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Monday, June 25, 2018

In deep-character as “the second president of the Confederate States of America,” President Show host Anthony Atamanuik addressed the violence in Charlottesville.

Challenged by a “reporter” about his coziness with white supremacists, Atamanuik-as-Trump denounced “the worst hate group of them all: the press.”

“I don’t side with white supremacists, honey,” he told a female “reporter.” “I don’t see color. I can’t. Because on Monday I stared directly into the sun.”

74 Responses to #EndorseThis: ‘President Show’ Trump Calls Press “Worst Hate Group Of Them All”

    • And jews, christians ,some gays, tall men. Russians, Hungarians, Pollocks, Czechs, French-understandable, Blacks . Trump at least tolerates them and WOMEN.

      • So, mere toleration to you is a quantum leap? Hitler tolerated Jews for a while, but eventually took the next step that any deranged mind would take. Trump is following the same path.

        • It is true, one can tolerate jews for just so long, as you suggest, but Hitler was a bit abrasive. Trump is open /comfortable to have Hebes in his family as well as Blacks -Omarosa and Spics. He does employ good looking staff , they are better for conducting business, as we all know.

          • Now we’re getting somewhere. You’re exposing a rotted out portion of your soul, rancid in the odor wafting from your post. This is a step forward for you—the more you express the poison within you, and let it inform others, this can begin to free you of racist sentiments and the bitterness you harbor within.
            So, I welcome you to keep using racial epithets. It may be the only way you can achieve a small amount of improvement.

        • Hitler wrote of his desires in 1924 and was miffed about the Versaille Treaty. Most politocians lie and decive, BUT one thing is different here , Trump is not a POLITICIAN and is beholden to no one and is tooo open but that is why we like him, he does not have to loe to make his point . He is not a /supremicist as Hitler.
          He has kept his word and really has completed the major pieces just by executing laws on the books. No billl had to be passed. Healthcare is his only to fix . He was a one payer guy and i think that he will do this in that manner and fool Everyone. illegal immigration is down 80%, Moslems are not checked and not allowed in .

      • Trump is a birther, you moron. It’s impossible to be more racist than that, as it is 100% racist.

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  1. Trump….the real one….gives comedians and pundits so much material to work with, I’m amazed that he can’t seem to understand that.

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    • Care215j

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  2. Trump is so delirious and out of his mind that anything and every thing that disagrees with him is grist for his depraved mind. If his mother were alive, and she would have to rebuke him for showing lack of toilet-training, Trump would accuse her of being a Fake mother and tear into her. It shouldn’t surprise anyone at this stage that his decayed soul would provoke him to accuse God of being of no consequence—and folks in Arizona, W. Virgina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, etc. would go along with that sentiment. Simply because “Donald said so”.

    And Mitch, Paul, and the other members of the GOP, excluding a handful, are equally as dismissive of the importance of morality as Donald, but manage to hide their lack of morality with clever hypocrisy. The only thing these men and women in Congress are interested in, and is their “Moral Compass”, is getting re-elected. This is the New Commandment that replaces all the other 10 Commandments, and requires Congress to dismiss the norms of Christian behavior.

    The immorality and lack of certitude about the Message of Jesus is what allows Trump to prevail thus far, because his base also lack certitude and are unconvinced of the supremacy of Religious values over political expediency.

    The GOP(for example) will never be able to show collectively the ability to reflect Christian values, simply because they lack conviction in what they all piously claim to believe in. Which makes them as “Fake” as the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram, Assad, Putin, and all others who claim allegiance to whatever Religion they align themselves with. The new “Religion” for these individuals is “Unbridled Power Without Moral Restraints”.

    • The GOP is no Longer, the people rejected them, therfore Trump arose from the ashes we are his roots , Trump answers to no one and all criticism from media and GOP are to no avail. You guys do not get it still!
      You console only yourselves. CNN, MSNB
      And likes use the same script to project a larger audience than actually exists, keep talkong to each other , it is truly amusing.

      • This is lunatic. “The un-American racist birther Russian puppet is THE ACTUAL MESSIAH!”

        What a moron.

        • You finally are getting it Trump is the Messiah chosen for his open candor and fresh approach, much like Jesus. And Moses…. not Mohammad though , he was a total illiterate. Trumpmis hardly a puppet of the Russians. Was it not Clinton who sold our excess uranium to Russia and then gave well paid speeches on how to screw the USA. Ho hummm

          • Yes, I do get that you are an actual Nazi, thanks. That’s why I keep calling you an un-American traitor, on account of your treason and hatred of America.

          • I love the USA unlike obama that POS. I served this country and would drag you back to my foxhole and give you the last round to shoot if something happened to me. Would you use it to shoot the uncoming enemy or yourself.

          • No, you’re a coward that hates America and is bending over for a foreign despot; a traitor, in other words.

  3. Finally !, Trump got it right. The fake news media foments professionally financed fomenters to apply fomentum in an attempt to discredit our Trumpster. It is so obvious, the Gov. of Va , Mcauliffe essentially enabled the crowd for engagement.

    • What utter nonsense. “Discredit our Trumpster”—Is that your way of expressing an infatuation with Trump?

      • Trump Has an infatuation for us , the 70% of Americans allow him to execute our needs since we are busy working/supporting the Slavery created by the Democrats.

        • Infatuation—inspired with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for.

          “Leftout”, That’s the definition. Are you confirming that Trump’s love for you is short-lived? I would have to agree with you. He’s just using you like soap.

          “execute our needs”? Are you in need of supporting slavery in all its hidden and overt forms? Are you on drugs?

          • Infatuation can lead to longlasting love. Again WE are using Trump to right the ship and course towards American ideals /spirit of JFK, and some Reagan.

          • Infatuation is a juvenile expression. You should strive to become mature and adult-like in your behavior and expectation. Children and teen-agers get infatuated, and that’s OK. But we adults have deeper and more objective approaches to relationships. Too bad you haven’t achieved that level of maturity.

          • I agree with you, i have not reached that type of maturity. I am a romaticist, idealistic. I am serious about my work only, but find amusement inmost everything.

          • One can be an idealist without being infatuated with another man. What is romantic about Trump? Does an idealist strive to merge with immorality? Immorality isn’t an ideal—it is an abomination. Something which a satanic individual would relate to.
            Is this what you’re striving to be—satanic? Try aspiring to any level that doesn’t involve Trump’s immorality as part of your goal in life.
            As you should have noticed by now, your frame of reference, the orb of your life, is an adoration of all things politically partisan and Trumpish. That is a nihilistic sentiment—nothing romantic or idealistic about nihilism.

          • Immorality strives to merge with idealisms and sometimes wins even with me, even jesus was tempted but he apparently was able to overcome or so it was written or not written?
            We do not have a romance with Trump, he evidently likes our message to carry.
            Satan does Not exist. Easily proven.
            We are the only masters of sin.

          • “Satan” is a quality, not a corporeal being. If you mistakenly got that impression from my usage of the term, then you have yet to learn about metaphors—try to delve deeply into the meanings underneath the surface of mere words.

            What do you think you mean by “masters of sin”. Are you trying to say that you have control over whether you commit a sin or not? If so, you are correct. Is Trump the master of his sins? Common sense should inform even a child that Trump is controlled by his impulses to commit sinful acts.

            Is Trump the standard you go by as to what is right and what is wrong? Is Trump your idea of a “god”?

          • Aaron….most likely, Leftout is a bot or a paid Russian troll….why bother arguing with someone as devoid of any sense of morality?

          • I loved the Klan when it was under the watchful Democrat eye of Sen Robert Byrd. . I went to school in the South but never experienced any such. There were a few anti northerners but that was ok, jist light banter

          • OK traitor; sorry you can’t use words correctly and believe utter nonsense. You’re scum.

    • I followed your trail of comments from the past, and I see nothing but a wasteland left by your thoughts. Your materialist sentiments have in essence scorched everything you’ve attempted to convince us of. Every thought you’ve posted is void of spirituality—just an overflow of robotic, lifeless ideas. All centered around a political focal point—obliterating any vestige of empathy and soul that once resided in you. That is a form of death worse than that of the human body. It’s a form of “death” which will be with you throughout the realms of existence if corrective action isn’t taken. Don’t tarry, my friend. Life is short, and to hesitate can be a mistake you will rue as your step beyond the door called “Death”. I’m informing you of that which all the Messengers of God have informed and warned humanity of. My knowledge of these matters can be gleaned by anyone who would make the effort to inform himself/herself of.

      You, my friend, have been diving deep in the ocean of the squalor of partisan politics. Your own mother wouldn’t recognize you at this stage in your life.

      • My thoughts are all true life experiences , not spirituality, which is another dimension. indo not like politics but only righteous causes. You are blinded by a weakness to see others since you think thatbyou experience /sense spirituality and that others do not , and therfore you think/ feel that you are superior in thinking that you have risen, but you are consoling yourself. I do good works and pray for others if i can not help. It works.
        Hope to continue i am going off shift to sleep.

          • Definitley not a racist, but bigotted for sure , if you do not follow the norms that i espouse than i try and change the lost persons reasoning. Racism is not used in proper contest and has been worn out at this point. Racism
            As in Hitlerian is serious business as in parts of Africa as Well as Moslems against Non Moslems. These people truly are stupid.

          • Did you think that made even a lick of sense, or is your brain just so riddled with hate that you can’t even talk to normal people any more?

          • It is a simple statement , i signed up to be a Navy Pilot for you and protect
            You from Moslem invaders so they will not cut your gay head off, or schlong if you have one.

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