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Monday, February 18, 2019

During an appearance yesterday on the O’Reilly Factor, Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos was asked by Bill O’Reilly whether he and his network could cover Trump objectively, since they have already denounced Trump’s immigration “plan,” his beloved wall.

When Ramos explains that many in his audience consider Trump to be a racist, O’Reilly pounces: “But that’s a subjective thing!” He proceeds to read Donald Trump’s infamous line about Mexicans from his June campaign announcement.

When Ramos protests, obviously, that Mexican immigrants aren’t inherently criminal, O’Reilly replies, in complete sincerity: “He didn’t say all of them were.”

Ramos, naturally, seems to finds the whole exchange ridiculous: “You have to be tougher on Donald Trump,” he said. “You let him get away with anything.”

“I’m not promoting Donald Trump in any shape or form,” retorted O’Reilly.

His history on this is checkered.

For one thing, O’Reilly has admitted that he has been friends with Donald Trump for decades, which became apparent when he tried to persuade the Republican frontrunner to attend the Jan. 28 Fox News debate (he was boycotting because Megyn Kelly embarrassed him in August when she asked him to justify his misogynist comments).

Despite O’Reilly’s assertion that the difference between him and Ramos is that he’s a commentator, not a straight newsman, this is still a major conflict of interest.

Donald Trump has caused plenty of headaches for news anchors, both in and outside of Fox News. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have been accused of being too soft on Trump, Cokie Roberts was reprimanded by NPR was calling him a racist, and prominent political anchors from Jake Tapper to Chuck Todd have been caught struggling to fight against the current of Trump’s continuous lying. Journalists at Breitbart have resigned over the outlet’s overt propaganda for the campaign and Fox News itself was divided on the news organization’s treatment of Trump when he attacked their star anchor, Megyn Kelly.

But Bill O’Reilly, who has his own feud with Megyn Kelly, is being “Fair and Balanced” when it comes to his friend.

Screenshot via Fox News

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22 responses to “Endorse This: Jorge Ramos Challenges Bill O’Reilly On Trump’s Racism”

  1. greenlantern1 says:

    Ike used all nationalities to make a shambles of Hitler’s ATLANTIC WALL!
    Was he a racist?

  2. DOC says:

    Do we really want to follow lying wife beating bullie.

  3. yabbed says:

    Who knows what Donald Trump is beyond a showman. He’s whatever he needs to be at the moment, feeling out opportunities to make things better for himself. Whatever Trump has given the appearance of being he will now have to be forever.

  4. nancygold says:

    OReilly has NO credibility…and his apologist stance is NOT new..he has to “justify” most of his Republican guests who are off the reservation on MOST issues…he’s like all the apologists who “defended “ Hitler…including Joe Kennedy..Duke of Edinburgh who had to abdicate due to his “crazy” BS..not because of Wallace Simpson

    • 11thStPopulist says:

      You are confusing Prince Phillip, who is the Duke of Edinburgh, and married to Queen Elizabeth, with her uncle, Edward VIII, the former Prince of Wales, who became King, but abdicated his throne to marry Wallis Simpson because she was a divorcee. Both Edward and Phillip were involved with Nazis during WWII, however.

      You are right, neither Trump nor O’Reilly have any credibility. Both are entertainers and are largely ignorant about most things they try to persuade others about. Both are demagogues.

  5. Diane says:

    What I want to see is the media challenge to Ramos for his biased, exploitative and baseless question to Hillary Clinton during the Miami debate about her being indicted. After that, I have no respect for this so-called journalist.

  6. Otto T. Goat says:

    It’s funny hearing a guy who only cares about Mexicans accusing others of racism.

    • paulyz says:

      Exactly, Ramos is heavily biased & has conflict of interests regarding ILLEGAL ALIEN TRESPASSERS. He is only concerned with Mexicans, not Americans & runs Spanish language Univision. He, like all pro-Amnesty activists ALWAYS lump Illegal Alien Trespassers with Legal immigrants. Donald Trump was discussing ILLEGALS, not Legal Immigrants, and Ramos KNOWS that damn well.! ! 80% of Legal Americans & Legal Immigrants agree with Trump on border security!

    • Get Schwifty says:

      It’s funny how a racist always tries to spin someone with whom they disagree as a reverse racist.

      • Otto T. Goat says:

        Ramos is an ethnic activist. He’s been recognized by La Raza, a racist organization, for his work in promoting Mexican racial interests.

  7. Eileen Whelan says:

    Trump and Bill O’ Reilly are cut from the same cloth. They have no respect for women, they are Raciest, they are both frauds. Fox News should fire O’Reilly, and we should ship Trump where he can do no more harm to all we as Americans believe in.

    • Vilnis Schulz says:

      Agree. O’Reilly like Trump appears to be clinically a narcissist. FWIW he seems completely incapable of understanding institutional racism and white privilege. Which means he’s incurious and weak on ability to be self-aware which goes along w/narcissism

  8. atc333 says:

    the only issue Trump could be correct on is his insistance that the US reevalute its approach to Muslim Immigrants. The Quran is very specific about Islam being the only true religion, and once Muslims become the majority in a host nation, those citizens who are objecting to the Islamization of the host nation become “enemies of Islam”, and must convert, be driven out, or die. The ultimate goal of Islam as set out in the Quran, the true word of Allah, is the elimination of all other religions, and world domination of Islam.

    According to th Quran, a Muslim who migrates to a foreign nation for their own riches, and better life, without working to spread Islam and convert the host nation to Islamic law is not a true Muslim. Muslims are not to migrate, unless their purpose is in part to convert the host nation and its people to Islam. .

    How can this nation distinguish between the Muslim who is seeking to escape terror and persecution, and will never attempt to change this nation into an Islamic State, and those who come over for hat purpose?

    • JPHALL says:

      So your faith is so low that you believe you could become a Muslim? Why do you feel others are like you and weak?

      • atc333 says:

        I am not worred about me. You however, might want to explore just how Islam proposed to convert the “weak” Western nations by using their own democratic process, and “political correctness” against them.

        “Muhammad’s teachings forbid Muslims to immigrate to a non-Muslim
        country if they pursue the goal of their own personal gain or pleasure.
        But if they immigrate with the ultimate goal of spreading Islam and
        making it victorious, or at least this is a part of
        the reason for their immigration, then they are allowed both pleasure
        and personal gain. A Muslim immigrant should not integrate with the host
        society, but if his stay depends on showing some kind of integration to
        the host non-Muslim society, then he is permitted
        to demonstrate a fake integration, only in appearance and only
        temporarily, until the goal of subduing and the Islamization of this
        host society is achieved.”

        • JPHALL says:

          Wow! So much fear and yet you cannot show one non Muslim country that has been converted this way. Subject: Re: Comment on Endorse This: Jorge Ramos Challenges Bill O’ Reilly On Trump’ s Racism

          • atc333 says:

            No fear on my part, only suggesting that it is time for a reality check by Western Nations. After all, an idea and freedom cannot be destroyed, or suppressed by murder or the threat of coversion or death., which seems like you are forgetting; the mass murders of ISIS, even genocide, which is an example of “reverting” nations and other religions to their prefered version of Islam.or death. Then you also forget the Muslim invasions of Spain in the 900s..which is certainly not the actions of a “religion of peace”.

            Really now, are you trying to claim the Quran is no longer the word of Allah,and choosing to ignore the directive to remain within your own Muslm nation, unless migrating to a host nation for the express purpose of reverting tjat. amd the other nations of the world to Islam? Or perhaps you are choosing to ignore the 95+ times the Quran instructs True Muslims to kill the those who practice other “lesser” religions, deemed Infidels who refuse to rerevert to Islam when living in an Islamic nattion as an inferior, second class citizen, after the third demand, who instead choose death.

            Am I afraid? No, but I am also not stupid, and well able to read and comprehend the meaning of all the numerous passages of the Quran, not just those carefullly chosen and taken out of context which do not inform the prospective beliver of the true intent and purpose of Islam, whilch is a totalitarian form of religion which controlls every aspect of a Muslims life, a system of laws based upon a 8th centrury world of kill or be killed, with no tolerance of any other religions or forms of governments, such as those embraced by many Western nations, and a totalitarian Islamic form of Government.

            There is no “New Testament” to the Quran, setting forth the directive to “coexist”, to live, and let live, with other religions and governments once the majority of the populaiton in a nation becomes Islamic. Islam is the religion of peace, until, and unless it becomes the majority in a nation, and controls the government, police, and military of that nation. Then according to the word of Muhammad as set out as the Word of Allah, it is revert the remaining population, of kill them, beading being the chosen method for Infidels who reject Islam for the third time.

            Am I afraid? No. The human spirit to be free, to worship freely as one chooses, to govern oneself in a democratic form of government, will always prevail, once humanity becomes aware of the truth of what it is really faced with.

            So, is Trump right on only this one issue? Please explain why the Quran does not really mean what it states in no uncertain terms: “Revert or Die”, once Muslims take political and military control of a host nation,


          • JPHALL says:

            Wow! So much BS. Do you remember your American history? This nation was founded on the destruction of the previous inhabitants and their religions. How do you think all religions were spread throughout the world down through history? Usually by death and destruction. Get over your fear and recognize that there is only one way for Muslims to take over the West. And that is by out performing the other religions. Despite your fears, religions do not fade away easily see Baha’i, Judaism or Sikhism.Subject: Re: Comment on Endorse This: Jorge Ramos Challenges Bill O’ Reilly On Trump’ s Racism

          • atc333 says:

            Rather than avoiding the issue, why not demonstrate for all to see how Islam does not advocate the suppression of all other religions though force once a majority is attained, and control of the military and police is acomplished. At that point, anyone attempting to block the mandantory Islamization of a nation though legal means becomes an “enemey of Islam”, and is subject to death if they do not “revert”.

            It is all set out in print, for anyone with enough intellectual curiosity to discover on their own.Docmument your claims as to BS, which in fact your own statement acknowledges it is not. “How do you think all religions were spread throughout the world down through history? Usually by death and destruction”
            In other words, you have just admited that in 2016, Islam is still imposing its religion upon others by force of arms, once a territory comes under the control of Muslilm forces. This is exactly what the world sees with ISIS,

            At least you are honest enough to have accidently admitted it. After all, that is unusual, as the teachings state it is not a sin to lie to non Mulims, to gain their trust, and lull the stupid Infidels into a false sense of secuirty, using their own foolish
            concepts of democracy and political correctness against them.

            The problem is that if the complete truth of Islam was fully expained to potential believers, including the application of Shariea law, and the creation of an Islamic state, and the mandantory “reversion ” or killing of all Infidels who refused to revert , the performance of Islam ;you ,are celebrating would slow to a snails pace.

            Name other religions today which gains converts by force.

  9. Sterling Harris says:


  10. Goodseal says:

    Listen ladies and gentlemen, msnbc is an affiliate of NBC, which Trump has his show the Apprentice. So they have to walk on egg shells with him. Except the great ones like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow etc. they tell it like it is. The Today Show has Trump on almost everyday in one shape or form. However, this is show business, right!!!

  11. understandingyouall says:

    I don’t like the Donald for many reasons. The very thought of him being our next president horrifies me. Mexicans are very family oriented and I’ve sat beside them in clinics when my children were very young. They shared their cookies and juice with my children, and our oblivious children played together. I love Hispanic people.

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