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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has shown remarkable restraint responding to Donald Trump after the bellicose candidate accused him of being a war hero only because he got captured. But McCain’s daughter isn’t being so laid back.

Check out Meghan McCain’s appearance Monday night on Fox News. The Donald might take an exception of his own to Meghan calling him “an extremely disconnected millionaire living in New York City” — after all, he’s actually worth TEN BILLION DOLLARS.

Video via The Kelly File/Fox News.

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  • Carolyn1520

    I don’t think McCan is showing remarkable restraint. I think he knows it’s in his best interest to keep his mouth shut lest Trump start quoting the people who knew McCain best during his military career. The same people who weighed in when he was running in 2008 on his hero ticket.
    Besides he has enough people defending him and who have spun Trump’s personal attack into an attack against ALL soldiers and POWS. It’s not and McCain knows it.

    • Daniel Jones

      Carolyn.. it is.

      He said prisoners aren’t heroes.

      He said people that lose battles aren’t heroes.

      Donald Trump is a menace.

      • JPHALL

        But Dems love him and wish him continued success at splitting Reps.

        • mike tyson

          No we don’t. I would vote for Trump. What Trump is saying is true. All law makers are a bunch of idiots that have no clue as to how to do a trade deal. They always sign deals that throw American workers under the buss. Sucking off the Koch brother scum.

          • JPHALL

            To clarify my statement, politically involved Dems love Trump. He is demonstrating that the Repugs base are a bunch of idiots and may even encourage Trump to go independent in 2016 splitting their vote. As to trade deals, do you really believe that nonsense? Trade deals are about countries and not their workers. Subject: Re: Comment on Endorse This: Trump Vs. McCain (Another One)

      • patrick g van meter

        He is a menace for McCain. Not for the rest of us. Prisoners aren’t heros, they are prisoners. Your basically saying anyone that fights is a hero. Thay are used by the people in power for the battles that the people in power get the rest of us involved in. Viet Nam is a perfect example. Sad but true. Win lose or draw soldiers just try and stay alive.

      • Carolyn1520

        Oh I’m not defending Trump. Not a fan, He’s a buffoon. However, based on his initial comment and watching the interview in it’s entirety, it seemed to me he was directing his insults specifically against McCain and through a poor choice of words included others. He certainly has never been an eloquent speaker.
        I went back and looked and while I can see where it could be taken as an insult by all prisoners, he was clearly directing his wrath at McCain.
        As soon as he did so, it opened the door for others to be able to say he owes an apology to all prisoners of war.Given no one at the top on the right likes him and dems certainly don’t, every news source started shifting the story to he was insulting all of them. McCain wants to take the spot light off himself so he of course is saying the apology should be made to the masses. The subtlety of how they maneuver and change narratives is what I find amusing.

      • mike tyson

        Actually Republicans are a menace. They have been losing badly for so long because they are worthless. Do nothing idiots. We don’t want the country ran by corporations and Grover fat pig Norquest.

    • nana4gj

      Whatever his reasons for not responding in kind to Trump, it is uncommon restraint from the McCain we know. And I suspect he is able to exercise that restraint because every POW was included in Trump’s insult.

  • mike tyson

    John has thrown veterans under the buss. No one cares about your daughter. John get off your as and do something for America. You have done nothing. And if you have lets hear it. You are a waste and the people in Arizona hate you and your dike daughter.

    • nana4gj

      If that is the crux of the argument, that as a Senator, McCain has “thrown veterans under the bus”, attack that. Do not attack him for being captured and in captivity for 5 1/2 years, regardless of the circumstances of that capture, and do not attack all POWs, calling them “losers you do not admire.” There is no justification for that.

  • nana4gj

    Trump is, true to form, ridiculing all of those politicians who came to give homage to him and ask for his financial assistance, exposure on Fox and Friends, et al. He thinks they are the Chumps.

    I assume, after a lifetime of being the rich man’s son and heir, the rich carnival barker who has amassed tons, “billions of dollars, it has never occurred to him that all those people who really, really like him, like him for his money and his connections, but simply tolerate his personality. It’s unfortunate that one of those things money bought for him was not the ability to introspect, to identify a genuine “friend” from an opportunist. Of course, Trump is also not a genuine “friend”, either, apparently, himself being an opportunist, who will “trump” your use of him with his own use of you.

    Then, again, “thousands, and thousands of billions of dollars” can shield an individual from all of the usual consequences the rest of us have when we are obnoxious, off-putting, and just plain, ugly. Society overlooks, tolerates, enables this narcissism because Society may need to tap some of that money some day.

    This “experience” of Trump running for President must be the ultimate personification of “Corporations are people, too!” I see nothing in Trump that is remotely “human”, as he seems to be totally lacking in “soul”, not necessarily in the “religious” sense, but in the spiritual sense of anima, ie, character, integrity, conscience, humility, civility, and purpose other than Ego.

    A “Trump” is what happens when we embrace the bizarre concept that “Corporations are people.” They are better unseen, unheard, and valued for their product’s value, jobs, decent wages and benefits, and honesty. But, if we are going to see Corporations as People, then, they must also pay their taxes as people to, too, without all of the exceptions and special handling that the rest of us people do not have.