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Friday, October 28, 2016


Lindsey Graham is upping his rhetorical game against Donald Trump, saying that The Donald represents the “dark side” of the GOP base itself — and Graham will stand up to him and save the party!

Listen to Graham warn Trump of dire consequences — if and when the blustering real estate mogul dares to show up in the South Carolina senator’s home state.

Video via CNN.

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  • paulyz

    Who cares what Sen. GrAmnesty thinks, he’s not even a blip on the polls.

    • Looner

      You aren’t even a blip on the polls either

  • yabbed

    I got my doubts that Senator Graham could whip Donald Trump at anything.

    • Looner

      Trump is an old Geezer, you fool

      • yabbed

        I beg your pardon? Do you consider insulting someone you don’t know a reasonable response?

        • Looner

          Yes, because your response was foolish.

        • Looner

          And apparently Lindsey Graham has whipped Trump at being continually elected by the people of his state. This is something that Trump has not accomplished even once in his life.

  • Looner

    Hey, at least Senator Graham has a good grasp of the members of his party and the total uninformed people who Trump appeals to.

  • Paragryne

    “Why, fiddle dee dee! No Yankee carpetbagger is gonna impugn my honnah!! Only teabaggers are permitted to slander ny beloved GOP!”

  • ridemybroom

    native sc here…the only thing Lindsey Graham is going to beat, is his meat.behnd the bahroom stall door….if he can find it, that is….Man cant beat himself out of a wet paper bag, even if he tried…lol