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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

As a political analyst, Jimmy Kimmel is thriving in the Trump era, tossing off quips and riffs almost under his breath. He opens by describing the health care bill fiasco as “one of the most dramatic episodes of The Celebrity A President yet.” Then he cuts to a fundamental problem with this intellectually vacuous character: “Unless the bill was hot-glued to the back of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, there’s no way Trump read that thing.”

Of course the president isn’t just vacuous, he’s full-goose loony and surrounds himself with other loonies. Kimmel imagines an all-too-plausible reaction to the Congressional Budget Office warning that 24 million Americans could lose their health insurance under his health bill: “Trump said those numbers were cooked by the microwave that’s been spying on him in Trump Tower.”

And so on, including a riff on Trump’s notoriously prevaricating and wacked-out Time interview this week, which he closed by observing sagely, “I’m president and you’re not.” Kimmel kills, so just click.


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7 responses to “#EndorseThis: Jimmy Kimmel Kills On Trumpcare And Time Interview”

  1. dpaano says:

    The only reason 45 keeps repeating the mantra “I’m President and you’re not” is because he’s so paranoid that people won’t believe him and adore him! Actually, as Jimmy says, he’s NOT the president…..we can chalk the presidency up to Bannon and Miller who seem to be the main puppet masters in the Oval Office!!!

    • Dapper Dan says:

      I don’t think he’s a real President honestly. For him to be accepted as the real deal he needs to stop acting like a whiny little brat who throws a temper tantrum everytime something doesn’t go his way or he doesn’t like. I kid you not I’ve seen toddlers better behaved than this boob who thinks he’s POTUS

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      • dpaano says:

        And, have you noticed, he NEVER takes the blame for anything. First, he blamed the Democrats for not voting for his healthcare plan; now he’s blaming the far right Republicans! From what I understand, he failed by not working with Congress and giving them his ideas for how he wanted to see the healthcare plan to be “fixed.” It’s HIS fail; not the Congress! Someday he’ll learn that “the buck stops” at his desk! He’s president 24/7 (even at Mar-a-Lago) and if he wants things done the way he promised his followers (which was a bunch of BS as we already know), he needs to work WITH them and not just let his “surrogates” do the job without any input from him!!!
        45’s biggest problem is that he’s lazy…..he doesn’t want to do the job! He needs to quit and let someone else that IS interested in this country do the job and then he can just go golfing 24/7 instead of sitting around sending ridiculous tweets and doing absolutely NOTHING!

        • Dapper Dan says:

          I agree with you completely. It’s rather funny how he threw Speaker of the House Paul Ryan under the bus for failing to replace Obamacare. Little does he apparently know but when impeachment charges are brought against 45 who’s going to hold his fate in his hands ? Ooooops ????

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