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Saturday, March 23, 2019

The always helpful Conan O’Brien headed to Mexico to give President Trump a hand in financing his controversial pet project.  Roaming the streets of Mexico City, the affable TBS host brought a tiny brick wall “bank,” asking for coin donations from the Mexican people – whose reactions ranged from amused to angry.

Conan even offered special incentives and gifts to attract donations for Trump’s ridiculous wall, like a public radio pledge drive.  How successful was his effort? Just click.

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24 responses to “#EndorseThis: Conan Takes Up A Collection For Trump’s Wall”

  1. MaryfromCT says:


  2. hermadite says:

    January 20, 2017 Washington, D.C.


    (Holding hand over First Lady’s crotch)

    “I do solemnly swear to My Wife’s Orifice. That I will discriminate and insult
    Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Christians, Africans, Latins and especially
    Mexicans. As Dictator of the Divided States of America I will, to the best of my ability, persecute, fabricate and develop a REICHSTAG America.
    So help me Allah, Moses, Jesus, God and Atheists. Amen.”
    *Eight Herald Trumpet Players Engage In Hand-To-Hand Fighting, Using Their
    Long Horns As Weapons
    © 2017 (212) 714-8298

  3. InformedVoter says:

    The Dems are in such disarray and lacking any leadership or direction that all they have is mediocre “actors” who are getting rich by mocking the GOP. Meanwhile, President Trump’s plans are marching along and jobs are being saved and created. So the unions are migrating to him. And the immigration issue of deporting criminals is very popular with now 80% supporting the deportations. Then next year the GOP will pass legislation that will lead to citizenship for the remaining 9 million illegals and the latin vote will swing to the GOP. These popular actions will be it’s light out for the Dems. In 2018, the Dems are defending many more seats than the GOP and many are in states that turned red. Obozo started the mass exodus of the Dems as they lost over 1000 seats since his election. It will only get worse for the low information lefties.

    • oldlion says:

      That’s if Trump is not impeached or thrown in jail or an asylum by then.

      • InformedVoter says:

        There is no way President Trump will be impeached or thrown in jail. You just keep believing the FAKE MSM sources. You probably still think HilLIARy is leading in the polls and will be declared the winner.
        I kept telling you that the MSM polls were FAKE and that President Trump was ahead, but no, you lefties just clung to the FAKE MSM sources. How did that work out for you?

        • Thank you for that certitude(NOT).

          • InformedVoter says:

            Oh really. Well it seems that for the past months, from the primaries through today, that I’ve been the only one who has been consistently correct in these forums.
            You said President Trump would pull out of the primaries; you claimed President Trump would be charged with rape; you claimed that President Trump would be indicted for fraud; you said President Trump would not win the primary; you claimed HiLIARy would win in a landslide; …shall I continue?
            I thought not. Yup, I’m not infomred, but you guys are? Is that more teachings from your FAKE religion?
            You will look like an idiot if you respond, as there’s nothing you can say that will refute what’s stated above.

      • ray says:

        We can only hope.

      • InformedVoter says:

        Old oldlion, but nothing is going to come of the investigation into Russian’s dealings. After President Trump’s cabinet is fully staffed, AG Sessions will target the Clinton Foundation. Look for Bill and HilLIARy to plea bargain their way out.

    • secondclassguy says:

      He’s not saving jobs all he does is talk, like the same way he holds up that stupid signature to say see i’m working, when he doesn’t know what he’s even doing. None of his cabinet picks even do what he says

      • InformedVoter says:

        Once more you prove to be ill-informed. President Trump DID save over 6000 jobs! The unions have taken notice and have started to work with him. They know he will actually help create jobs, unlike Obozo who just played golf with fund-raisers.
        That’s right, just keep saying he and his cabinet are running in circles, meanwhile, the voters are seeing immigration enforcement taking place, the elimination of useless EO from Obozo, the stock market at record high, voter confidence and business confidence near record highs.
        Yup, President Trump, according to the FAKE MSM is a mess! Obozo wishes his first 35 days were such a mess.

  4. dpaano says:

    I wish Conan would come to Los Angeles and ask the same question…..I bet he’d get the same answer….NO!!

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  6. says:

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