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Sunday, October 22, 2017


Presidential candidates paraded Thursday morning at event put on by the Republican Jewish Coalition. And out of all the contenders, perhaps Donald Trump did the most thorough job of praising Jews — for making money.

And the best part: At the end of his appearance, The Donald still got a standing ovation.

Check at roughly the 3:30 mark, where Trump declared, “I’m a negotiator, like you folks.”

And at 14:00: “Is there anyone that doesn’t renegotiate deals in this room? This room — perhaps more than any room I’ve ever spoken to.”

Not to mention that throughout, Trump kept saying his usual refrain for big GOP events — that the attendees just want to buy influence with their money, while he just honestly wants their votes. His single best round of this happens at right after 17:10.

But hey, at least those lines all got some laughs.

Video via YouHotNews.

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11 Responses to Endorse This: How Much Does Trump Love Jews?

    • I love how you crazy right-wingers parrot this crap without any actual evidence or even half the time a description in your babble.

      Obama is a disappointment precisely because he bowed down to Rethuglican whining and demands too much and didn’t actually push a humane enough agenda. Plus, he’s really a Republican-lite… look at all the spying, warmongering and roasting of whistleblowers!

      • That’s what is so good about America you fool, we are still able to voice our opinions and as a veteran I can spot a narcissist, which he definitely is, and as a president, he is more concerned with his image and in tearing down and blaming America for everyone else’s problems, instead of standing up for OUR rights, which a president should do. When he was sworn into office he took an Oath to abide by and honor OUR Constitution, that turned into a big joke, didn’t it? If OUR politicians had any backbone they would have brought him up on charges, just for breaking the Oath he took but what politician is going to endanger his cushy job and lifestyle by going against the president. You talk about Republicans, well as far as I’m concerned they are just as bad as those Socialistic Democratic Liberals. The American voter figured by giving Republicans more power by putting them in during the midterms, they would at least put a stop to this run-a-muck president, but no, they didn’t do what the people wanted probably because they were afraid of being put off the political gravy train. Right now I wouldn’t give you ten cents for any politician that wants to be president. i seriously believe that a Donald Trump or a Dr. Carson would be a good choice to straighten out this country and to those of you that use the argument, they have no political experience, I say this what kind of experience did Obama have, a Community Organizer who, as far as I know, never held a job. People voted for what came out of his mouth not what he could do for America and it’s people.

        • I commend you for your Service to the country.

          How does being a veteran provide you with insight to spot a narcissist?

          Strange. The same has occurred to me about Donald Trump.

          Was DSM part of your training?

  1. King of Stereotypes! Just the kind of guy the U.S. needs to lead it. Let’s see . . . Muslims are terrorists, Mexicans are rapists, Jews are negotiators, black people love to kill white people . . . Trump knows, right?

  2. How much does Trump love Jews? (Or anybody else?)

    Not methinks as much as himself.

    I found it interesting that he commended Patton and MacArthur rather than a general who went on to become president, Eisenhower, and as a Republican at that.

    Watching this video gave me some better insight into The Delirium’s tremendous appeal.

    I wonder whether he insults and interrupts ones with whom he negotiates.

    He talks a lot. How much does he listen?

    But how necessary is such for a President? The country survived two terms of a predecessor who couldn’t and wouldn’t.

    Nor should we misunderestimate this aspirant.

    Is The Donald among the profits?

  3. The fact that Trump, and his ilk, love money and power is not news. However, when it comes to Trump, what he loves the most is himself. As for him being a negotiator, the opinions he has expressed throughout his campaign suggests otherwise. Every single opinion he has articulated, from calling Mexicans criminals and rapists, to proposing the creation of a database to track Muslims, are manifestations of immaturity, radicalism, and political opportunism.

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