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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Whatever you may think of rapper Eminem, his sustained and logical rhyming attack on Donald Trump — and the racism represented by the president — is a stunning tour de force. It’s trending #1 on Youtube with over 19 million views.

And if you happen to be among his fans, the real Slim Shady has a message especially for you.

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4 responses to “#EndorseThis: In Fulminating Rhymes, Eminem Takes Down Trump”

  1. rhetoric_phobic says:

    Forget the language if it makes you wince and listen to the message and you will also be a fan. Free styling good rap is not easy and this guy has always been very talented.
    He’s simply keeping it real for those who follow him.

  2. itsfun says:

    The use filthy language shows a complete lack of talent and is only a weak mind trying to express itself.

  3. Good rhyming. Sure, there’s language that is offensive, but just concentrate on the major theme—“Trump’s Hypocrisy, Cowardice, and His Immoral Personality”.

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