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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Barack Obama’s campaign team is tight-lipped about nearly every aspect of their strategy, except one: They are counting on record Latino turnout to push their man over the finish line.

The president’s re-election campaign released a memo Monday, one day before the Florida primary, entitled “Republicans Seal Their Fate With Hispanic Voters In 2012,” authored by Sergio Bendixen, a pollster who worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 bid, and Gabriela Domenzain, director of Hispanic press for Obama for America. It argues the president could receive a greater percentage of Hispanic support than any candidate in modern history, thanks largely to harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric from the Republicans seeking to replace him.

Mitt Romney, the moderate of the candidates, opposes the DREAM Act, which would make it easier for the children of illegal immigrants to become citizens. Newt Gingrich has called Spanish “the language of the ghetto” and both men have called for some form of “self-deportation” by Latinos residing illegally in the United States.

Back on January 3, the day of the Iowa caucus, Priorities USA, the Super PAC led by former Obama aide Bill Burton that is working to boost his re-election efforts, released a strikingly similar memo that also argued the Republicans had done themselves “permanent damage” with Latinos. Geoff Garin, Clinton’s top pollster in 2008, works with that group.

We may be getting a preview of an ongoing strategy: use the Super PAC to tease a message and prime reporters and engaged readers to be receptive to it, and then use the actual campaign to distribute it more widely. That former Hillary pollsters were in some way or other associated with both efforts suggests Obama for America thinks it has demographic trends on its side, and is confident the 2012 election will be sharply ideological, in contrast to the more personality-based contests of 2000, 2004, and 2008.

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6 responses to “Obama Campaign To GOP: Thanks For All Those Hispanic Votes!”

  1. theatreguy says:

    Let’s hope the Republicans continue to beat up each other and increase the President’s chances for re-election.

  2. freethinker says:

    Nice twist. I guess it hasn’t occurred to the writer that there is a very well defined path to citizenship. Thousands take it every year. It is not anti-hispanic. If 71% of Hispanics favor a ‘special path to citizenship for illegal entrant hispanics’, what does that say about their patriotism and view of the rule of law? As opposed to ‘the extreme positions’ of Romney and Gringrich, the President position is one of pandering and forsaking the rule of law.

  3. Blksailor says:

    what always puzzles me on this issue is how during the construction boom none of my conservative republican neighbors stopped the illegal immigrants

  4. j_berry50 says:

    Most Latinos are smart enough to vote for freedom and liberty—NOT OBAMA.

  5. momsnytemare says:

    Hey Latinos are a fine group of people who work hard,but Illegal ones should be deported and made to pay their way home and not be given Amnesty just for their votes like Obama wants to do.

  6. Totenkatz says:

    To answer Blksailor, when I was having my basement finished I questioned each contractor about his workers. I asked point blank if he had an illegal aliens working for him. When a contractor could not answer, quickly with a definite no I didn’t hire that contractor. It cost me more to hire the contractor I did hire but at least I was more confident his workers weren’t illegal. Now don’t get me wrong there were Hispanics on his crew, so I’m not saying I wanted a contractor without any Hispanics. The strange thing was, as I was talking to some of the workers I noticed some didn’t speak English. I asked the contractor about this and he ensured me that none of his workers were illegal aliens. So I asked a couple of the workers that didn’t seem to speak English where they were from. Okay here’s the kicker they weren’t illegal or legal immigrants; they were born in the USA but really never learned to speak English. Now they did speak some English and my wife speaks Spanish so we were able to find out they didn’t finish High School, only listen to Spanish radio, watch only Spanish TV and only read Spanish newspaper. They said there wasn’t any reason to learn English since all their friends and family spoke Spanish. Now here’s the second kicker they were totally against illegal immigrants coming into the country because they worked for less pay and benefits and took THEIR JOBS! The contractor also said he has lost business because he doesn’t use illegal immigrants and thus has to pay his workers more and provide medical insurance. The bottom line, I don’t care if all the Hispanics vote democrat bases on their support to allow people who came here illegally to stay here. No DREAM ACT for me! Oh and here’s another personal kicker, my grandmother’s brother was refused entrée into this country in 1903 because the US Immigration people at the time working on Ellis Island thought he had tuberculosis. So he was sent back to Germany and was killed in WWI fighting for the Kaiser and one of her other brothers was killed fighting for the Good Old USA. So my family was broken up and no one cried that you were separating a kid from his mother. If you are here illegally you go back, if your kid is here legally you still go back and the kid can stay or go back too.

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