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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Watch as Rudy Giuliani debunks Donald Trump’s claim that thousands of Muslims celebrated on 9/11 — but simultaneously refuses to actually call Trump a liar.

In an interview Tuesday morning, Rudy said that the city indeed looked into reports of people celebrating on 9/11 — and found some scattered cases totaling perhaps “10, 12 — 30, 40” people.

But here’s the thing: Despite providing this little dose of truth, Giuliani still won’t directly say that Trump is lying about there having been massive parties.

“Well I think what he’s doing is exaggerating,” Rudy said, with a hint of a chuckle. “Right? People were celebrating, he’s right about that… I didn’t see any evidence of thousands — nor have I seen it since then — of thousands of people celebrating.”

“I don’t think it happened. He keeps saying it did. I don’t want to say he’s not telling the truth about it.”

But why won’t Rudy say that, asked CNN host Alisyn Camerota?

“Because let him deal with it. Let him explain to people, let him show the evidence of it.”

It’s notable that even Rudy points out that if this were true, and that Trump saw it on TV, there would be tape of it somewhere — but he still can’t bring himself to settle the question and say that Trump is totally wrong.

And speaking of evidence, some research by MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki even casts doubt on the key example of celebration that Rudy cited — and it might just have been a straight anti-Muslim hate crime.

Video via CNN.

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6 Responses to Endorse This: Rudy Doesn’t Want To Say Trump Is Lying

  1. Since Trump is the one who made the assertion that he saw thousands of Muslims cheering, the onus (burden) of proof is upon him to back up his assertion. We either believe the NY and NJ police, their department heads and Mayor Giuliani (along with their documentation then) that there were at best a few dozen (not thousands, not at all) or we believe in the hot air whoppers coming from Trump and the alternate reality he lives in.

    • Let’s see . . . It’s OK for Trump to demand that President Obama produce his birth certificate (and then claim that it’s not authentic), but it’s OK for Trump to claim that he saw something that didn’t happen and expect people to believe him. . . . Seems fair, no? In this case, I’d say that if Trump can’t stand the heat, PLEASE stay in the kitchen.

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