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Monday, July 23, 2018

Donald Trump rose to become the presumptive Republican nominee primarily due to two policy proposals: building a gigantic (impossible) wall on the Mexican border, and barring all Muslims from entering the United States: as tourists, immigrants, asylum seekers, and, though Donald has backtracked on this last one, American citizens returning home.

Turns out we may not need to defile the Constitution to keep foreigners out of the country: a video released this morning by the BBC is one in a growing cache of evidence that Donald Trump himself, as president, would be more repulsive than any wall or travel policy.

In it, young residents of Delhi, India are asked whether they would be willing to visit the United States under a Trump presidency. Their answers may not surprise you, at this point, but therein lies what should be a real concern: our growing acceptance that Trump’s hyper-nationalism has already isolated the United States from our allies around the globe.

Video: BBC.