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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis is once again making the rounds on national media. The martyr of the anti-marriage-equality struggle has been explaining why she remains in office while fighting for her cause: “Why should I have to quit a job that I love, that I’m good at?”

On the other hand, one does have to wonder: If a clerk refuses to issue legal documents according to the relevant requirement of the law — then maybe she isn’t actually good at her job.

Video via The Kelly File/Fox News.

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21 responses to “Endorse This: The Book Of Kim Davis’ Job”

  1. rome44 says:

    Damn, when are her 15 minutes up.

    • mandarian says:

      I agree…she needs to be “Fire” for not doing her job. When is the media going to stop feeding into this?

      • Daniel Jones says:

        When we ignore them. Basically, we’re living “Network” and this nonsense will continue until Howard Beale’s disgraced and deceased. So, everyone? Whenever they start up this divisive crap as opposed to facts and truth, just walk away.. and keep doing it.

        • cat says:

          Interesting, but who’s version of facts and truth? She seems to be using her very nice job to proselytize. How many secular employers would put up with that? Either go back to work and earn that paycheck ….or quit so they can hire someone who has a better work ethic.

  2. Bonnie68 says:

    KIMhut up and resign, you won’t do your job, get out.

  3. RogerSC says:

    I wish the media would just ignore her…her employers can either retrain her to do something useful for them, or fire her for cause (not doing her job). Why is this still news?

  4. Vilnis Schulz says:

    For not understanding her responsibilities to issue licenses in compliance with the law and court orders, and for thinking a publicly-elected administrative position can be used as a platform to express religious views (even non-kooky ones), for these alone, she shows she’s incompetent at her job, and should resign or be impeached.

  5. urbanegorilla says:

    “Why should I have to quit a job that I love, that I’m good at?” Clearly, she doesn’t understand what her job requirements are. Too bad she’s an elected official that can’t be fired. And too bad she doesn’t emulate Jesus who vowed a life of poverty and simply quit and go on welfare.Time for Judge Bunning to toss her back in jail.

    • jtxl says:

      I would think that Kansas would have a way to use petitions to force a recall election.

      • urbanegorilla says:

        Not sure how Kansas recalls work, they’re different by state, but since 1911, there have only been 33 successful recalls of state and local officials nationwide. Having spent time in Kansas, I kind of think that the bulk of the population leans to her way of thinking anyway. Those are pretty bad odds overall. In fact, I’ll bet she gets re-elected.

        • jtxl says:

          I’ll take your word, I have never been to Kansas. I am sure the feds can step in indirectly. When Texas (where I live) was allowing drivers to possess 1 open beer while driving, the feds threatened to revoke all federal highway grants until the federal law was followed. Texas changed the law right away. I’m sure there are types of funding/grants that can be pulled. I hope they do.

          • urbanegorilla says:

            That would be interesting. Lord knows the Feds interfere with California’s medical marijuana clinics as it is. Holding back funding might be more difficult as the Republican controlled congress would have to vote to do so, and IMO, they’re on the anti-gay bandwagon.

          • jtxl says:

            I don’t remember how it worked in texas but I don’t think it went through congress because it was all happening very fast. If it would have to go thru congress, that is another huge reason to get the republicans out so they will stop screwing with our freedoms. The want to go to war in the middle east over sharia law but that is exactly what they are trying to do here.

  6. jtxl says:

    Her hypocrisy is absolutely sickening. Suddenly she is this soft spoken poor woman who everyone wants to send to hell. The film of her statement when released from jail is who she truly is- a twisted self absorbed self promoting hypocrite who is filled with hate. She is exactly what Jesus spoke of in using the church to make themself more important than God. Kansas may need to fix their oath of office. I do not know what she swore to but even backwards Texas (paraphrasing) says that they swear to follow the law regardless of their religious views. Beyond hypocrite, she said her sins were washed away because she was saved. What a steaming pile! This is no different than a child molester saying that their actions don’t matter because they are saved. Oh well, at least she changed her shirt.

  7. jtxl says:

    So if the Governor or Attorney General were a Muslim, would it be acceptable to require her to wear a head scarf while on the job? Would it be acceptable to require all women who enter the courthouse wear a headscarf? the hypocrisy is disgusting

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