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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

President Trump, “a human bullhorn with a corn syrup addiction,” has made it his mission to oversee nuclear armageddon. And his strongman act is especially effective in North Korea, where Kim Jong-un is more than willing to indulge him. Elsewhere, however, Trump is something of a laughing stock, reports BuzzFeed. Here Late Night host Seth Meyers explains “word bingo” — a game some European diplomats play whenever Trump talks at international gatherings:

16 Responses to #EndorseThis: Trump Is International ‘Laughing Stock,’ Explains Seth Meyers

  1. Note to Kim Jong Un: If you dislike trump (and I understand if you do.) don’t become his excuse to drop a bomb somewhere to show his muscle. If you continue to agitate him, he will scare the populous into letting him attack you. War destroys the country’s economy and makes a few very very rich. Just so you know. The very few rich are trump supporters. They are not the masses. I would write you a letter, but that violates the Constitution to write to a country that the president is negotiating with. Only Republican Senators can get by with that.

    • Unfortunately one of those that will be made very, very wealthy will be kim jung un so I don’t see him caring all that much.

      • But where will “Tiny Kim” live after-the-North Korean-holocaust? He’d stick out like a sore toe anywhere except a underground bunker. Oh…I got it…Rodman’s place LOL!!!

      • He won’t be all that rich if the U.S. bombs his country….it will affect both economies severely! As I said above, no cell phones, no televisions, etc. would be made, it would hinder shipping lanes between China and the U.S., and I could go on and on! It’ll be a no-win situation for all countries involved…..the U.S., China, and North Korea!!!

        • Yeah…the only one who would benefit is Donald Trump because his first wish would be granted by default….It would take the pressure off of the Russia problem

          The Donald would like that…he’s that kinda guy

    • What Trump doesn’t seem to realize, Ida, is that if he decides to go ahead and bomb North Korea, this will hit our economy extremely hard!!! No cell phones, no televisions, nothing…..also, if he bombs North Korea, he’s going to have major problems with China because they will be in the path of any nuclear fall-out that might occur! Does he think that China will just sit around and do nothing? The two militaries of North Korea and China far outweigh the military in the U.S., and I would hate to see both of them gang up on the U.S. because of our big mouth leader!!

      • Newsweek reported on an item in a Chinese Newspaper. China says if we attack North Korea, they will have to side with North Korea. If North Korea attacks us, they will side with the U.S. And – we might not have the support of South Korea. Japan is also in the line of fire. We will be paying for the attack on Iraq for many years more. What happens when this buffoon has destroyed our Democracy? Well, gunslinging paranoids will be roaming the streets and intimidating everyone. The anti-government militants will destroy any attempt to get the government back.

  2. It’s pretty sad that our own president feels the need to tweet classified information, yet he has a problem with Hillary using a personal server? Seriously? It’s no wonder that the rest of the world is laughing like hell at this man…..he’s seriously compromising our government with his inane tweeting stuff that should NOT be out there for all to see!! Does he not think that Kim Jung Un can’t read a tweet or read an American newspaper….I’m sure he has people that read all the U.S. papers and report everything to him of any importance…..especially any classified info that our so-called “leader” puts out there willy nilly without anyone doing anything to stop him!

  3. Anything that’s classified comes from DJT to let Russia know what we are during, nobody has to say anything, he does….”.loose lips sink ships”….we r going down under his tweets.

  4. the rest of the world is calling DUMPSTER DON a laughing stock . the thing thy all should be looking at more then the DUMPSTER CLOWN is what his laughing stock can and very well could do to the world . I say all the country’s of the world should JUST SAY NO TO DUMPSTER DONNY don’t invite his to their home country’s . and make it a point that he is not welcome to their country’s . if thy are smart thy would just say no to DUMPSTER DONNY . let them tell the USA any and all people that are in office in the USA are welcome to your country’s every one but the President DUMPSTER DONNY

  5. DUMPSTER DONNY is saying just say no to drugs . can that addicted junky just say no to his drug of choose ATTENTION he is so addicten to ATTENTION its sad . he cant say no to that but he wants every one to say no to drugs . it would be best if every one just said no to DUMPSTER DONNY . going with his views is just a deadly over dose waiting to happen . DUMPSTER DONNY’S bullying and over inflated EGO is going to be responsible for many deaths . he cares not nor has any type of intelligence what so ever to be the president .its all nothing but an EGO game to him . and a lot of people are going to and will get hurt more likely killed . with his BULLSHIfTING big mouth talking out his butt all the time not just the country but the world is not safe from his mentally ill deranged head

  6. who is ever saying that North Korea has a small enough nuke war head thy can put on a missile can all be just BULLSHIfTING . as DUMPSTER DONNY would call it fake news . (it very well could be DDUMPSTER DONNY himself putting out that fake news . to feed his addiction with attention .. cant believe these days how and why the government isn’t doing something about this DUMPSTER CLOWN the gang of pinheads = GOP knows he is mentally ill to the form of retardation . now’s the time for them to wake up and put a stop on the DUMPSTER CLOWN before its too late .

  7. he has learned all about the pardons and he plans to use it to pardon him self . then he will clean every thing that he has done to every one all his evil life . (and might get away with it ) I see DONNY CLOWN asking the VP to pardon him for anything he might not be able to do him self . if the VP dose that he can know his time in any office will be at an end . heck might even put a target on himself and his love ones ?

  8. as the DUMPSTER DONNY wants to order every one to do his bidding and the good thing that might come out of it (or even if not good just get done his way ) will take credit for it (good or bad makes no difference to him his addiction only seeks the FIX OF ATTENTION to make the clown feel better) he is very happy acting the DUMPSTER DONNY CLOWN . just want to insult and bully as much as he can . don’t matter who he will do it to anyone and every one .there’s going to be a very scary time when all are going to say OMG look where we are at . what could we have done to had saved our self’s from this DUMPSTER DONNY mess ? the only answer would be the JKF CIA team . the DUMPSTER CLOWN is saying that more people like him then like and liked Obama . ONLY IN YOUR PEA BRAIN HEAD or better PEE FOR BRAINS head

  9. at this point the best thing for the country and mind you the world would be for Mueller to come up with some of what his investigation has came up with on DUMPSTER DONNY and with it start the time when both party’s can come together and start the impeachment stage for the clown . with that in play might be a way where it can maybe stop the DUMPSTER from any of his sneaky pardons the evil dirt bag is planning on . put out things that can put a big time at least slow down on the DUMPSTER BULLSHIfT to even a stop of it before its too late . gang of pinheads =GOP time to wake up you all know who dangerous the DUMPSTER DONNY CLOWN is and what he can do and is planning on doing . slow him down work together before its too late people . you’re in office to help and protect the country and the people .

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