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Friday, October 28, 2016


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) might not have much chance of getting elected president — but the right-wing firebrand could have a shot at a second career, lending his voice to his favorite cartoon show.

Watch as Cruz makes his own addition to the sad history of candidates trying to look cool: a voice-acting audition for The Simpsons. Of course, the really big surprise will be if even one of that show’s lefty writers ever votes for him.

Video via BuzzFeed.

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  • crownnut

    What a dipwad!

    • AgLander

      Think of another word…….”dipwad” is already reserved for Hillary.

  • Joan

    Just WTF! Does Ted seriously think he can get The Simpsons vote? This reminds me of Cristie’s pathetic unrequited love for Bruce. No sense of self awareness in the clown car.

    • herb portere

      are you a white hater?…just asking!