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Monday, October 24, 2016

How did YouTube minister and former Democrat E.W. Jackson first get the idea to run for lieutenant governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia?

According to the Washington Post, Jackson credits a conversation he had with Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli while running for the U.S. Senate in 2010. Jackson said that Cuccinelli, who is currently running against Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor, even stated that “he would be proud to have me as a running mate.”

Cuccinelli’s campaign has a different take on that 2010 meeting.

Campaign spokeswoman Anna Nix said that the GOP gubernatorial nominee casually asked Jackson if he had ever considered running for “anything else – like maybe lieutenant governor.” But she insists that the Cuccinelli never directly asked Jackson to run nor implied that Jackson could one day become his running mate.

Jackson’s extreme views and comments on homosexuality, abortion, and President Obama have stirred up controversy. Jackson has admitted that his religion has shaped his views on particular issues, but also says that as lieutenant governor, he would not discriminate against any Virginians; he would represent all citizens and in no way interfere with their “right to opportunity.”

Still, Jackson’s controversial scandals have caused Cuccinelli to distance his campaign further and further away from Jackson’s. Cuccinelli refused to defend any of Jackson’s comments and stated, “He’s got to defend all of his own statements and he’s going to go about doing that, but we run our own race.”

The one advantage of having Jackson in the race is that he makes Cuccinelli’s own extremely conservative record seem a little more moderate — if that’s possible.

Current Republican lieutenant governor Bill Bolling is refusing to endorse his party’s nominee and considered a third-party run for the office after the right wing of the party changed the primary rules to help far-right candidates like Cuccinelli and Jackson win. On Monday, two prominent Virginia Republicans — Earle Williams and Dwight Schar — both endorsed Cuccinelli’s opponent, former Democratic National Committee chairman McAuliffe.

With both Cuccinelli and McAuliffe receiving negative approval ratings in recent polls, the race to be the next governor of Virginia is expected to be one of the nastiest in the nation, if not recent memory. And the chances that McAuliffe won’t make his opponent answer for Jackson’s extremism are almost zero.

AP Photo/The Roanoke Times, Kyle Green

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  • charleo1

    I don’t think there’s a hair’s worth of difference between Cuccinelli, and the
    Taliban. Especially on women’s Rights to control their own reproduction. It was
    Cuccinelli, who thought for any woman seeking an abortion in the Commonwealth,
    the requirement of a medically unnecessary ultra sound , was not quite adequate.
    He insisted the woman should endure a vaginal probe procedure. Governor Bob
    McDonnell, after a good deal of outrage from the citizens of Virginia decided aganist
    signing the bill. Even as it passed through the all Republican, all the time, enforcers
    aganist the moral turpitude, of the women, of the great state of Virginia. As yet no bills allowing beheadings of women offenders at Friday Night football. But, Cuccinelli is not Governor yet. Just remember, these were the candidates that ran on creating jobs.

    • Allan Richardson

      After beheading the single mothers, what happens to their children? Are they to be sold to a high end steakhouse to be fattened up?

      By the way, that statement is intended as sarcasm.

      • charleo1

        Actually, I think it’s more like 50/60 year old, high dollar men,
        with the Taliban. I caught this piece on National Geographic,
        in Afghanistan. Here this father was set to sell his 7 year old
        daughter, to pay off a debt he owed to another man, who had
        a 35 year old son. Who was evidently having trouble securing
        a date. So, the reporter paid the debt, and the little girl stayed
        with her Father. Which is pretty rotten, when you consider,
        that was the best outcome possible. She stayed with her Father,
        that probably sold her again, as soon as the cameras were gone.
        I could make a comment, about the great strides the Afghani are making after 10 years of American involvement. But, I’ll just let
        it slide. I mean, why ruin a nice feel good story? Right?

    • Robert P. Robertson

      Yeah, and they talk about President Obama trying to start Sharia Law. Cuccinelli and Jackson are two of the neo-Confederate Tea Bag Taliban’s biggest Mufti’s!

      • charleo1

        Well, if they think there’s any chance of Sharia Law being
        adopted in this Country, they have been had, Punked. Taken
        for a ride. In fact, if anyone is for mixing religion, and govn’t.
        It’s them.

  • Allan Richardson

    The end game of the Christian Taliban fundamentalists can be seen in the novel and film “A Handmaid’s Tale.” Both media are easy to obtain.