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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) brought his stump speech to New Hampshire over the weekend. But when he talked about how “the world is on fire,” he soon had to reassure a little girl that it wasn’t too awful.

Click above to watch Ted doing some damage control — though it actually went better than his last speaking gig — then share this video!

Video via Zane Andrew/YouTube.

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  • pmbalele

    I am not blaming the little girl. Ted Cruz is too fat and is foreign born working as senator illegally in this country. That is why the girl was scared of him.

    • Daniel Jones

      He’s born of an American, his actually being given birth to in Canada doesn’t disqualify him from serving in the Senate.
      Hell, if President Obama *had* been born in Kenya, it wouldn’t have changed who his mother was or invalidated his runs for the Oval Office!
      In both cases, this urge to label them as foreign misses the point completely and is nonsensical.

      • Paul Julian Gould

        In the case one is looking for negatives regarding the Senator, there is a vast swath of real estate there, without wandering into birther territory, playing the game of the weird wing of the right, IMHBCO.

  • marijoca

    Really, we had to watch 8 minutes of Ted Scuzz to know that when he speaks, people want to cry? Whatever NTL Memo’s intend was, rest assured I had the sound off for most of it and only caught a little bit of Crazy Talkin” Ted.

  • sealbeams

    Poor kid. He scares the hell out of me to. Abolish the GOP.

  • FT66

    Scarring people is what these goobers do best. Even the kid has noticed right away it was a scare using the word “fire”.