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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) continued her campaign to pressure Republicans to extend unemployment benefits on Wednesday, blasting Republicans for “playing political games,” and warning that “this has to stop” during an appearance on MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner.

“This is the moment when we really have to start fighting back and showing the Republicans it’s not going to work just to continue to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct,” Warren said.

“You’re willing to do this over politics?” she rhetorically asked congressional Republicans. “You’re really willing to cut these people off, to leave them with no money to put food on the table, to put a roof over their heads, to take care of their children?”

The Massachusetts senator also issued a warning to the GOP about continuing to hold struggling Americans hostage. “This is about America saying to the Republican Party, you can’t keep blocking everything that moves this country forward,” Warren said. “This has to stop.”

Video of Warren’s appearance is below, via MSNBC:

Screenshot: YouTube

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  • Dominick Vila

    I don’t support indefinite welfare, but regardless of what the GOP thinks or implies, unemployment benefits are not welfare. The Americans who have been collecting unemployment, some for a very long time, have been doing so as a result of the economic crisis created by Republican mismanagement, fraudulent Wall Street practices, and corporate greed. They did not lose their jobs because they were lazy or because they prefer to sit at home watching TV, as Mitt Romney said, they lost their jobs because hundreds of American companies went bankrupt or had to downsize to stay afloat, or because some American entrepreneurs were more concerned about accumulation of wealth than doing what an American is expected to do: country first.
    The plight of hundreds of thousands of middle class and poor Americans may not mean anything to the GOP millionaires whose top priority is to protect and advance the interests of their donors and their own. That is not something anyone you be proud of, they should be ashamed of themselves and their supporters should reflect on what they are doing when they wrap themselves in the flag and pretend to be the only true patriots around.

  • Budjob

    Lizzie Warren/Bernie Sanders President/Vice President 2016 or Bernie Sanders/Lizzie Warren in 2016.It makes little difference because the American people are the winners with these two in office!!

    • Mark Forsyth

      I couldn’t agree with you more.Folks like those two are true peoples champions.Basic human decency coupled with logical,progressive ideas that moves the country forward with positive results for the people is what’s needed now.Frankly,I feel that people who are calling for Hillary Clinton to run for President are missing the boat.Clintons time has come and gone,and she has far too much baggage.The electorate has already moved beyond what Clintons best contribution would be which is too much status quo.We all would be much better served if Clinton were to be a strident,outspoken supporter of a Sanders/Warren ticket.

    • Budjob

      Mark,thank you for a very gracious,sensible reply to my post.Lizzie and Bernie are two of the most leveled headed individuals in this otherwise inept Congress!

  • Bill Thompson

    Once again this comes back to who is representing the Democrats. If it wasn’t for Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders we would hear nothing from the Democratic’s. Elizabeth Warren speaks so clearly and is so articulate in her discussions it is hard for me to believe anyone could disagree. As for unemployment and under employment I have a large number of friends that have been affected. We are all in the 60 range and as soon as you walk in the door the employers face goes from a smile to a frown. Truth be told no employer wants to hire anyone once they hit the age of 50 or so. Bald gray and chubby is not the eye candy of modern-day employers. Keeping in mind these are people that work for as long as 40 years and were good at what they did, didn’t miss days and have a strong work ethic. The supply side economy experiment starting with Reagan has been a complete failure. Businesses will hire only when demand necessitates an extra employee. The USA has always been a demand economy. The only way to increase demand is to put more money in the hands of people that will spend it i.e. the middle class. Infrastructure at every level in this country is in shambles. Roads bridges airports seaports electrical grid all need to be updated. The vulnerability of our electrical grid to terrorists should be the number one priority in this country. If the power were to go down on a nationwide level chaos would reign in a matter of two days. People would freeze to death hospitals would go dark transportation would stop the ability to move fuel would stop. As our two political parties play games of cat and mouse they do it to the peril of the US citizens. It is long past due that the Democratic leadership go on the offensive and rebut every lie that comes out of the mouths of Republicans.

    • Dee

      You just took every word I think of the US today I wonder though is this on purpose? the shambles we are in? I cant help but think of course they have eyes surely their not as stupid as leaving this Coun try to ruin are they? Its easy for me to believe this about the GOP they are traitors and nothing worse in my eye then a traitor.Its time those who are still American first kick the ass of those who tell the American people to starve and like it.If the Dems don’t start fighting on behave of all Americans then they are just as guilty Bottom line is People need to think long and hard and not blindly vote for the GOP just because they always have.Its not about us and them its about us all.

    • dpaano

      But, Bill, God will supply all these according to the GOP!!!

  • dpaano

    If we could only plant HER backbone into President Obama’s body….we’d be on a role! No GOP would EVER think about going against the grain when it comes to decision that affect the American people!!

  • lazerJets79

    Although free markets may be unpredictable, fleeting uncertainty is a small price to pay for freedom from the barbarism of collectivists.