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Monday, March 25, 2019

When Kellyanne Conway appeared on The View yesterday, the combative Trump campaign manager parried questions about her candidate’s latest scandal: his company’s reported violations of the embargo on Cuba. While she gamely attempted to minimize the story — which could cost him crucial support in Florida — Conway couldn’t deny what was obviously true: He had “paid money” in a scheme that doesn’t look so good.

For years, Donald Trump has posed as an opponent of the Castro government in Cuba and a supporter of the decades-old embargo on any trade or business investments. Lately he has attacked the Obama administration for renewing diplomatic relations with the island nation and seeking to relax those travel and trade restrictions. But this week, Americans learned from Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald that the casino developer secretly paid tens of thousands of dollars, in hopes of making a major Trump Organization investment in Cuba — and tried to disguise those payments as “charitable donations” to avoid prosecution for violating the embargo. When the embargo wasn’t lifted, of course, Trump pulled back — but his covert Cuba foray is nevertheless a major embarrassment, or worse.

Watch Conway squirm in damage-control mode.

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20 responses to “#EndorseThis: Trump Campaign Manager Flubs Defense Of His Cuba Scheme”

  1. phylin says:

    If Trump only likes beautiful women why did he choose such an ugly woman to speak on his behalf?

    • Dan S says:

      Why did Trump marry a high paid escort ? This man obviously has no idea what true beauty is as he fat shames people he doesn’t like.
      Why he tries doing business with Cuba when there’s an embargo is truly bad judgement.

      • dpaano says:

        And he has room to speak…..he’s a little pudgy himself! If I were to rate him on a scale of 1 to 10 of men I would date….he wouldn’t even place!!! I don’t care HOW much money he has…..he doesn’t have enough money to entice me!!! Maybe I’m just a little more happy with my life as it is and happy with how I look!

        • Mama Bear says:

          well said d. As humans we all need to “come to terms with our body”. I would sure like to have thick blond hair and a drop dead face – never did, never will, that’s how it is. I made peace with that years ago. We need to be taught to let the beauty of our souls shine. Men like Trump would never comprehend that.

    • dpaano says:

      Kinda sexist, but I have to agree…..she’s no queen of the Hop!!!

    • Anna Maria Yoakum says:

      Because she’s supposed to be good at spinning lies – guess this one sort of blew up in her face.

  2. Jon says:

    I don’t understand why those who interview Lyin’ Conway let her dodge questions and string together lies in nonstop fashion. If she won’t answer the question, stop the interview. It makes no sense to let her use interviews to spew lies.

    • Anna Maria Yoakum says:

      Sorrowfully Trump seems to affect them the same way. Perhaps they are just too stunned by such full-frontal lies . . . kind of like being accosted by a flasher !

      • Jon says:

        I agree that the 1st time a person does that would stun the interviewer and he or she would be caught off guard by their verbal assault. However Trump, Conway, Epshteyn, Guiliani, and others have done it repeatedly. The element of surprise is gone.

    • Mama Bear says:

      She, as well as Trump, does not allow for a moment to question. That is what a bully does, keeps talking and ignores anything around him/her.

  3. dpaano says:

    Sometimes these lies just have a way of coming back and kicking you in the butt….doesn’t EVER pay to lie! Obviously Trump and his cohorts haven’t figured that out! The truth ALWAYS wins out in the end! This is just another illegal use of the Trump Foundation monies! He’s just going down the rabbit hole like greased lightening!!!

    • Carrieadonaldson2 says:

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  4. oldlion says:

    I have to say Kellyanne is very good at her job. I don’t see anyone defending Hilary as well as she defends Trump, and that’s not easy. I wish she was a Democrat.

    • chino49p says:

      She actually did a horrible job of defending drump. What she actually did was to offer PROOF that drump did funnel money to Cuba and that BTW was ILLEGAL. drump and his surrogates are nothing but outright liars and purveyors of rumor & innuendo and the most outrageous twisting of facts I have ever seen. When conway was still on the cruz campaign she called drump’s supporters NASTY & SKEEZE. Now that she is with drump that title fits her to a T, but actually she is even worse.

      • oldlion says:

        She is doing her job, defending the indefensible. I’m not arguing that what she is saying is true, but she is doing what she is paid to do. If you watch his other surrogates, like Rudy, they mumble and stumble to defend their moron. Conway is always ready with an answer and deflects the criticism like the professional lawyer that she is. It’s like the lawyers for OJ. You may not like what they did or said but they did their job and got their client off. I’m not defending Trump by any means but these political operatives are hired to do the dirty work and I just said that Kellyanne was good at it.

  5. Bren Frowick says:

    Conway is positioning herself for the future, and doing a great job of remaining calm in trying to defend a hopeless lunatic. Any potential future employers have to be impressed. However, she accidentally told the truth about Trump’s criminal activities in Cuba, and what is it with those extraordinarily sharp canines of hers? And how come we never see her during the day? And why don’t they ever have any mirrors on set with her? Someone really oughta bring some garlic on set someday and see what she does 🙂

  6. Dominick Vila says:

    In addition to deliberately breaking the U.S. embargo law, Trump lied to his loyal Cuban anti-commie supporters, when he decided to do business with the Castro regime to position himself for emerging business opportunities in Cuba…while cynically referring to his new partners in crime as being vicious criminals to his naive audience.
    Those old Cubans whose minds remain consumed by cold war fears are loyal Republicans, but they don’t like being lied to and manipulated. Who knows, some of them may join their American born children and see the light.

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