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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Here is the complete Superbowl ad that crashed the website of 84 Lumber — the largest family-owned building supply outfit in America — on Sunday night as viewers sought to view it in full. The story of a Mexican immigrant and her daughter, it is beautifully made, courageous, and poignant. But its speech was a little too free for the advertising censors at Fox Television, which forced them to air a cut version.

If you need building materials, you’d better buy from 84 Lumber, a company that understands what this country means.


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25 responses to “#EndorseThis: The Censored Superbowl Ad That Went Superviral”

  1. Kurt Kruse says:

    ,No American citizen wish’s to deny “Legal Immigration” into our country. Heck President Trump could have personally produced this video,he say’s build a wall,a big wall, But put a door into it,a big door so that “Legal Immigrants” can enter our country!
    The video shows hardships encountered,but where is the video showing our struggling vets,our seniors,our homeless on the harsh streets,and the slums of America? Our country is a sovereign nation with it’s obligation’s first and foremost to our citizens, and not the “illegal alien” population!

  2. bobnstuff says:

    I’m very proud of 84 Lumber Company for making this commercial. They are a local company for me and I have been doing business with them for over fifty years. They get it!

    • kazamareen kurios says:

      Highly irresponsible..Maybe they could also donate so families could retrieve their loved ones..all tried to cross the border..inhumane to make it look like a ‘sentimental’ journey
      Medical examiner: 850 unidentified immigrant bodies stacked in Arizona morgue

    • Beethoven says:

      I had never heard of 84 Lumber before, but after seeing part of this ad during the Super Bowl, and reading about it on the Internet, I am very much aware of the company, and if I have any need for products they sell, I will certainly seek out their products and give them preference over competitors. I hope many others have the same reaction.

      • bobnstuff says:

        Now that I’m retired I work part time for one of the big box home improvement store but if I’m doing a big project they always come out on top in both price an product. They also support the community. This Company is a good example of what makes America great.

  3. elw says:

    I am against a wall because any wall that can keep people out also keep them in.

  4. RogerSC says:

    Thanks for posting the full version of this, beautifully done. It’s more of a point of view than a commercial, and a point of view that I think gets to the core of what American values should be, given our history. I can see why FOX felt that they had to censor it. It goes counter to Trump’s simplistic “America First” talking point.

  5. jakenhyde says:

    Very touching. BUT…I doubt sincerely that this was ever intended to be a Super Bowl commercial. It’s 5 minutes and 45 seconds long. If one breaks it down into 30 second segments, at approximately $5million per segment , and 11.5 segments, the cost would be over half a billion dollars. That’s not realistic.
    If this commercial was truly censored, it was censored by 84 Lumber because of the cost.

  6. kazamareen kurios says:

    Maybe they could also donate so families could retrieve their loved ones..all tried to cross the border..inhumane to make it look like a ‘sentimental’ journey
    Medical examiner: 850 unidentified immigrant bodies stacked in Arizona morgue

  7. bhaggen says:

    Who wrote this, Sean Spicer? Every one of the Super-bowl commercials was a CUT version of their online counterparts. Even Mercedes Benz only bought a 30 second slot of their 90 second Peter Fonda “Easy Driver” piece. In fact, your claim that demand “crashed” 84 Lumber’s website is completely FALSE! It only had 30,000 views on YouTube when I pulled up the Super Bowl ads last night! More false news! This is a perfect example of why a fool beat a liar to the presidency!

    • The lucky one says:

      Don’t you mean a fool and a liar beat a liar to the presidency?

      • idamag says:

        Liar is abstract. For credibility, you need to list the lies that Hillary was supposed to have told.

        • The lucky one says:

          I’m not trying to sway anyone to my opinion of Hillary. Anyone can look at her history and draw their own conclusion. It’s worth noting that she did tell her bankster audience that she will say one thing in public and something else to her benefactors in private. If that’s not an admission of lying I don’t know what it is.

          My point is that Trump is not only a fool but also a prolific liar, in fact a liar that leaves others in the dust in the volume and audacity of his lies.

          Clinton is history now and not worth the energy of a debate (not to me anyway) at this point. Have a good day.

          • idamag says:

            When you call someone a liar, you should be prepared to list the lies. Her history is just another abstract. I was out to lunch with a friend and he brought his son. His son said he could not vote for Hillary because she lied. I asked him about what and he said “everything.” I explained everything was abstract, could he produce any concretes and he said he didn’t discuss politics. You are just like that.

          • The lucky one says:

            Your comparison of me with your friend’s son is a false equivalence but since you are demanding a defense here goes:
            Clinton said:
            1. she “never received nor sent any material that was marked classified” on her private email server while secretary of state. That was contradicted by the FBI.
            2. “Let me say that I don’t think (Bernie Sanders has) had a single negative ad ever run against him.” Politifact counted far more than one.
            3. “We now have more jobs in solar than we do in oil.” As Politifact points out, maybe someday but not now.
            4. “The Benghazi probe is “the longest-running congressional investigation ever.” Again according to Politifact, not even close.
            5. “all my grandparents” immigrated to America.” Only one did.
            6. “I actually started criticizing the war in Iraq before (Obama) did.” No, Obama was first.

            The list goes on and on. Then there are her would be lies such as being opposed to TPP and fracking which her transition team choices made highly unlikely.

            Trump is a worse liar. that is true but you are on very thin, shall we say non-existent, ice when you claim Hillary to be an honest person.

          • idamag says:

            I never said she didn’t lie, I asked for examples.Number 1, the first reports that came out about her e-mails, from the FB I, was that most of them were news items she forwarded to her office. 2. She said, “I don’t think…” Number 5 is a prevarication. 6 is a prevarication. The rest I will have to look up. However, Politifacts did say her percentage of lies were small compared to most politicians. I did not say she was an honest person. The idea that she was so dishonest came from the media who helped put trump in office. Supposedly her lies were 4 percent as opposed to 48 percent.

          • The lucky one says:

            So if you already knew she is a liar you were just jerking me around. I didn’t say she was as big a liar as Trump, actually I don’t know anyone who is and Clinton is a far more skilled liar, a result of her legal training maybe. Thus you use the term prevarication rather than the plain term “lie” to refer to Clinton’s misrepresentations of the truth or “alternate facts” as a Trump apologist would say

            It doesn’t matter what “most” of her e-mails contained, only the classified ones.

            To claim that one is the least dishonest among a group of crooks is faint praise indeed. There was one who was less dishonest than Hilary but the DNC conspired to keep him out. You know who I mean.

            We can jointly thank the DNC & GOP for bringing us Trump. Both parties long ago turned their back on the working class and used their political position to benefit themselves. Trump took advantage of the alienation that produced. Too bad that once again, as always, the joke is on the workers.

            Dictionary dotcom – Prevaricate – to speak falsely or misleadingly; deliberately misstate or create an incorrect impression; lie

  8. Well done, 84 Lumber! This commercial speaks only to those hearts that haven’t become stony as a result of a corrupt inclination like Trump’s, Steve Bannon’s, and like so many other heartless people who are more concerned with their own well-being and that of “Americans First” than that of others. The message of this commercial needs to be aired on TV and in front of Trump Tower and the Capitol regularly as reminder to Trump as others of their contempt for the dignity of human beings, whether they be from abroad or born in the US.

    The artistic and creative inspiration that led to this is the kind of talent that needs financial underwriting to insure that it grows—but Congress is seeking to choke off funds for the arts as well, and want to use a lot of money on building barriers, real and ideological.

    There should be no doubt that Trump and his supporters are AGAINST the Will of God; their self-centered insanely obsessive group identity, their insularity and selfish nativistic attitudes aren’t in conformity with anything God has Revealed. So, those conservatives and trump who are for a Wall no longer deserve to be called “Christian”, or to called by any other Religious designation/affiliation.

    Trump message, and the GOP’s, is a call to “Irreligion” and all the amorality associated with this vacuum. The closest thing I can recall of a Message speaking of a separation of groups in the Bible is in the Old Testament in a section of Deutoronomy 7:3, regarding who to marry, and who not to marry.
    (“Furthermore, you shall not intermarry with them; you shall not give your daughters to their sons, nor shall you take their daughters for your sons. 4″For they will turn your sons away from following Me to serve other gods; then the anger of the LORD will be kindled against you and He will quickly destroy you.…”).

    Taking our time to consider the deeper meaning of this in light of the context of the times 3000 years ago or more, and in light of the insights now offered by Baha’u’llah, and via the interpretations of Abdu’l Baha, who Baha’u’llah in Writing appointed specifically to do such, we have it that this injunction was not for justification for racialism or tribal bigotry, but as a means of helping a nascent community that became monotheistic from turning back to polytheism.

    The GOP and Trump’s message is a call to a new kind of Polytheism, as is that of many in Europe and other places, where the gods are Racialism, Nationalism, Ethnic Bigotry, Greed, Religious Fanaticism, Narcissism, and Rigid Group Identity. For such as Trump and these others, God is just a word no longer allowed to inspire him or them.

    “The Earth is but One Country, and Humankind its Citizens”—(Baha’u’llah’s Injunction)

    • bhaggen says:

      84 Lumber owner, Maggie Hardy Magerko, said she is pro-President Trump and pro-border wall and believes a border wall is needed “to keep America safe.” “Even President Trump has said there should be a ‘big beautiful door in the wall so that people can come into this country legally,'” Magerko says. “It’s not about the wall. It’s about the door in the wall.” Personally I didn’t care or vote for either candidate but the subsequent reaction of the outcome from the left is pure insanity. This rag is yet another example

    • idamag says:

      Let us all find their address and let them know how much we appreciate nice people.

  9. idamag says:

    This is only the beginning of the end of fee speech and nice people. There are nice people, but nice people don’t pick their noses in public or listen to faux news.

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