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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


President Obama just couldn’t pass up this very special opportunity during his trip to Kenya.

When it was his turn to offer remarks at a state dinner, Obama paid tribute to his late father’s homeland, spoke of his own continued family ties and heritage, and toasted to hope for future generations in all of Africa. But he also got in a joke against his detractors back home in America — who might be wondering what his trip to Kenya was really all about.

Video via The White House.

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  • Jane


  • game50

    Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Obama,real Dad name is Mohammed it out and see what I’m talking about. BO doesn’t know from where he come,what he is and who his real Dad is. No wonder he changing everything so that he doesn’t need to learn the truth. As he once stated ” People that Don’t want to disclose the Truth are the people that have something to hide”.

    • firsthand white

      I can see 50 is your I.Q. dumb duck

    • fortunev

      Up yours 50 times.

      • game50

        Fortunev: Whats the matter…you can’t or won’t deal with the Truth…while you’re at it …ck out Michael LaVaugh Robinson…a.k.a. Michelle…its Time for you to Wake up to the Truth.

        • fortunev

          Your truth is delusion fomented by ignorance and stupidity. I pity you.

    • Kuzimo Gardner

      You really that dense?

  • crosstown

    An American president with Kenyan roots- Awesome!

  • fortunev

    That’s my Prez!! Outta sight Barry!!! You indeed are awesome!!!!

  • David

    I wish he would stay there.