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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Carly Fiorina has a problem: Despite her polling surge after the first Fox minor-league debate, she still might get left out of the upcoming top-tier debate for statistical reasons.

Watch as Fiorina complains about the depraved injustice that the media may inflict on her (though of course, she’s still going on TV to talk about this horror, and to try boosting her poll numbers).

Video via Fox News.

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  • DAK27

    I don’t need to listen to her because if you hear one of the 16 speak, you’ve heard them all. (All but The Donald, he says things just as dumb and stupid, but at least it is in his own words.) They all say the same things like they are reading from a script and the reason is because they ARE reading from a script, one written by the Koch Brothers, full of nothing but hate and fear. It would be different if any of them had any ideas, policy or leadership abilities… but they don’t. All Republicans know how to do is whine, complain, play the victim, and bitch.

  • Dominick Vila

    The fact that a person with a dismal business record like Fiorina’s is being portrayed as an example of desperately needed managerial skills highlights how devoid of credibility and intellectual acumen the Republican field is. Carly is a second rate politician who would be better off pursuing a Congressman job, instead of bidding on the presidency or hoping for the Nr. 2 spot in the eventual GOP ticket.

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  • Dominick Vila

    When everything else fails, and you have nothing to offer, claim victim hood. Sometimes it works…temporarily.

  • gmccpa

    Not having access to heath insurance. Who cares?
    Students paying 7% interest while Corps pay zero. So what.
    Social security at 70? Work til you die.
    Not being able to marry who you choose. The Bible says so.
    Too poor to afford food. Hey…its your own fault.

    But not making it into a Pres. debate because your polling numbers suck. Now that’s a depraved injustice? Ill say this. She definitely fits in with the rest of the GOP whiners.

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