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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


As the political jockeying started up anew after last night’s big Republican debate, Donald Trump returned Friday morning to his old stomping ground: the morning show on Fox News.

Watch as The Donald explained to the (very befuddled) hosts how he definitely won the debate, and really liked meeting the other candidates — even Jeb Bush! But on the other hand, it was totally unfair how he kept getting singled out and asked to not run as an independent if he doesn’t win the nomination.

Video via Fox & Friends/Fox News.

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  • greenlantern1

    You stated that Hillary qas our worst Secretary of State!
    Remember Henry Kissinger?
    Remember the White House Plumbers?
    Remember Rosemarie Woods and the multiple erasures of the Watergate Tapes?
    The party, of John Mitchell, is talking about the law?

    • Greg G

      Only Kissinger was Secretary of State among those you list above so you obviously are trolling. Hillary was the worst SoS, as is obvious from all inadequacies pertaining to Benghazi and deliberate lack of action resulting in American DEATHS (not merely political espionage like Watergate, no matter how morally lacking that was), accepting very expensive personal gifts for herself that are usually donated to the government, and countless security breaches with her official email (which she had previously criticized Bush’s SoS for doing the EXACT same thing), among other instances of poor performance, morality and conscience, and simple judgment. You accept her shortcomings and do not even attempt to defend her weaknesses. Like most liberals, you do not address the points made (even the one you claim) and try to misdirect because you cannot focus on the actual subject.

      • prenestino

        You’re just what we need, Greg: more FOX DITTOHEADS!
        Benghazi,Benghazi, Benghazi !!!

        • Greg G

          I think for myself, unlike you who also fail to provide ANY support and simply resort to name-calling. You demonstrate the worst in liberal mentality. Discover the power of debate involves sharing and rebuttal of FACTS, not a dull look and repeating liberal rhetoric. One CANNOT win a discussion if one DOES NOT address the actual points and SUCCESSFULLY refute them.

          • prenestino

            I agree with you, only I have found out the hard way that their is no such thing as a rational argument with a Fox Fan

          • Greg G

            You’re lack of addressing the matter and merely distracting by name-calling shows otherwise, If you bothered to look, you’d have noticed that I condemned Watergate also. I do my own research and do not blindly follow anyone when I form my own opinions tempered by real life experiences. This does not make me a “Fox Fan” — merely informed and not ‘cattle’ believing the political rhetoric of any party. Perhaps you might find a rational argument more often if you show the propensity for one…if you look for simple fighting and name-calling, that is all you will find. Good luck.

          • JPHALL

            And all you have done was rehash previously disproven Faux facts. Please prove any of your accusations. You would be the first.

          • greenlantern1

            What was Watergate?
            Still believe that it was “a third-rate burglary”?
            What was stolen?

          • greenlantern1

            Attorney-General John Mitchell was our ONLY attorney-general to be CONVICTED by trial!
            Spiro Agnew was our ONLY VP to enter a plea bargain!
            Nixon was our ONLY president to receive a pardon!
            YOU WERE SAYING??

      • Dominick Vila

        Inadequacies pertaining to Benghazi, and the death of four Americans? Yes, that was an unfortunate tragedy, but hardly unprecedented, and benign compared to 9/11 and the eleven attacks against U.S. embassies and consulates in the W era. If Benghazi is used as a measure to determine SoS performance, which I don’t believe it should, Secretary Clinton’s performance was nothing short of outstanding. That is, unless we don’t understand the difference between 3,100 and 4 people killed, the difference between a terrorist attack in a volatile part of the world and one in NYC, or the fact that our consulate in Karachi was attacked twice Vs a single attack.

      • greenlantern1

        ONLY political espionage?
        How many DIED in Dorothy Hunt’s “accidental” plane crash?
        How many American soldiers DIED because of the FORGED Diem Cable?
        How many died because of Kissinger’s betrayal of the Paris Peace talks?
        The one where Kissinger promised North that it would get a better deal with Nixon?
        Ever hear of Pastor [?] Terry Jones?
        He was tried, convicted and sentenced to death for the murders at Benghazi!
        Why did he burn KORANS?
        Why did he screen the movie, THE INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS?
        Why was his e-mail NEVER asked for while he was living?
        Which party WANTED murders at Benghazi?
        Our ONLY first lady, with blood on her hands, is Laura Bush!
        She ran a stop sign and killed Mike Douglas!

  • dog lover


  • _Steve_

    Yep. and President-elect Donald Trump hit it right on the mark.

  • ridemybroom

    good luck Donald…have to admit …it was the funniest ever debate….Megan Kelly….dont screw around with someone who can out wit you and trap you in your own web..douche bag…Carly…you got fired from HP,….thank God…you tried your best to bankrupt them…now you want to bankrupt the country….Move On Garbage…..

    • Dominick Vila

      As a compassionate Democrat I must say that I hope the blood coming out of The Donald’s mouth does not cause asphyxia. Wouldn’t want anything horrible to happen even to the most arrogant, narcissistic, greedy, despot on Earth.