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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic visits Birmingham in Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District to find out whether protesters at Republican town hall meetings are “being paid” and “bused in” from other places — as various GOP outlets and #MAGA loudmouths incessantly claim.

Predictably enough, many of the Birmingham Trumpsters are quick to denounce paid protesters, with one of them even citing a Facebook fake news video. Questioned by Lydic, however, none can cite any evidence of the demonstrators who showed up to confront Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL) being anything except fellow Sixth District residents (as all of them quite obviously are).

Indeed, one of the Republican ladies, after expressing her indignant certainty that those other folks came from outside the district, makes an embarrassing admission about her own residency. And as for the buses? They turn out to be full of…Republicans


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8 responses to “#EndorseThis: Desi Lydic Shows How To Detect Paid Protesters”

  1. bobnstuff says:

    I want to know how you become a paid protester. I have time on my hands and wouldn’t mind the money. I figure it’s like being an movie extra. The funny thing is I have never seen any advertisement for the job of protester. Do they give paid benefits? Is there a union? With all the protest against Trump there would be great job security.

    • Dapper Dan says:

      Maybe you need to go on Craig’s List. I’m sure there would be a catch if you had to fly there to protest and the preferred airline is United ????

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  2. Dapper Dan says:

    Soooo the woman accusing protesters of being paid to protest is not actually from the 6th District ? And several people they talked to seemed to know the area very well for someone supposedly bussed in ????

  3. righteous mob says:

    As if facts matter to sTrumpets.

  4. idamag says:

    Sounds so immature, these repugnant republicans.

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