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Monday, August 20, 2018

The speech Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) gave at the 2013 AFL-CIO convention over the weekend is making headlines for her attack on the “corporate capture of the federal courts.” She has warned for months that the Supreme Court is becoming a subsidiary of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

She described how in her little over half a year in Washington D.C., she’s won and lost some battles. But her influence has already been felt, especially in her focus on properly regulating the financial institutions that were responsible for the financial crisis.

In the closing of her speech, she displayed why her voice resonates with those focused on rebuilding the middle class with an agenda broad enough to possibly translate to a national campaign, including immigration reform and raising the minimum wage.

“Our agenda is America’s agenda,” she said. “The American people know that the system is rigged against them and they want us to level the playing field. That’s our mandate. That’s what we’re here to do. And if we fight for it, we win. We win.”

Elizabeth Warren at AFL-CIO

24 Responses to Elizabeth Warren At The AFL-CIO Convention: ‘Our Agenda Is America’s Agenda’ [VIDEO]

    • Elizabeth Warren, most over rated? Not even close. She’s not a liar either.
      She sure as heck identified the real free loaders in America. The big money
      lobby, and their backers, are the true hogs feeding at the public trough.
      Farm subsidies, oil subsidies, coal subsidies, free money at the Fed.
      So, who is the most over rated? Sarah Palin being nominated for Vice
      President was a total case of high overrate-ment. Donald Trump is a living
      breathing, constant over rate. Michelle Bachmann winning the Iowa straw
      poll, was a frightening example of Iowans capacity for over rating fried butter.
      Karl Rove was found to be extremely overrated, as the more than 60 million
      dollars his C-Pac collected for the 2012 campaign, he managed to elect exactly zero candidates. Ronald Reagan has the honor of being even more
      overrated in death, than as President. Probably because doing nothing is
      now highly rated on the Right. And he has fulfilled that perfectly these past
      few years. And speaking of doing nothing, Rush Limbaugh would be a good
      candidate for being overrated. As millions of dazed Right Wingers depend
      on this over rated, and over sized, blowhard to tell them when to rate, and
      how high.

    • Here’s an idea: do like your handle suggests. Be a good little dog and shut up. Lizzy’s the best and you’d know that – if you cared to look (beyond the crack of Rush’s ass).

    • Sounds like your mantra got stuck dumb Dog. If you care to look-if you care to look-if you care to look-if you care to look…..Wow – what rhetoric!! My! My!

      • Really impressed with your knowledge of the Bible. Care to share that knowledge with us in plain English, instead of using references?

    • Her speech was right on target. The money interests are taking over America. They must be stopped if democracy is to survive here.
      Anyone in the middle class or lower who votes Republican is a fool.

    • I was going to post a comment to your undocumented opinion, but then the thought occurred that you are not worth the time and/or effort. It is impossible to reason logically with people like you. Debating with a person of your intelligence is like fighting a duel with an unarmed man.

    • If you are taking about whether she has
      an Indian heritage or not and I presume that you are. My mother claimed
      that she had descendants who were Irish nobility and she had a coat of arms
      purchased from a mail order outfit to prove it. Similar to Elizabeth Warren,
      while it might be specious it figured prominently in our family history and
      helped define who I thought I was.

    • doNOgood is on of the “most over rated person(s)” in his own mind, “in America. Also a huge liar, documented as such all over the place, if one cares to” read to read the mountain of malarkey, he has posted.

    • Yes, they are documented as such, but not really all over the place. But if all your news comes from The Blaze, World News Daily, Breitbart, Fox News, etc., of course you think it’s “documented all over the place.” I think the only thing documented in your post is that you are not terribly bright.

    • Yes, it’s “documented all over the place.” Especially if your view of “all over the place” is confined to The Blaze, World News Daily, Breitbart News, Fox News, etc. You have just documented that you are not terribly bright.

  1. Citizens United . . . Every shareholder, board member, and employee has their own protected civil rights, the same as you and I. There was no legal or common sense reason to grant the ability to an ARTIFICIAL entity the right to become a political, as well as an economic bully. For all intents and purposes these people get two chances at “the big brass ring.” As well, those that control these entities are speaking for ALL of the people involved, even though many might and do disagree with their policies. As well, a corporation is NOT a human and therefore not a recipient of the Constitutional rights and protections the court has allowed. When it comes to political power or a dollar, this court has been anything but ENTIRELY BIASED. I would say this regardless of the party I am affiliated with. So in this case, Democrat or not, I could never be, nor vote, Republicon.

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