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Monday, March 25, 2019

Have you always considered Kellyanne Conway a bit…frightening? She hasn’t been quite so visibly lately, but the Saturday Night Live crew found her last weekend, lurking in the sewers as a clown called “Kellywise” (Kate McKinnon). Her political rap is the same as ever, but with her “alternative facts” taken to a new level of horror fantasy.

She haunts the dreams of Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat), her intended victim, who sees her dead-white face, traced with lipstick veins, and asks what she’s done with her makeup.

“I’ve toned it down,” she croaks. “Put me on TV!”

But is Kellywise just a nightmare — or a monstrous reality? This sketch is almost as chilling as the real thing.

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5 responses to “#EndorseThis: Kellywise The Clown, Almost As Chilling As Kellyanne”

  1. itsfun says:

    Isn’t being PC just wonderful. The left says don’t make fun of people, call them nasty names. etc. I guess that is only for the folks on the right.

    • Well, we know you like it here. How are things in the pits with Kelly Anne? Still complaining about things you read, but you keep on reading. Now, where’s the logic in that?
      Maybe you would prefer pondering the madness of Donald instead.

  2. dpaano says:

    She looked too young to be KellyAnne…….KellyAnne is a wrinkled old hag compared to the one in this skit!!!

  3. Dapper Dan says:

    This sketch is genuinely very disturbing even for SNL

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