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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

When incoming vice president Mike Pence burbled that his strategy session with House Republicans on Obamacare repeal felt “like a pep rally,” he inspired Stephen Colbert to come up with a peppy chant: “Two, four, six eight, make the poor self-medicate! Go, go, [bleep] yourself!”

Obviously in fine form, the Late Show host rapid-fired a series of Trump topics in the news, from Obama’s advice that Democrats name whatever healthcare plan the Republicans propose “Trumpcare” — “because he hates putting his name on things” — to the pitiful talent lineup for the inaugural festivities (“anybody who’s anybody is going to be there, except for…anybody”).

Noting the persistence of that “whole Russia chose our president thing,” Colbert questioned Trump’s series of sarcastic tweets mocking the US intelligence community as “very strange” indeed, since he will have to rely on those agencies to defend the country as commander in chief.

After Colbert finishes roasting him, Trump is well scorched…

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4 responses to “#EndorseThis: Colbert Serves Up Trump Roast, Well Scorched”

  1. dbtheonly says:

    Loved the Real Emergency Cat Tweets.

  2. idamag says:

    Dear National Memo, haven’t we had Angelina Jolie’s divorce forced upon us long enough? Celebrities cheating, marrying, divorcing is so common.

  3. InformedVoter says:

    Isn’t it just like the bumbling left, to think that they’re on the high ground because “no nothing wanna be celebrities” are not going to the festivities. You know, fakes like Leonardo, who arrived at the awards in his private jet, the jet that created a carbon footprint of several cities. And then gives a speech about climate change being real.
    I suspect that most folks have grown weary of seeing these fake celebrities anyway. How many times can we hold our breath and fawn over a Kardasian? Apparently the left can do that forever.

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