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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Don't Just Salute Veterans, Rally With Them

Here’s a surprise that the power elites really hate to see: Many members of the 1 percent are joining the “We are the 99 percent” movement in various Occupy Wall Street protests.

I don’t mean that corporate CEOs and hedge fund billionaires are suddenly in the streets to show solidarity with millions of Americans who’re fed up with the systemic inequality and corruption infesting our economic and political systems. No, no — those swells aren’t about to dirty their Guccis with any street action. Rather, I’m talking about another, extra-special 1 percent of our society — the soldiers who’ve been the “boots on the ground” in Washington’s long misguided and bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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4 responses to “Don't Just Salute Veterans, Rally With Them”

  1. Jim S says:

    I have seen some comments by the right referring to Vets as the 1%. Their trying to put Vets against the 99%. It’s like apple and oranges. They might be 1% of the population but in the have and have nots most are in the 99% and I think this is an insult to us Vets and an attempt to turn those who supports us against the 99%. The have no shame and well use anyone for their polical gain. Thanks, Jim S.

  2. dw33 says:

    I have no idea where you are seeing us Vets in the 1%. That’s ludicrous. Why are we punishing the successful 1% anyway? I’m not one of them, far from it. Let’s focus on the 4 Bigs: Big government, big corporations, big Labor and big Banks – they are together the problem. By the way, we all volunteered, didn’t we? You knew what you were getting into, didn’t you? I don’t know of anyone in my Vets group who feel they are entitled to a job, so we get together and help each other

  3. says:

    I know the old vets support OWS also, our wars, Korea and Vietnam were unproductive conflicts which produced its own abused war vets., and we were teenagers and didnt know what we were getting ourselves into. I was in Korea, I dont feel entitled to anything except Honest government and wallstreet and jobs for my grandkids. Wallstreet bankers, thru toxic mortgages have done more harm to this nation that all four of our recent wars, just ask those vets whos homes are underwater.

  4. bmh says:

    To dw33: Why are we punishing the successful 1% anyway? Because they only achieved their success because of a stacked deck, that’s why! Where were you “Big Government” whiners when the Bush/Cheney regime started their “Big Government” wars?

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