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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Someone finally said it.

Chris Cuomo might not be the first person on earth to question Donald Trump’s astounding strategy of targeting non-presidential-candidate Bill Clinton for his sex life while… being Donald Trump.

But Chris Cuomo is the first to spend ten minutes needling Trump surrogate Michael Cohen about the hypocrisy of such attacks without cutting away for a commercial break, feeding him any softball leading questions, or accepting the premise that pre-candidate “private citizen” Donald Trump is immune from criticism or scrutiny.

Watching Cuomo reel Cohen in for what seems like television eternity is like taking a cool sip of Trump Ice. Sure, it’s slightly unpleasant by pure fact contributing to Donald’s ubiquitous media presence, but at least we all have the opportunity to bask in what Trump’s failure as a candidate will ultimately look like: Cheap, dishonest, circuitous… there’s a bottled water metaphor in there somewhere.

Enjoy. We can only hope Trump’s cable news stenographers get the message: It’s not that hard to call a lie, a lie.