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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Sarah Palin appeared on TV this morning to promote Donald Trump, on the big day of the Iowa caucuses. But then she got asked about the most news-making quote she’s delivered while stumping for The Donald: That President Obama was to blame for her son’s arrest on domestic violence charges, because the troops get post-traumatic stress disorder after they have to “look at him and wonder” whether or not he supports them.

Palin’s answer: No, she didn’t say that at all — and shame on you for talking about it!

“You guys brought me here to talk about Iowa politics, and the caucus tonight — not to talk about my kids,” said Palin, who was actually the one that first talked about her kids while on the campaign trail. “And that was a promise. But as things go in the world of media, you guys don’t always keep your promises, evidently.”

Palin went on to say maintain that she didn’t make any such accusation against Obama, but simultaneously insisted that he doesn’t support the troops. Matt Lauer then asked her if she wanted to take back anything she said that was offensive.

“What did I say that is offensive?” she retorted. “I don’t regret any comment that I made, because I didn’t lay PTSD at the foot of the president.”

“I did say, though, and suggested very adamantly, that there is much more that our Commander-in-Chief can do to prove that he respects our troops and will let them do their job.”

As Palin went on to criticize the media for asking her about this, Lauer then had to clarify the situation against her latest accusation.

“I just want to make sure: There were no specific promises made about the content of the interview, only that this would be your first interview since you endorsed Donald Trump.”

“Well, I was told that this interview is about the caucus tonight in Iowa — and right on, who will it be to put America back on the right track and restore constitutional government that we are lacking today, and that we so need. And I said ‘right on,’ let me go talk about that, sure.”

Savannah Guthrie could only say: “And I think we talked about that quite a bit.”

Video via Today/NBC News.

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40 Responses to Endorse This: Sarah Palin Further Embarrasses Herself On Caucus Day

  1. Who keeps letting this vacuous twit into the room? Every time she opens her mouth I’m reminded that she opens her ignorant mouth that there are actually people in this country that think she is so smart. Maybe when compared to a mushroom but even that is up for debate. I shudder when I think what could have happened if Senator McCain had been elected. The very though to her being that close to having control of America’s nuclear arsenal is enough to keep you awake at night.

    • Bravo.
      And there are more of them! This is what we could be subjected to if Dems don’t vote.
      Compare Bernie and Hillary to any of the creatures running on the right and tell me either of them could be worse.
      If any of you sit it out because your first choice doesn’t win the primary you are as dumb as they are.

        • The problem is, the rest us have to suffer too. I am supporting Hillary but if Bernie takes the primary, I’ll be feeling the Bern and doing my best to continue to get out the vote because there is way to much at stake to give it away to one of those creatures on the right currently in the race.

          • I vote absentee ballot for all elections now because I volunteer to drive people to the polls and am on call. I’m also helping people to get absentee ballots. Those who can’t get out to vote or stand in long lines. Dems of course. I figure the republicans have all that redistricting and other methods of voter suppression they keep coming up with so they can take care of their own in that regard. They don’t want to help them in any other way but I bet they assist in getting them out to vote. 🙂
            Plus the last time I stood in line, there were obnoxious people talking loudly for the benefit of anyone from the opposing political party. While it’s easy to ignore them, I started weighing the consequences of not ignoring them and that’s probably not a good thing. 😀

    • The thought of Trump being that close to having control of America’s nuclear Arsenal is enough to keep me awake at night. I have read enough books about Hillary that I honestly could sleep pretty good. I read one back in 2008 called “Woman in Charge” by Carl Bernstein ( yes, that Watergate reporter) It was a pretty objective book and I recommend it.
      The more you learn about Trump, he more you will want to crawl under the bed and scream “Why?”

      • It does kind of give you night terrors. Each and everyone of those war mongers is a draft dodger yet they are all to anxious to send you, your kids or your grandchildren off to me cannon fodder, then to patently ignore them once they come marching home. It’s what they do.

  2. I saw her “speech” when she announced her support for Trump……now is this ignorant, stupid woman actually saying with a straight face that she didn’t accuse the President of what poured out of her mouth and we heard what we heard, which was clearly an insult and pass the blame to the President for her idiot sons horrible behavior, unbelievable really, another Republican simply refusing to acknowledge video exists that her real live presence is on tape with her real words pouring out of her own stupid mouth and it can be rerun FOREVER and it’s there FOREVER, (unfortunately)……When will the media have real time instant recall of those video’s to PROVE what was said at the time it was said to call out a liar like Sarah Palin does with constant regularity in the act of lying!!!!! As Judge Judy says, “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining”…………..WHY OR WHY do these people in the media keep giving this idiot air time.

      • That’s part of it, but the major reason is the media keeps feeding her to us for that ever loving greenback that relates to advertising and in our current mentality, what’s to do other than text or watch the boob tube? Make the media do it’s job correctly and brainless dolts like Palin and Trump would become little more than footnotes.

  3. Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Spiro Agnew!
    Is Palin ashamed of his legacy?
    Donald Trump, likewise, claimed to represent the “moral majority”.
    Ashamed of that?
    Ever hear of the Walter Reed scandal?
    Who was president?
    Who was Secretary of the VA?
    Ashamed of that?

  4. Denial of past events is a favorite flavor of lying for Republicans: Trump denied proposing a 45% tariff on Chinese goods even though the Times has it on tape, and he denied ever having met the handicapped reporter who had mocked. Cruz denies past positions on immigration. Christie denies having said he’d contributed to Planned Parenthood, past positions on guns and, of course, what he knew when about Bridgegate. And now we have America’s Grifter and master of word salad denying what she said. Par for the course.

  5. As obscene as it is, she is still the poster girl for the right. Thank you John McCain for subjecting the rest of us to the Wasilla Clampetts.

  6. Only idiots care about a word that bobble head says. She has been irrelevant for years now. And of course she denies what she said, conservatives will believe literally anything that comes from one of their talking heads mouth.

  7. I sometimes wonder where the White rich Repubs and TPs got this woman from. Look how she was dressed at endorsing and promoting Trump. That dress was for sleazy girls not for President of TPs and Repubs or governor. I am told last December her family got in a brawl in a tavern and they were thrown out. I wonder if it’s true she had 5 guns each with 25 rounds and carries them in her vehicle. Well, she may be right. I am told Alaska has a lot of grizzly bears and coyotes. May be she should have been neighbor with John Wayne, the move star and gunslinger. Sarah Palin has trapped the Repubs and TPs. Good luck with her.

      • What do you expect Palin to do? Her brand, stock in trade is spewing nonsense. Palin is doing exactly what either of us expect her to do when set in front of a camera.
        My problem is the lazy slugs who turn cameras on right wing talking heads like Palin and Donald Trump: in the search for content – any goddamn content that will hold eyes – they skip over informative, thoughtful content that would benefit viewers. Like I said, we need to hold the likes of Don Nash to a higher standard because he’s the gatekeeper that picks clowns over thoughtful people.

  8. Why Do Republicans & Conservatives Always Vote Against Soldiers & Veterans?

    The GOP On Veterans Issues:

    Veterans – Who Is Really “For The Troops”?

    POLITICSWATCH: Senator Destroys Republicans for Underfunding VA by $850 Million

    Republican Majority in Senate blocked Dems’ bill boosting vets’ benefits

    Service Record: Trump, McCain, And Republican Contempt For Veterans

    GOP Voted Against These 8 Bills To Help Veterans

    41 Republican Senators Voted Against a Landmark Veterans Bill in February, Today They Blame the VA

    GOP blocks veterans bill

    Senate GOP Obstructionists Throw Veterans Under The Bus-Vote Down Bill To Help Vets In Need Of Jobs

    GOP Voted Against 7 Bills to Help Veterans


  9. Matt, Palin doesn’t deserve to be addressed as Governor. She QUIT. That honorific should be reserved for those that fulfill their commitment to their constituents.

  10. This self-righteous slummer is so contradictory. Say something controversial then a week later assume that the sheeple who were there and heard it will forget because she claims she didn’t. Problem here? Some sheeple actually will.

    • You’re right about the problem!. As evidenced by the right wing front runners, an alarming portion of our citizens do not think for themselves and the ones who do have set a low bar.

  11. She speaks exactly what on her mind. Unfortunately it is just as unclear and convoluted as her gunky thoughts. If I was The Donald, I would have fired her.

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