have momentarily thought he could appeal to both of those groups with a black woman as his VP nominee.

    It’s the fact that Rice wouldn’t just smile and nod that killed her VP chances. That’s what Romney really wants: Somebody that will just parrot the same crap that he’s spewing off.

  • KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Romney now says he “only had ownership of his company that he created (that was outsourcing American jobs to Communist China!” Does that mean that he only collected his money regarding of what the company was doing? Romney keeps insulting the intelligence of thinking Americans! Hum..

  • Mrs Rice did nothing for this country but a “yes” woman for George Bush. And a collection of a government check. She is not a role model for her race just blessed to be in the spotlight. She don’t look smart at all.

  • raiderdan

    Oh PLEASE … the GOP had better keep this woman away from the VP, or any other list. She is totally overmatched in ANY political situation, something “W” just couldn’t fathom before he hired her (as he was CLUELESS). I suspect in a popularity poll, even Palin would whip her butt 3-1 …. duh ?

    And besides, of late the President has dug several holes for himself … as has his opponent. It’s likely we’ll see much more of THE LATTER trying to talk his way out of goofs and mistakes in these final four months. Again, republicans, don’t make it any worse for yourselves: get her the HELL out of DODGE. Let her fade away, as her former Boss has correctly chosen to do.

  • Ms Rice has as much chance of being on the ticket as Elmo. She is a distraction from his financial woes. He should loose if only because he was too stupid to clean up his financial house before running. Did he really think we would not care? Did’nt he know that THE LIBERAL MEDIA (laregely Jewish, they think) would be all over a money trail?

    Why is it that Kerry’s money was a negative and Romney’s is a plus?

    • ExPAVIC

      Simple Difference

      Kerry was an intelligent individual while Romney only wishes he was one.

    • DurdyDawg

      That’s because their running on the platform of, “Anybody but Obama”.. What the dip-wads can’t understand is that they conjured up that phrase, sprinkled it all over the media and said, “This is good, now all we have to do is find some cluck to go through the motions and we’re in”.. They don’t care about this drones past, the very rebel yell is enough for everyone to vote against their mortal enemy (or at least their invested millions indicate it) I mean, why else would they be comparing marbles? They actually think their millions will buy the position and the Dems are taken in by it and are trying to keep up (just in case their right). It’s obscene for them to be throwing all this money about while telling everybody that America is broke.. It’s not broke, the money is being ransomed in order to win a race that these fool dogs do not deserve.

  • VICE-President? No Way. But I’ve long maintained this: If she’d topped the 2008 GOP ticket, we’d probably have a Republican administration now, and thecountry would REALLY be in the toilet. My reasoning:

    First of all, Dr. Rice was even more politically conservative than George W. Bush, so she would’ve been their choice over McCain. Secondly, despite what many white liberals seem to think, most African Americans are NOT culturally liberal, and the black televangelists and megachurch pastors are not culturally liberal. They see the Democratic Party as the party of the Homosexual Agenda and the Baby Killers. Despite the fact that she has never announced that she is as far right culturally as they are, Dr. Rice is the daughter of a Presbyterian minister, so she would not have alienated the Religious Right. So, those very influential black ministers would have swayed their congregations to the right wing behind Dr. Rice.

    What about the racist fringe of the Far Right? Well, if they didn’t support Dr. Rice, who would’ve been the alternative? Another (gasp!) niggra, and a socialist one at that! So they would’ve had to mute their opposition to her, and maybe even hold their noses and support her.

    But, VICE President? Second choice? Even behind Sarah Palin? I don’t think so!

    • If Obama is a socialist ..he’s a pretty bad one. What with the stock market back up to almost 13K and corporate profits at record levels. Sharing the wealth is not socialistic…it is the only way capitalism will survive . Greed kills .


    All Shook Up

    Ha Ha Ha Obama has RoMoney so screwed up Mittens doesn’t know whether to poop or wind his watch.

    Hard to imagine how well Mittens would function as POTUS if the world situation go a little testy. He would probably break out in a instance prayer session and hymn singing.

    • DurdyDawg

      … Or be the first one to push the button if his masters deem it. Hallelujah and pass the cornbread.

  • This Was Put On Here To Get Our Eyes Off Romney Taxes And He Stay At Bain!! He Trying His Best To Keep From Releasing His Taxes Cause There’s Pain In Bain!!!LOL

  • MUAMMAR KHADAFI was madly IN LOVE with her. What this proves is that she has powerful subliminal charms; the failure of the GOP to toy with this fire is testimony to their EFFETE and IMPOTENT culture, ideology, and manifest persona.

  • Why would the GOP pick a black woman? They don’t care about votes especially from women because THEY believe (still) that husband tell their wives who to vote for. Can you imagine Condi at a campaign speech? Who would go out to see her? She is an academic all the way, boring, humorless, dull. Something that would make campaigning sooo exciting and stir people to vote for Romney. No, the GOP are in a mess of their own making. One they want women votes but don’t want to appeal to women at all, they don’t care about minorities because they will be suppressing their votes anyway, and Rubio is Cuban which doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with Mexicans or Puerto Ricans and they don’t like each other and the Mexicans won’t support him anyway. So he will go with some dull white male from the midwest hoping to capture that state. Remember Romney has to find someone duller than he is AND someone willing to parrot the GOP nonsense. The one thing the GOP has learned is that Palin upended McCain and became the focus of the campaign and that they will not do again. No silly bitch taking control of Romney’s campaign–NEVER.