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Saturday, March 24, 2018

With thousands of federal workers engaged in ongoing rescue and recovery efforts in Florida, Texas, and across the region battered by recent hurricanes, Americans will soon be looking to Washington for vital assistance in rebuilding – as provided by government after hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. But much of that hope resides in the Department of Housing and Urban Development — which is now headed by Dr. Ben Carson.`

Checking in on Dr. Carson, one of the least qualified officials in a truly dismal cabinet, Seth Meyers is…concerned.

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10 Responses to #EndorseThis: In Storms’ Wake, Can America Rely On Ben Carson? Don’t Ask

  1. I’m afraid Dr Carson has lost much more than just his luggage. If you need housing from HUD he’ll first want to drill a hole in your head after sniffing alcohol swabs ????

  2. A medical doctor – and a surgeon no less – who doesn’t believe in evolution. It’s surprising to me that Trump didn’t make him Surgeon General.

    • But, Gerry, that would be completely unlike Trump to appoint a medical doctor as Surgeon General. Looking at how qualified his various appointees are I would think it much more likely that he would appoint someone who denied all the validity of all medical practices and only believed in faith as Surgeon General.

      • See there – I was trying to give Trump a little credit. It would have been much more like him to have appointed a guy with a bone through his nose who draws circles in the dirt and throws rocks at it as he chants while claiming to cure cancer, Alzheimers and AIDS all at once. Of course when that doesn’t work, the Donald will blame the rocks, the circle in the dirt or even that the guy had the wrong type of bone through his nose. After all, he can’t be responsible for anything that goes wrong.

        • Exactly….and why do you think he sided with the Democrats on raising the debt limit for another several months? If it all goes wrong, he’ll have the Democrats to blame for the failures, and it makes him and the Republicans look good despite the fact that they haven’t done a damned thing since he was elected.

    • Don’t give Trump any more “brilliant” ideas!! But, at least Carson would be in his element in the medical area rather than in housing development!

  3. Just another one of Trump’s totally unqualified and incompetent nominations to run very important departments! Watching Carson figure out what to do about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma should be interesting, but sad for those who are innocent victims.

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