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Thursday, October 20, 2016


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is making some more waves this week. When she spoke at a conference launched by the tech news site Re/code, she articulated the popular rage in memorable fashion.

Click above to watch Warren slam the inaction by politicians on issues such as our decaying infrastructure and income inequality — and channel her inner Howard Beale to deliver an ultimatum. Then share this video!

Video via Re/code.

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  • 13observer

    Wow, I thought she only became furious when she and her husband couldn’t make a substantial profit from any of the many property foreclosures they bought and sold.

    • MichelleRose3

      Oh, aren’t you a clever little troll! Of course, you don’t have any proof to back up your snide insinuations. Facts? You don’ need no stinkin’ facts, do you, troll? Just a few lies and some dark little innuendos here and there to generate a few clicks so your Republican masters can pay you. Is your trust fund inadequate for your frat-boy lifestyle, troll? Sad. You might actually have to get a real job. Horrors! Ask your daddy. Maybe one of his rich buddies can hire you as a gopher.

      Elizabeth Warren never foreclosed anyone out of their home. NEVER. You lie when you insinuate that she did. You lie when you imply that she made a profit off other people’s suffering. You lie because the truth is not in you and you can make a tidy little profit with your lies. Tell your lies elsewhere, troll. We’re not impressed with liars.

      • 13observer

        Warren is a “hack” that will say anything to get elected. Only idiots are impressed with her “challenge of the rich” diatribe. She should just go foreclose on someone’s home or something!

        • MichelleRose3

          Silly boy, no one believes your lies. And that’s the last response you’ll get from me because I’m not contributing to your beer fund any more.

          • 13observer

            And I was just starting to embrace you Michelle as my newest lover in secret.

  • Matforce

    1. Corporations buy elections (Citizens United vs. FEC)
    2. Politicians serve corporations (Tax loopholes, offshore tax havens and inversions, $100 BILLION/yr. in Corporate welfare, deregulation, downward pressure on US worker wages/benefits)
    3. Free Trade Agreements (Offshore USA blue collar jobs in exchange for higher Wall Street gains).
    4. Shrinking consumer vitality leading to the collapse of the dollar due to lack of disposable income in the form of discretionary spending (millions of people scraping by pay-check to pay-check). Any uptick in consumer spending primarily benefits corporations who’ve ascended to the realm of “multinationals” in the “global markets” (employing desperate sweatshops, while monopolizing commerce). As consumer spending declines (see Baltic Dry Index), markets shrink, and capital stops changing hands.
    5. Consolidation of wealth to the top identical to the lead-up to the Great Depression of ’29.

    Warren is right, of course, but I dread to think of what the right and the Plutocrats they take their marching orders from will make of her…

    Thought: When I was 16 years old, I was hired as a mason tender. They paid me $5.50/hr. A few years later, I was making $6.25/hr. Adjusted for inflation, those wages would earn $35.18/hr. and $39.97/hr. respectively. Wages and hence, purchase power HAVE NOT kept up with inflation. Right to work (for less) States would exacerbate the situation by abolishing worker rights, and forcing workers to capitulate to downward pressure on wages, even as inflation outstrips earnings. Some have called this the “Race to the Bottom.” I call it entering the USA workforce into a pissing match with a pole cat!