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Sunday, October 23, 2016

In 1865, American slavery ended with the Confederate surrender at Appomattox Courthouse and the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment.

Since that time, these things have happened:

In 1871, a fire destroyed the city of Chicago.

In 1896, the Supreme Court legalized segregation.

In 1906, an earthquake leveled the city of San Francisco.

In 1929, the stock market crashed, plunging the nation into the Great Depression.

In 1941, more than 2,400 Americans died in a sneak attack upon Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

In 1963, the president of the United States was murdered in Dallas.

In 1974, a president resigned in scandal and disgrace.

In 2001, 3,000 people died in a terrorist attack.

In 2005, a hurricane swamped the Gulf Coast.

In 2008, corporate greed brought the nation to the brink of economic collapse.

But the most awful thing America has faced in the last 148 years is a law Congress passed in 2010 requiring that those who are able, purchase health insurance.

So says Ben Carson, celebrated neurosurgeon and newly minted star of the extreme political right. Speaking last week in Washington before the so-called Values Voter Summit, he said, “Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. And it is … in a way, it is slavery.”

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  • Lynda Groom

    Gee silly me, I believed that doctors were not suppose to do any harm. Apparently this fellow did not get the memo.

  • John Pigg

    It pains me to see people like Dr. Carson, and Thomas Sowell sink to such depths. If nothing else they provide excellent examples to the problems of examining the world through a strictly partisan lens. If the other side is always Evil, then there can be no exaggeration.

    Both of these men should cease from making inflammatory public statements that continue to erode what they have accomplished.

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

      Sowell cannot help it. Like Michelle Malkin, he must denigrate anything that has to do with the programs that allowed him to become a Conservative Pundit.

      • John Pigg

        It really is sad if you go back and look at former academic discussions with im in the 70’s on youtube, and then listening to what he is trying to say today.

    • Marikim Kimbo Dickson

      Popularity of these two has soared because racist people try to use them to make themselves seem not racist.

      • Russell Byrd

        Amen! Absolutely true.

      • Timothy Crenshaw

        This deserves a necro reply. The only blacks every put into office in this country by white majorities are Republicans. The ‘racially diverse’ and tolerant left have elected NO black politicians who are not from a majority white district. Imagine that. Makes me wonder what your definition of racism is.

  • CrankyToo

    That’s brilliant editorializing, Mr. Pitts, and I couldn’t agree more – with all but one point: that this Carson dirtbag, this rising turd of a Repugnican, is beneath contempt. He’s sure as hell not beneath mine.

    • Russell Byrd

      He definitely is worth a little surplus contempt.

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    I really have to wonder. Do these guys ever listen to what they say or read what they write? If they did, they would definitely want to renounce those statements.

  • juli1

    You know what makes me feel very, very sad? I work in a library, and until
    recently felt good about steering school children towards Dr. Carson in the
    biography section for their reports. I will still help children find him as
    that is my job. But, I will feel lousy doing it.


    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere
    ignorance and conscious stupidity”
    ~ Martin Luther King

    “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is
    the most shocking and inhumane.”
    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • progressiveandproud

      Perhaps you can gently suggest another person to write about for their reports. Drs’. Salk, Currie, Aaron, Apgar, Andrews, Heimlich, etc. Lots of wonderful doctors and stories out there.

      • juli1

        Yes, you are quite right. And we still have the pioneering African-American medical researchers, Dr Charles R. Drew and Dr Patricia Bath.

        There are many great examples out there. And even with Dr. Carson, it’s
        important for parents & teachers to explain that you can admire an
        individual’s accomplishments without necessarily respecting or liking their
        politics or as a person.
        Hard lesson to learn; Even as an adult, I’ve become very dissapointed in some of my childhood heros, especialy when politics enters into it : (

  • WitsEnd66

    This man should ask himself where he would be today had it not been for the Democratic policies passed in his lifetime the helped propel him. I can truly say to him “you did not build that alone”.

    • midway54

      He and Clarence Thomas (who sees Sowell as his hero) are twosome beneficiaries of those policies. Several years ago, the late A. Leon Higginbotham, a judge who himself was a black man on the Federal 3d Circuit Court of Appeals, skewered Thomas with an essay in which he accused Thomas of having achieved so much thanks to these policies just simply pulled the ladder of opportunity up behind him depriving others.

      • Bill

        Sounds a lot like Paul Ryan !

      • WitsEnd66

        I’ve said the same thing about them myself.

    • Dav

      He would be doing fine because he did it BY HIMSELF.

  • Zoey Kay

    I wonder what he would tell a patient who desperately needed his help, didn’t have insurance, and wasn’t rich.

    • Allan Richardson

      “Goodbye and good luck.”

      • Russell Byrd

        Allan, are you sure it would not be more like “goodbye, chump”?

    • Edward Squibb

      Nothing, they would be screened before e ever saw them.

      • Russell Byrd

        Sadly, you are right.

    • Wes

      read his books.

  • And I challenge him to produce a credible source for his claim that Lenin said that socialized medicine is the keystone in the arch of socialism. (Not that Obamacare is socialized medicine anyway).

    • Allan Richardson

      In the 1930’s, “intelligent” conservatives predicted that Social Security was the first step toward socialism (back when the leading “socialist” nation was led by Josef Stalin), and I heard that from some fringe conservatives in my own high school years, during the Johnson-Goldwater election. While the wealthy who do not need it say we need to “reform” it (meaning cut benefits), those who do, even conservatives, consider it a natural and all-American program.

      In the early 1960’s, Medicare (originally proposed for everyone, but talked down to just the elderly) was condemned by RONALD REAGAN, the Mad Gipper, as “socialist” and leading to “tyranny.” It did pass, over the objections of a few who still considered it “socialist” and therefore “evil” even if it was just for the elders. Two decades later, President Reagan signed an INCREASE in its benefits. And today’s Tea Party well-deceived “grass roots” activists who are over 65 have held up signs saying “Keep the government out of my Social Security and Medicare!”

      The VA system, like the service Medical Corps for deployed service people IS TECHNICALLY “socialized” medicine, but then the military itself, by necessity, is partially “socialist” anyway, at least at the battlefront. Since most military troops and veterans are generally conservative, they are taking advantage of a “socialist” system set up just for them, and NOT COMPLAINING about it except when it doesn’t give them ENOUGH care.

      So a system in which PRIVATE insurance is prevented from “screwing” its customers, in exchange for getting more “low risk” customers so that it cannot claim to be “forced” to give some the shaft, is SLAVERY? Come on, get serious!

      • Russell Byrd

        I especially like the part about the subtle hypocrisy in “certain” circles. By the way, I listen to those very people make those complaints all the time. Great post.

    • BAW

      So, go check out the comments at the CBS Denver story about the Obamacare supporter whining about her health care policy being cancelled.

      Over 5,000 comments, primarily from conservatives saying we tried to warn you.

      They’ve all vanished. The left strikes again to silent dissent.

      Happy now?

      • I have been following the comments at CBS Denver and have posted to it. It was up there until a few hours ago. I guess they don’t carry comments forever.
        Am not sure what that has to do with the spurious Lenin comment by Carson.

        • BAW

          I was responding to you here since the comments were taken down there. Did you really not understand that?

          It takes a matter of seconds to find an article at CBS Denver from last year that still has the comment thread. But sure, an article from two days ago, they just “don’t carry them forever.”

          But tell yourself whatever you need to carry on in your mindless bliss. You and Cathy would be great friends.

          • Thanks for the benefit of your undoubted wisdom.

  • latebloomingrandma

    As I said in a previous post, Dr. Carson’s presence at this conference was the most disappointing of all. I read his last book “America the Beautiful”, and while I didn’t agree with everything he said, he came across as a reasonable conservative, and in fact called himself an independent. He also was not completely against health care reform. He supported something like catastrophic coverage, where the gov’t would step in, much like FEMA does for natural disasters. One of his points was, that if we didn’t have FEMA, homeowners insurance would be unaffordable for people. Just like health insurance is unaffordable for many now. I’m not sure how he went off the deep end. Too many people jumped onto the teaparty bandwagon before it morphed into something ugly. I would have thought Dr. Carson was too smart for that. Go figure.
    As for Thomas Sowell, I don’t know how he acquired his mean spirited stingy views. He is a real downer to read. I can’t recall ever agreeing even once with anything he said. He has an air of self importance and snobbery in his writings. I don’t know if he ever pondered that if he lived 150 years ago, with his erudite manner, he would have made a mighty fine butler for someone.

    • Russell Byrd

      Those that sell their souls for fame and fortune, tend to cater their morals to fit their audience. Of course, Carson and Sowell seem to go desperately far to do so.

  • Raina

    Wow get mad because he telling the truth ,,, figure …

    • awakenaustin

      What truth would that be?

    • Independent1

      A law that is intended to provide the betterment of life to millions while at the same time will work to keep millions from foisting the cost of their negligence on the their neighbors is slavery?? What kind of idiocy is that??

      Do you consider the fact that states require that you have insurance in order to drive a car, slavery?? Why not?? The purpose is no different – in fact, ACA has the advantage of also allowing millions who couldn’t afford insurance the opportunity to do that, while Auto insurance really doesn’t have that benefit.

      States require residents who want to drive a car to have auto insurance primarily to ensure that should through their negligence, they cause an accident which burdens others with bodily or property damage, that they have the resources to pay liability claims against them. The whole idea is to keep clueless people such as yourself probably, from being in an accident and then running off without paying for the damage you cause.

      How is ACA requiring that people have insurance, to keep them from doing like millions of clueless Americans are already doing, assuming because they’re healthy today, that they won’t need very costly medical care tomorrow? Despite what many supposedly healthy Americans think, a serious illness like some form of cancer, heart disease or an auto accident that can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of hospital bills, is just waiting around the corner. And millions of even somewhat wealthy folks have come to realize, that even their savings and homes are not safe from a catastrophic illness – there are many walking Americas streets homeless because of a ravaging illness THEY DID NOT HAVE THE INSURANCE TO PAY FOR!!

      As I mentioned ACA does auto insurance one better, I’m not aware that auto insurance provides a benefit beyond protecting from the financial devasttion of bodily injury and liability; while not only does ACA do that, it also provides the benefit of greatly extending insurance coverage that is not available today:

      The protection of not allowing insurance companies to deny them coverage because of a pre-existing conditon.
      The extention of insurance coverage to children until age 26
      The guarantee that insureds will get preventive care without a co-pay.
      The reduction of the donut hole for people on medicare (which by the way has already saved my mother-in-law over $2,000 this year).
      And more.

      Please stop being clueless like the idiots about which this article was written. ACA being like slavery could only be described as such by men that may appear intelligent by are obviously mentally incompetent!!!!!!!

    • Yvette White

      your a Jackass, you would not know the truth if it kick you in your stupid ass SHUT THE HELL UP BITCH

  • jointerjohn

    You See? Dumb-asses do indeed come in all colors!

    • Allan Richardson

      I knew that when OJ was being tried. We had achieved, by the mid-1990’s, such racial justice that a rich BLACK man could get away with murder just the same as a rich WHITE man!

    • Yvette White


  • dana becker

    Carson just became their “Uncle Tom”.

    • Yvette White

      He is not by him self, there is a whole lot of them just ask Fox’s news

    • History buff

      Learn some history and try not to be such a sucker for propaganda. Listen to the speeches of Ben Carson before you become judge and jury. This man has given his life to helping people in America. He started the Carson fund which rewards scholastic achievement in our school systems. It is a program that has spread nation wide and has helped millions of kids. He is a historian, he is from and was raised in America. He was raised dirt poor but raised above it all with the integrity and wisdom of any of our greatest leaders. Obama, on the other hand, was raised as a Muslim in lndonesia. He has never done anything of any value except being a community organizer, whatever that is. Ben Carson is one of the finest Neurologists in the world and knows a lot about health care. If you had any sense at all, you would carefully to what he says.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    After you reach a certain level of income, empathy for your fellow man goes out the door and what goes out the door too is support for any government program that serves the “rabble”.

    This is a perfect example of Capitalism breeding greed and indifference through the accumulation of wealth. It don’t matter what color you are, just as long as you accumulate as much loot as you can, in any fashion that is available to you. Of course, you will support the top 10% of the economic ladder as a result.

    All ole Doc Carson is, is a Token _ Mouthpiece. But, he’a rich and dangerous one.

  • moelarryandjesus

    Ben Carson can eat a bag of salted dicks.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      You’d have to, lots of em to be accepted by all the Crackers he supports and in return seemingly support him.

      In his case however, they didn’t even need to be salted.

      • moelarryandjesus

        And of course if he actually ran for office very, very few of them would follow through and vote for him. Gee, I wonder why that happens.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Reason being, would you support a traitor of your own people? I wouldn’t.

          Never support a back stabber, even if its someones elses back that’s been stabbed. They might turn and stab you in the future.

    • History buff

      Gee, aren’t you classy! Learn some history and try not to be such a sucker for propaganda. Listen to the speeches of Ben Carson before you become judge and jury. This man has given his life to helping people in America. He started the Carson fund which rewards scholastic achievement in our school systems. It is a program that has spread nation wide and has helped millions of kids. He is a historian, he is from and was raised in America. He was raised dirt poor but raised above it all with the integrity and wisdom of any of our greatest leaders. Obama, on the other hand, was raised as a Muslim in lndonesia. He has never done anything of any value except being a community organizer, whatever that is. Ben Carson is one of the finest Neurologists in the world and knows a lot about health care. If you had any sense at all, you would carefully to what he says.

      • moelarryandjesus

        Ben Carson did many admirable things in his life.

        But he has now gone bat-guano crazy and that’s a shame.

        BTW Obama has done much, much more to help people than Ben Carson could ever dream of doing. Sucks to be one of you Tea Potty wackaloons who can’t grasp that, but that’s the reality. And Obama lived in Indonesia for 4 years – only in the tiny, bigoted, useless little brains of teabaggers does that mean he was “raised as a Muslim in Indonesia.” Grow up, chuckles.

  • kimbroughs

    We can’t really blame Dr Carson because this is what republicans require from all of their supporters. Dr Carson stands out because it appears that he is betraying his race which is actually true. People like him whether black or white does not realize they made it in this world, but there are other family members who did not make it. We need to stop look down on the less fortunate people.

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    That’s what happens when you hate who you are and are desperate for acceptance in the group to which you think you belong. You’ll say whatever it takes for them to rub your nappy head in approval while you smile . . .

    • Yvette White

      May not like the way you put it but you are Right

  • tdm3624

    What is sad is that there are people out there who actually believe that Obamacare is akin to slavery. Whenever I hear phrases that compare something to slavery, Nazis, or Marxism I get suspicious.

    • Russell Byrd

      Especially, when they make no cognitive connection with the specific evil they are comparing to.

  • Bill

    Who would ever let this person operate on them?

  • Gwen

    Dr. Carson has definitely left his brain on the operating floor. How disgusting he is, and at one time I admired him, UGGGH

  • charleo1

    Carson’s comments are more a symptom of the hard core ultra-conservative’s addiction to strident rhetoric, and venom laced red meat. Than they are a serious comment on the Affordable Care Act. These are the people who started out on the hard stuff, back when Obama was elected President the first time. And, as any addict will tell you, the second time they do a drug, and every time thereafter, is nothing but
    a long and fruitless chase to recreate the thrill of the first time. And they think more
    is going to be better, but it’s not. That using the drug with like minded addicts, will
    be more satisfying, but it isn’t. They are addicts now. And they are not really listening. It has all become so meaningless. The drug has become their new normal.

  • sleeprn01

    I still am confused and I’ve heard no explanation from anyone especially the GOP as to why the ACA is the worst thing that has ever occurred in America? Mr. Pitts has cited multiple examples of events which have happened to America that are far more tragic than the ACA. And yet again I hear on TV tonight that the GOP is just trying to help those Americans who have been hurt by the health care act. In America in the 21st century the explanation cannot be racist in nature; can it??

    • Timothy Crenshaw

      No it isn’t racist in nature. It is factual in nature. The ACA is taking away coverage from people who need it because Obama lied about being able to keep your plan. The ACA is massively increasing middle class insurance premiums by making them pay for coverages they do not need. The ACA is the reason companies are telling employees that no matter how good they are at their job they cannot have more than 29 hours a week. The ACA does not give subsidies to those who need them if they did not sign up through State exchanges because the Federal exchanges are not covered. The ACA is hurting this country so much that Obama has used executive fiat to change and postpone the law until after the November elections. The ACA has a hidden statement that says anyone using the exchange system has no expectation of privacy which is a direct violation of HiPAA. Why don’t you try getting actual facts before you start crying racism?

  • mandinka

    Yea imagine a Doctor speaking ill of Obamacare. Does he think he understand medicine better than Obama?? Reid? Peeelosi?? or Joe Biteme??

    • Independent1

      Obamacare has very little to do with medicine (apparently you don’t even understand that) – it’s a roadmap for how private insurance companies must administer and pay for what Carson is suppose to provide – healthcare. Doctors can’t even read their own handwriting, how would you expect that they could read several hundred pages of legislation and even come close to undersanding what it says??? THEY CAN’T!! And Carson made it even more clear that he doesn’t have a clue what he was talking about – he made a complete idiot of himself on that stage.

    • william jones

      mandinka (dan m ketter) sinks to a new low every day as he pickpockets the working taxpayers with his Air Force pen$ion and alleged di$ability… all for being a manservant to a general…playing caddyboy for him on the base golf course and other recreational and personal duties. The general kept privileged danno out of harms way…NEVER even came close to going to battle. He could have at least worn a military uniform and PRETENDED to be on active duty, instead farting around in Hawaiian shirts and flip flops.

  • Edward Squibb

    Yes, Ronald Reagan,that defender of smallgovernment eventually retired with a pension from the governorship of California, a pension from the Presidency, Social Security, Medicare and a life time check from General Electric.

    • History buff

      You sir are a liar, a propagandist and of no integrity at all.
      When this president brings America to its knees with his zest for irresponsible spending and a healthcare program that will bankrupt the nation, maybe fools like you will wake up. You really should read a little history before you spew your hate.

      • MarkStevano

        Mr’ History? What is one of the major reasons health insurance is as expensive as it is and how it spiraled out of control? Got an answer? Historically? It’s because when someone without it goes to the MD or the emergency room or get’s hospitalized they get the care. The charge is passed off to those that are affording to pay for it. So… the end..historically, the insured have been paying for the uninsured for a long long time….and without the ACA it will cost the insured more and more and more……what’s bring this country to it’s knees is the propagandists in the GOP. Do some research, read a book or article on this subject…try to refrain from fiction from Limpball, Handittome, and O Really?.

  • Dav

    His Stalin reference is even more resolute with people six weeks after this biased article was published, ie: OBAMACARE IS AN UTTER DISASTER WITH THE AVERAGE AMERICAN WHO ULTIMATELY ‘KNOWS BETTER’..!

  • willam jackson

    when you are rich , they simply dont give a shit about the poor, their money speaks
    for them, the money says fk you.

  • pattreid

    I have only this to say to the good doctor,: Doctor, heal thyself, for you are very ill – mentally.

  • Wes

    I think that it’s funny that most progressives think that the ACA was about providing healthcare. Look beyond the name of the bill for once. Think about how it works. Look at what it has done. Evaluate the results. Stick up for yourself. Please.

  • Curt Gunn

    Oh I’m sorry, I seem to have accidentally stumbled into a very large pit of extreme racists! Carry on!