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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

For anyone who watched the ritual humiliation of Donald Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, you figured that the birther reality star who had bankrupted four companies and been caught up in numerous shady dealings had finally been properly humiliated and marginalized.

After Trump spent weeks demanding the president’s long-form birth certificate and suggesting he had proof of a criminal conspiracy, the president had nodded to the “carnival barkers” and released the longest birth certificate the state of Hawaii could produce. Then hours after he oversaw the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, Barack Obama joined with Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers in roasting Trump until an apple almost seemed to appear in his mouth.

But Trump when saw that the GOP was even taking Herman Cain seriously, he flirted with running for the Republican nomination as the nation’s most famous birther. No, he never renounced his belief that the president was born outside of the United States and was thus committing treason. The only evidence he’s ever produced to back this claim are the president’s name and skin color.

Despite this, Mitt Romney stood on a stage with Trump and accepted his endorsement.

We reached peak Trump insanity on election night, just days after he’d humiliated himself by making a huge announcement that turned out to be a challenge to the president that he release his college transcripts and passport application—more birtherism.

Here’s where we get to the real problem with Trump’s campaign against the president that is either tinged with racism or outright racist, depending on how you see it. He has paid no cost for it.

Romney elevated him by appearing with him on stage and telling Fox News viewers that he takes Trump’s advice. He still has Celebrity Apprentice on NBC and a major endorsement deal with Macy’s.

Trump’s Twitter feed is now a mess of attacks on the president and anyone who happens to piss him off—this includes Brian Williams, Alex Rodriguez and former congressman Anthony Weiner—and self-promotion. He deleted his tweets calling for a “revolution” but he’s still shamelessly antagonistic.

There’s a debate on Twitter right now about what to do about Trump.

Some people say that you should ignore him. They vow to not share his tweets and unfollow anyone who does.

According to Angelo Carusone, who organized the StopBeck effort that helped end Glenn Beck’s run on Fox News, just ignoring Trump isn’t good enough.

Ignoring Trump is counter to the goal of marginalizing him,” Carusone told The National Memo. “Ignoring Trump won’t do anything to remove his network television show and all the trappings of heavy media promotion that go along with that. Ignoring Trump won’t stop his weekly appearances on Fox News and CNBC. Ignoring Trump won’t do anything to stop Macy’s from expanding his clothing brand and putting him in those cute ‘magic of Macy’s’ ads alongside celebrities.”

Some have called Trump the “greatest Twitter troll ever.” But he has a huge platform — nearly 1.9 million followers on Twitter, and millions more watch him on TV.  And he continues to express ideas that undermine basic decency, and that generally has consequences.

Obama donor Bill Maher, for instance, regularly calls Mormonism and other religions “cults.” But he is a comedian on premium cable TV. You’d never expect to see him in a Macy’s commercial.

“Ignoring Trump won’t take away the perverse incentive that currently rewards his outbursts sexism, bigotry, science denialism and just plain meanness,” Carusone said. “But, attaching real costs to Trump and the larger industry that financially benefits from his vitriol will.”

If corporations are going to give Trump a platform, you can at least let them know that you don’t appreciate it. For instance, here’s Carusone’s petition asking Macy’s to dump Donald Trump. It’s the least they could do.

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  • eazye4

    His tweets (Donald Trump) of inciting revolution are treasonous and he should be taken into custody. The President is the head of state and Trump should not get away with it because it will set precedence that billionaires and millionaires are above the law and are untouchables.

    • Nah, this would just re-ignite the furor of the Krazy Kristian Konservatives, effectively making a martyr out of Trump. Think about that – Donald fucking Trump, a martyr.

      • latebloomingrandma

        You’ve got a point there. Maybe he should at least be on Homeland Security’s list. After all, a darker skinned person would be on the watch list if he/she tweeted those things about the POTUS. Who knows what he carries in his hair.

        • What makes you think he isn’t?

        • What you should be watching for the 18 months is his finances, the man will soon file for bankcrupcy , he is no more the Guru of the Trump tower which many like me think was his fortune, He may be in the cue at the employment center and soon.

          • TZToronto

            That’s queue, not cue. I don’t think he’ll be there, though. Pleading poor for Trump means he’s down to his last billion or so. . . . And if he did try to collect unemployment insurance, he’d demand his own line and complain that all of those other unworthy people are dining at the government trough, thanks to Obama, the Kenyan.

        • Yes, a black man who tweeted things Donald Trump said would go to jail!

      • wrong, he causing others pain, now it’s his turn!

      • jiggymama

        I have the feeling that the republican party will distance themselves from him because he is a huge liability to them.

    • If he comments had been about G.W.Bush, he would have been taken into custody.

      • A boycott of Macys would definitely send a message

    • jiggymama

      We the people want squirrel head trump the chump charged for treason, terroristic threats against our president and our government. And let’s not forget for being so hideously ugly both inside and out. He is a deadly cancer to this country.


  • Tom618

    Trumpy Boo Boo needs to go away.

  • xenothaulus

    CBS dumped Charlie Sheen over far less. NBC should get rid of Trump. *That* would be #winning.

  • Is there any way to find out who bought ads during the last few Apprentices? An email campaign to them, cc’ing NBC, would go a long way toward ending that show.

    • We tried that last year, when Trump demanded to see the President’s “papers”…I mean birth certificate. The campaign happened before the season of Celebrity Apprentice with that sellout Arsenio Hall. But we can try it again.

    • jfd8

      Going this route may be best, even if, as Tim Terrell says, it failed last year. They could have just laughed his birtherism off as “Oh, that’s just the Donald,” but encouraging treason is on a whole different order.

  • dobbsiancant

    serta make and market trump mattresses.i’ve already told them how comfy my simmons is.

  • commserver

    The Donald is just 1 BIG publicity hog who only cares about being in the spotlight. His show feeds on that. Take away the show and he is reduced.

  • I agree with xenothaulus n eazye4, succinctly n well said, I couldnt have put it better myself, something has to be done to people who incite, perpetuate n spew out hate. LOCK THE BASTARD UP

  • you can’t dump trump.the world will end. everyone will tell you that trump is the only person in America that is not stupid. OH WAIT! TRUMP IS THE ONLY ONE THAT SAID THAT!!!!!!!

  • Trump couldn’t make a pimple on Obama ass! Nothing more than a moronic sore loser- Your fired!

  • Andy_Brach

    Trump’s a buffoon and should be treated as such. Another leech on the hide of humanity.

  • I once was a big fan of the Apprentice, but will not watch again.

  • Trump is a disgrace to our country. He lies like a rug. He misrepresents to suit his ideas and hopes for a tremendous pat on the back. What a joke! Let us all join and throw him overboard.
    He deserves it.


  • Charles Donahue

    Just don’t watch his stupid TV show. Once the ratings are down, the network will drop him.

  • The only medicine which can cure Donald Trump, is folks boycott watching his show until he apologises publicly, and assures people he has to reform.

    • Donald Trump will never apologize, he knows that he right is his thinking so no apology. Wonder if he ever goes hunting? With that thing on his head could be mistaken for some kind of an animal.

  • samcvt

    Trump is a socially transmitted disease, and should be cancelled with no ceremony.

  • We should begin a petition to get him arrested. Such lunatics create great chaos.

  • Boycott his shows. Boycott companies that do business with him or his shows. But he will never disappear because the media knows he’s perfect to cause controversy. And controversy sells.

    • jerry6665

      you’re right, lil bit… but beyond boycotting, he can’t be controversial if we let the folks who give him space know that he is boring. there’s nothing more powerful than calling someone like trump, boring. he’s yesterday’s news. that’s the sword that cuts the deepest, don’t you think?

  • jerry6665

    why is trump (or many other wackytacky jobs) still making news. who CARES what he says/does/is? i find him boring and without redeeming entertainment value totally. he substitutes yelling and idiocy for personality. he reminds me of 3-day old oatmeal with curdled milk- all stench and no taste.

    (b/t/w, don’t you find it interesting that he preaches not letting the government pick up your tab for things but has filed for bankruptcy several times under different companies, writing off MILLIONS$$$?)

    the best thing with trump, et al, is to just ignore them. when a newspaper, tv station, online anything, gives him space, let that provider know trump is yesterday’s faux headline and you’re not interested. tell them to quit wasting your time and/or money or you’ll spend your time elsewhere.

  • newhopes

    I completely agree! If we, as a nation, allow this man to spew his insanity and hatred and ant-American sentiments (what else can you call it when a person continually challenges our democratically elected president?) without consequences—in fact we reward him with TV shows, public appearances and cash—we are guilty of creating and unleashing this Frankenstein Monster.

  • supercarp

    This birther stuff never made sense to me. If I’m pregnant and I leave the country, and then have my baby while I’m out of the country, my baby is still a US citizen because I am. Obama’s mother was an American.

  • Donald Trump is a joke. NBC gets some back bone and fire Donald Trump.


  • NBC get some backbone and fire Donald Trump. He is nothing but a pathetic excuse of a man, even all his money can’t get people to like him

  • Trump is a low life classless bastard who should be shipped to iran and beheaded for genuine stupidity. America doesn’t need a holes like him. He’s a disgrace to ALL AMERICANS . Do you hear me trump. Go to hell!

  • howa4x

    He is an ego maniac that needs constant attention good or bad. I really don’t think he believes in that birther nonsense but it gave him the microphone and that was all he wanted. He is exactly his show. The ability to be above everyone because of his wealth and look down and dismiss the masses at will. He made his money of course by being in daddy’s construction company and backed by him in the industry. He is not a self made man. He was given a leg up but wants to deny anyone else from having that. He also got huge tax beaks from NYC, and atlantic city for his casinos. He used to go bankrupt on jobs so he can pay out at .50 on the dollar or less. He is a despicible human being. We should all turn our backs on him and take the mic out of his hand

  • Boycott his TV show and let NBC know if it stays in its lineup you and all your friends will boycott NBC . I don’t who put ads on his show nor how to find out. Every time Trump shows up on any show or network change the channel TV will get the message. Every news organization or so called news organization needs to stop reporting on anything he does or says. Trump is a danger to the President and should be put on the watch list for possible terrorism.

  • not only should they boycott his dealings, he really needs to seek professional advice. I never thought that Donald Trump was this type of person. I thought that he was a man of reason. I have my doubts now seeing how he is acting and have been acting over the President. It makes one wonder if he is just a guilty of the things that he is falsely accusing the President of. Asking for “a revolution”…..really Donald….we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…..we stand as one nation. You are trying to divide us and make us weaker for the outside world…WHY. I am very proud of being an AMERICAN but I am not proud of calling Donald Trump an AMERICAN

    • lady904

      You could not have said it better !!!

  • Guess we need to boycott the advertisers on his show. He really needs to go.

    • I’m willing & ready to boycott his show/sponcers imediately. I have never watched the show but I will just to find out who his advertisers are and I will immediately stop buying those products. JOIN ME.

  • The only way to dump Trump is to not give his show any viewership ratings.

  • Rudewaitress

    Starting my Christmas shopping today….but will not be doing it at Macy’s this year!!!!

    • I will join you in not shopping at Macy’s until they stop supporting that IDIOT.

  • Melvin Chatman

    The Show “SUCKS” anyway – give that Time Slot to somebody else – PLEASE!!

  • CJG69

    I wish his show would stop …horrible show . NBC please pull the plug !
    As far as Twitter , free speech is the rule ….many people go to far etc so he can too.
    That said I long ago put this little man where he belongs , I do not listen , I do not read , I mute the remote . He is classless and small . He thinks his money talks, it does in business but not with me , so I dumped him already!

  • sonday50

    Trump is a chump!!!!!! 🙂 SL

  • sonday50

    On the serious side. Donald Trump is sure wearing a set when, if I can recall, didn’t he file banruptcy sometime ago? If so, doesn’t that require the assistance and help of our U.S. government??? It’s funny how he uses the system to gain riches repeatedly while he has the nerve to go on record and harrass our president??? Donald Trump is nothing more than a self-righteous, self-serving, pompous jerk!!!!! He will never lose groud as long as he is listened to, brought down and dealt with in a rough and back-room way. Too bad he has an entourage, otherwise I would consider the task with my crew. 🙂 SL

  • Landsende

    Trump is a egomaniacal joke. He has to constantly manufacture controversy to stay in the public eye to feed his ego. He is constantly trading in wives for a younger sexier version to feed his ego and if he really thinks they are with him for anything other than money and fame he’s delusional as there’s nothing attractive about him. He has filed for bankruptcy four times and left other businesses and taxpayers holding the back. The only stars he can get on his tv show are D list actors trying to resurrect their careers. Even his good friend Barbara Walters has told him to, “quit it, your making a fool of yourself” after his so called challenge to President Obama.
    Go away, Donald. Far, far away.

  • Lets just ignore him media ,the problem is you give him more attention then he should get. Put him in a grave and let him go.

  • SHHHH remember don’t feed the small minded animal, cut off his air supply oh air time supply…

  • ayayaboy

    Trump should self-deport from NBC now. We don’t need a Donald Trump that will one day act out like John Hinkley or in a columbine manner at NBC office. Trump is losing it. Send Trump for a psychiatric assessment. Bad money can cause insanity. what is Trump’s menta health status? Or do you think he has severe/acute “ROMNESIA”?

  • RR3

    just ignore him….

  • Trump is what happens when you put a golf divot on top of your head.

  • patuxant

    Trump is a blowhard arrogant sociopathic idiot who has zero class and no manners. He is the scum of the earth. Just let him fade into oblivion with his casios.

  • It’s a shame when the president of the United States has to be bothered
    by this kind of rubbish, when he has the responsibility of this great country
    on his shoulders.

  • Ignore him. EVERYONE! Brian Williams said it best “he’s well past the exit to irrelevance”. Stop giving him attention and relegate him to oblivion where he belongs.

  • Jack Wormer

    Trump is at an age when testosterone-levels are barely measureable, so the only tumescence he can still experience is that of the brain (see fungal outgrowth on top of his head) and of his ego….

  • interd0g

    That so many Americans like to watch this loathsome poisonous cretin worries me deeply.
    I hope the FBI have him under surveillance.

  • xxTresxx

    NBC need to pull the plug on the Trump’s The Apprentice. We can’t continue throwing money to a person with hateful mind.

  • He needs a new hair weave. I refuse to shop at Macy’s until they dump the Trump “chump”.

  • They need to put this clown in jail for sedition.

  • DurdyDawg

    This numb nut is all over the nation.. has his stench on everything.. mattresses, ties, smelly stuff, etc., etc. You’d have to shut down America for months to truly get rid of this idiot.. Start slow, stop watching his stupid show.. Quit buying his bogus products and boycott the shops that carry them.. We’ve succeeded in doing it to other industries, why not a sore losing pathetic bigot.. Wanna know what he thinks about Joe public..?

    (click on the picture).

  • Donning you are a true disgrace, as your wife has said ,behind your back of course, except for the x, lol we are coming to your door step then lets see how much mouth you have then

  • RobertCHastings

    His campaign of lies against Obama’s legitimacy as an American and as a Christian are bad enough; but when he poisoned Romney with his birther lies and obvious half-truths about welfare reform, he contributed greatly to Romney’s failure – Thank you Mr. Trump, from the bottom of my heart for assuring that Mr. Romney faded into irrelevence before last Tuesday. Romney and his wife appeared in Michigan for a campaign event in which Romney stated that he was born there, his wife was born just a little distance away, and that no one ever asked him for his birth certificate. It wouldn’t have been that obvious a slur except for the fact that he flew to Michigan in Trump’s personal jet. Perhaps the Democrats ought to hire him for a similar mission against the next Republican to run for president.

  • Absolutely Dump Trump Now!

  • blueskies13

    It warms my heart to see the president laugh like that. It’s crucial that the leader of the free world has a good sense of humor, which Obama clearly does. Trump, on the other hand, clearly can’t laugh at himself. He is a sour, mean-spirited member of his own elite. I agree that ignoring him is not enough, but it’s a damn good start. Now if we could only move onto that corpulent, disgusting bag of wind, Rush Limbaugh. That’s something REALLY worth ignoring.

  • axxan3

    Give Trump a special gift a tax bill 1 for him and 1 for that thing he calls his hair peice.

  • I have already stopped watching The Apprentice, nor do I follow him. If it becomes necessary I will boycott Macy and NBC.

  • firefire1

    Remove Trump. He is irrational, and his claims of the PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES are false. He is looking for some publicity and ratings. He probably needs the ratings, so that somehow he can turn it in to some money. He is desperate because he probably is having financial problems again; he has filed for bankruptcy 4 times since 1991 and the most recent in 2009. He has used the system to get out of his responsibilty and come out shining. I would say that some of his investors and bond holders were not so lucky. His actions show his true character. Dump him!


  • Time for the TV activists to do a movement to rid the airwaves of this jerk, enough is enough! We have laughed at him for years, but recently his dandy ways and arrogance have made him an embarrassment and annoyance to us who are trying to get this country out of the whole this guy and his cronies put the world in. Time to stop rewarding dipshits and mindless corporatist shills and condemning them in the eyes of the citizens so they are not thought to be people to be admired.

  • lane hull

    Not sure I want to get rid of him. He taints every Republican and makes obvious how foolish they truly are…..why should we lift a finger to save them from themselves?

  • Trump is an idiot

  • Who in the hell is this blatting nigger, anyway?!
    Talk about a nut; this guy is as nutty as squirrel shit!
    I was astounded to hear him.
    Man, what a rant, from a complete lunatic!

  • NBC and Macys…No more from me and my family and friends until Trump is out of the picture.ITs as simple as that.Anybody else want to lose an election? Hang out with the traitor.

  • No don’t ignor him or try to punish him, he makes us Dems look very good. Give him enough rope & he will hang himself, along with the whole hateful Republician Party-let them self distruct. Soon they will become insignificant or they will split into 2 parties, the OUTRAGOUS RIGHT & the RIGHT RIGHT PARTY.

  • “born outside of the United States and was thus committing treason. ” not so. If Barack Obama were born outside of the United States he would not be committing treason for two reasons.
    1) he would still be a natural born US citizen eligible for the Presidency. Consider the case of George Romney. He was born in Mexico. No one questioned his elegibility. What matters according to the law which makes the constitutional requirement operational is that George Romney’s parents were US citizens. Consider John McCain. He was born in Panama. He is eligible not because he was born, in particular, in the canal zone, but because his parents are US citizens. A natural born US citizen is a US citizen who didn’t become a US citizen by being naturalized. The birthers are as wrong about the law as they are about the facts.
    2) Your use of the word “treason” is protected by the first amendment but contradicted by the Constitution which includes in its three whole pages a very specific definition of treason

    Article III Section 3
    “1: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. …”

    No one who has any respect for the US Constitution would describe the act of running for President and serving as President while not a natural born citizen as treason. That use of the word directly contradicts the text of the Constitution. Again you have a first amendment right to use the word treason as you do or write “I don’t give a damn about the US Constitution — I don’t think reading it is a reasonable use of 10 minutes of my time.”

    Also, I have the right to ask you to pretend you give a damn about the US Constitution.

  • Please do not give Donald Trump a platform for his ridiculous accusations. It does not speak well of your company. Donald Trump is a joke…………

  • raw

    i just wont purchase anything that has anything to do with him.

  • raw

    Think of it. That hot chick has to blow him if he asks. She has to hear his mouth and sleep next to him. Smell his feet YUCK!!!!

  • Donald Trump is a racist and nothing more, he is a fraud star and frustrated fool, the security should be monitoring his activities bcs , he seems too desperate. He hate Mr President because of his colour, l sometime wonder is the mother of President Obama is not a white woman or if the woman were to be alive? Donald is walking toward self destruction.

  • It’s almost sad theatre. Almost…

  • TZToronto

    Now, now. As Zero Mostel said, “We on the left don’t blacklist.” If we let Trump continue to spew that garbage his mouth seems to be filled with, he’ll become irrelevant all on his own.

  • TZToronto

    Any revolution should be based on getting rid of fairy tales (e.g., creationism, intelligent design) from publicly-funded schools. Real fairy tales have more reality in them than these faith-based, anti-intellectual fictions. If people want this nonsense taught somewhere, let them do it at home or in a religious school. Why should rational people have to pay for this? Anti-intellectualism is alive a thriving in America, but it shouldn’t be the law of the land.

  • daffodilly

    Even his “friends” and acquaintances are starting to take note of his behavior. If Macy’s wants to continue to employ him, one can only assume they agree with or at least condone his behavior. If others of us don’t agree with his behavior then we need to boycott his business and the businesses of those who embrace him. It’s not exactly rocket science. If you don’t like him, don’t associate with him or his products.

  • Trump is jealous of Obama because he didn’t have the grades to get into Harvard

  • Fire trump! His name is not capitalized because there is no respect left in the world for that despicable ghost of a man. He needs to not just be dumped, but fired and forgotten!

  • Trump has to pay his way t, he now is looking for a free spot, he just wants to be seen hopefully never to be heard of no time soon, he needs to be DUMPED”