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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce took a bold step this week, with the group’s head Javier Palomarez meeting with a presidential candidate whose main platform right now is to deport lots of Hispanics.

Watch as Palomarez talks about what it was actually like to have a conversation with Donald Trump — and answers whether Latino voters are willing to support him right now. The answer might surprise The Donald.

Video via On The Record With Greta Van Susteren/Fox News.

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  • Jose Rodriguez

    Do Hispanics support Trump? HELL NO! That would be like drinking poison at a birthday party… pure SUICIDE!

    • 13factfinder

      Really, do you speak for ALL Hispanics? You sound like a liberal.

      • 13factfinder

        Do you also support other criminals like “rapists”, “drug smugglers” and illegal aliens …………….. I thought so!!! Your big party in America is about over……….ADIOS MUCHACHO!

    • jea2comments

      You guys don’t mind sponging off our country though. How long do you think that’s going to last? When the “freebies” run out, and there is no work, and no more food stamps, Mexico might start looking good to you guys! The big party IS going to end, and sooner than many think!

  • 13factfinder

    Why wouldn’t they love Trump? He is just trying to deport criminals! If citizens of the U.S. whom are Latino support illegal immigration they are no more than traitors to the American people and the sovereignty of our nation! We don’t want to create here what they are trying to escape in Mexico and lawlessness will certainly contribute to that. Presently, illegals can’t vote; but with Obama don’t bet on it. We don’t need to
    “whore out” our sovereignty for cheap labor, votes or any other political special interests.

    • DOC

      You “whored” it out out for years.

      • 13factfinder

        Please be more specific!!

        • DOC

          This did not just start they been coming here for years to pick the veggies and fruit.

          • 13factfinder

            So, as long as you have been engaged in illegal activity for years; it is ok to continue to do so? You liberals can substantiate anything.

          • DOC

            That is not what I meant, the way you and most people like you act like this is a new thing. It was bad then but money was the driving force.

          • paulyz

            LEGAL “seasonal” Migrant Workers have been coming here for years, but now large numbers are here “permanantely” and ILLEGALLY. That is the problem & the difference. Now the ILLEGALS do MUCH more than just pick fruits & veggies, they are taking jobs in most occupations.

  • silas1898

    Hispanic millionaires in their Chamber of Commerce love Trump.

    The rest of them, not so much.

    I wonder if these CoC vultures can prove the lineage of their citizenship and how many of them are anchor babies.

  • Otto Greif

    This guy is a racist.

    • 13factfinder

      Which guy? Can I call you “Ottoman” because you remind me of a place to put my feet if I stepped in CACA. Another Illegal loser looking to benefit on the backs of U.S taxpayers!

  • Wayne Thorson

    Of course the Hispanics love Trump. He hired all those illegals to help him build his empire.

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  • jea2comments

    Why should the United States have open borders? No other country in the world does!
    In some countries if you cross their borders, you are either imprisoned or shot on the spot. We have illegal aliens crossing our borders, bringing in crime, drugs, human trafficking, and then leeching off our Welfare system. Many of them don’t pay taxes, much of the money they make, they send back to Mexico. This country is being used and abused, and we the taxpayers are footing the bill. And we’re suppose to be in favor of that? This is America, NOT Mexico! Trump is right, and he simply speaks the truth of the matter. There are many LEGAL immigrants that do support Trump. The truth of the matter IS, is that the ILLEGAL immigrants, don’t like the idea of any responsibility, or the effort it takes to become a LEGAL citizen of the U.S. because that takes effort, and makes one accountable for their actions. Immigrants are NOT the problem, it’s the way they are going about it. If you want to come here, do it LEGALLY, find a job, pay your taxes, abide by and follow our U.S. laws, learn our language, secure housing that you pay for, and support our U.S. economy. Add something to the U.S. instead of trying to RIP US OFF at every turn. The U.S. economy is already in dire straits, because of our “give-away” programs, and these costly wars we’ve been in for over 14 years! The gravy train, is gonna STOP someday, and all the “freebies” with it. Perhaps sooner, than many think.

  • Looner

    It’s a stupid ploy for Republicans to harp on, cuz they got nothing else. They only bring it up at election time to try and seal in the white racist vote. To a lot of people any Hispanic must be an illegal. Look how that one guy jumped on Jorge Ramos and told him to “Get out of his country”.
    Trump is running the Hitler playbook right now, stirring up the masses with rabid xenophobia.
    I’ve about had my limit of Trump articles. The fat old orange head doesn’t entertain me any more.

  • paulyz

    Many LEGAL Hispanics and other LEGAL Immigrants will support Trump, why wouldn’t they. The LEGAL Immigrants did it the right way, & the ILLEGALS cause them hardships, & burden them with taxes & unemployment as much as American Citizens. You Liberals & pro-Amnesty dummies just can’t call ILLEGALS, ILLEGAL “immigrants”, just keep lumping them all as Immigrants. Old trick, same old story.