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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Obama is a better manager than Romney, and that’s why he won the election. At least, that’s how the Fox News commentators explained Tuesday’s defeat.

While some might say that the economic and social policies the GOP offered were just an inferior product, the reality that a president got re-elected while unemployment is nearly 8% and household income for the average working person continues to decline was a complete repudiation of the pundits’ core beliefs about economics and politics.

So the pundits were stuck admitting that the Obama campaign had a better “ground game” and that the strategic marketing and execution of the business goal (getting elected with our antiquated electoral college system) was light years ahead of the competition.

What isn’t in dispute is that Team Romney was better at executing a winning election strategy than any other candidate who came forward during the extended primary. Romney literally destroyed a half-dozen competitors who led him in the polls at various times through the primary season.

Romney sells himself as a business manager. By Tuesday night, he had been running for president for more than six years, a period longer than most Bain investments. He should have had the best campaign execution we’ve ever seen if his management skills were as good as advertised.

As noted in my earlier column, Obama had twice as many people working for his campaign, and more than three times as many field offices, while spending less money than Romney. And Obama had a day job. A job he was doing pretty well, especially if you look at how well he did that job compared to the last Harvard MBA who worked out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The George W. Bush administration’s response to a U.S. city devastated by a hurricane comes to mind, and so does the effort to capture or kill bin Laden. By contrast, Obama’s management has been stellar, even without an MBA.

Maybe the country wasn’t ready to have another Harvard MBA run things. I personally think Romney was trying to sell a lousy product, so even really good marketing wasn’t going to work.

No, that couldn’t be it. It must be, as Fox News tells us, that Obama is just a better manager.

Howard Hill is a former investment banker who created a number of groundbreaking deal structures and analytic techniques on Wall Street, and later helped manage a $100 billion portfolio. He writes and blogs at Follow on Twitter: @hhill61

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  • nobsartist

    fox is clueless and needs to be sold.

    • for scrap.


      Stay off it then!!!!!!!!!!

      don’t worry aobut it soooo much

      • nobsartist

        deal- you stay off of here and I will stay off of fox

  • Faux News will never, ever admit to absolute and total truth. They will continue to distort the truth, indoctrinate their listeners with extreme right-wing propaganda, and incite racism and hatred for President Obama, minorities and the Democratic party. They will never learn anything from the election of 2012. I believe that their disdain for Americans who voted for President Obama will only get worse. They will attempt to propagate the false idea that the Obama is an illegally-elected U S president, the same thing that idiot and “what a joke” Dumber Trump is doing.

    • latebloomingrandma

      O’Reilly, who conservative Fox News watchers truly think is fair and balanced, (yeah, right) has stated that Obama won because half the country wants free stuff. That’s the best he’s got? A truly clueless network. Like George Costanza of “Seinfeld” famously said, if you keep repeating a lie, it becomes true. Voila! They believe their own hype of their alternative universe. And their followers—-talk about drinking that kool-aid stuff!


        Yeah and I believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        47% of the people don’t EVEN pay taxes!!!! They shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.

        BUT handing out FREE Food Stamps to 47 Million people
        and giving them FREE obamacare that we are going to have to pay for them
        and Free phones
        and FREE houses

        • Is ALLLL a so called trool?

          • foolsdance

            Troll. And yes, it is.

          • YES he is. He is also the king of comment editing.

        • ANN

          If you truely belive that hog wash,than so be it. But as the saying goes you can’t ” Fix Stupid”

          • MasterWes

            Right, But we did the next best thing by keeping it out of the White House for the next four years. Now, about that jewel of the House Intelligence Committee, Michelle Bachmann… Is she in violation of the Constitution by running for President while having an active Swiss citizenship alongside her US one? I think so. BUT, stupid is as stupid does, and the Tea Baggers gave that their blessing, focusing on a falsehood ( as usual ) about Kenya, and ending up with egg on their faces ( also as usual ). Kinda makes you wonder about the GOP and how deep into the sewer it will go, and drag the rest of you with it. Your opinions and blather already have the air of the sewer about them anyhow.

            Take a bath – it might help!

          • MasterWes

            These words were not at you, Ann, but at the great and all wise ALLAMERICAN, ok? I just put it there to make sure the stupid remark was positively backed up!

        • sorry, but I am not on food stamp, have worked my entire life. paid my unfair share of taxes. and still believe I am my brothers keeper. And you are a sad loser.


            Good for you

          • northroader1775

            Are they still paying you to be an idiot ALLLLFULLOFSHITLOSER! Or are you soooo used to it that you just can’t quit…BTW I love your style of LANDSLIDE…I believe it was “Just you wait you LIBERAL FREAKS are gonna lose in a LANDSLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I added the !!!!!!!!!! just for authenticity. So how’s the landslide lookin for ya now punkass?

            Go stock up on MREs and ammo and crawl into your hole so when obama causes the end of humanity as we know it you’ll still be around to write stupid shit in the future.


            No, Your Wrong!!!!

            I did not EVER say you are gonna lose in a LANDSLIDE because I did not believe that.

            I said the whoooole time I didn’t think Republicans would win.

            I DID NOT SAY —-
            Just you wait you LIBERAL FREAKS are gonna lose in a LANDSLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

            Your Right–
            we have already loaded up with our guns and ammo
            and adding more to our supply weekly.

          • Cangal

            You are one scary dude!

        • mbm

          To ALLLL….there are no such freebies as you well know. Before you post such inane claims, please check your facts. The election is over, the people have spoken. It’s time for the conspiracy theories and lies to cease-they have no purpose and are counterproductive. It is time for the nation to heal. As Lincoln said in his 1st inaugural, it is time for all to aspire to the ‘better angels of our nature’. It would be well for all to heed his words.


            What a Stupid remark to say to ME—

            say that to the LIBS on here

        • jerrimyers

          That is crazy. Obviously you don’ have a relationship with any one in the human world. All people want the ability to take care of their family and themselves. No one I know is standing in line to change places with anyone in the food stamp line because it’s free. That’s just a stupid way to think. America in a majority vote voted for a man and the policies of a party that work to empower all of us to be able to do what we all desire to do–contribute to the world and leave a better, nicer, kinder, loving, peaceful place than when we came to the planet. Dreams have a way of becoming a reality.

        • Just about all of those 47% do pay taxes even if it isn’t federal income tax. They pay property taxes, even if it’s part of their rent. They pay excise taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, and very likely Social Security taxes.

          • TheHawaiian0941

            Everyone, if they live long enough, pays taxes in one form or another. EVERYONE. There is no such thing as a free ride.


            “if” they which some are getting EVERYTHING FREE they do not pay for nothing and do not pay anykind of tax
            and not enough to amount to a hill of beans

        • oldtack

          Having read your entries I am certain you put many hours of research to come up with your precise figures. I commend you for the time and effort. Could you share your data on the blog so all of we uninformed can seek and find this great insightful information?

        • rozlee

          The Red States, especially the ones in the South, get the most tax dollars and the most welfare. And your free phones are a myth, a scam by a company that preys on poor people and the elderly on Social Security. Veterans, the elderly on Social Security, people making minimum wages and poverty wages–of whom the majority are in the Red States–the disabled, and the wealthy who can avoid taxes, are the 47%. And a whole bunch of them are REPUBLICANS!!!

        • Ed

          Actually of that 47 percent 3 percent are millionaires whose lawyer manage the loopholes that get them out of paying taxes. 80 percent are people who paid into social security all their life and do not collect enough to require them to pay taxes. 10 per cent are disabled and, after their medical care do not have neough money to pay taxes; 7 percent are on pension plans, i.e. R.R. Retirement in which they do not collect enough to pay taxes The only way we have to know how many persons do not pay taxes is by having them file a tax return. People that file tax returns may be on fo The free phone thing is a state issue, and the free houses is something from Faux News imagination. It is amazing how a british subject is able to convince so many citizens that their fellow americans are ripping them off! BTW, Head start also requires a minimum contribution. The repubs basically don’t allow any government programs to be totally free.od stamps, after all the economy that 8 years of republican rule created cost a lot of jobs, and they paid taxes when they were working; Obomacare should be free to all american citizens but the repubs would not stand for that so Oboma, in the spirit of “bipartisnship” conceded to that.

        • Ed

          Well, obviously you are not one of the Evangelicals. And BTW, of that 47 percent 3 percent are millionaires, 60 percent are people who paid into the social security fund during their working life and are collecting on their investment.8 percent are so disabled they are unable to work and make so little there is practically nothing left after their medical bills are paid. Since the number 0

        • TZToronto

          So you’d rather see people dying in the street? As for health insurance, your premiums pay for the care others receive. If your employer pays for your health insurance, are you a freeloader? Oh wait. You probably have to pay a co-payment. Does that cover the entire cost of the care you receive? C’mon. Look at the big picture, not at your wallet. Don’t be a hard-hearted Scrooge.

      • MasterWes

        Actually, you are right. Fox News, as well as their audience and news hounds, are, in the words of O’Reilly, fairly imbalanced. They simply have a speech impediment when they say it.

      • annienoel

        Yeah they want “Free Stuff” their rights.

      • I’m a white floridian and have great respect for Hispanics. They are hard working and family oriented and I’ve NEVER seen one pan-handle as I do whites. They don’t want freebees but want to earn what they get. I’m also retired and have earned my ss and medicare by paying a lot in taxes over my management career.

      • George Costanza said that it isn’t a lie if you believe it. Republicans believe a lot of things that aren’t true.

        • latebloomingrandma

          Thanks for the correction; I wasn’t sure of the exact quote of the famous George.

      • Ed

        Actually, tha line was started by Hitler, who used it very well. As does Rush.


      YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!

      FOX news is NOT like that!!!

      They tell the REAL news and they DON’T HIDE ANYTHING

      • ALLLL you need a laxative.

        • Sweeeny

          Sorry but he needs a lot more than that. I would start with a keyboard with the shift key removed.

          • ONALIMB

            What he needs is a BRAIN TRANSPLANT.

        • dtgraham

          Good one.

      • Watch other news broadcasts, read newspapers, news magazines and other outlets for the news and maybe even you will then understand Fox does not tell the truth and isn’t really a news channel but entertainer channel. They hide how their owner Murdock operates and how much trouble he and his son James are in in United Kingdom. They both could end up in prison because the way they got information and distorted the truth in their gossip newspapers over there.


          WHY do you say that???

          They do NOT hide it—they report it.

          What ever—-You just stay in the dark

          • Because it is true.

          • oldtack

            Sounds like a reply from a retarded toke smoker, Well, whatever!

            Sane bloggers, from what IT has put out ALLAA lives in Florida and is in a family owned business. If this is true then I think it would be the Christian thing to do and PRAY for ALLAA’s parents and siblings. What a burden to bear.

          • 113121

            That explains the idiocy and the sadness.

        • I agree


          I have flipped channels and “try” to watch them and it makes me SICK

          I don’t know why you alllll HATE FOX it’s the ONLY channel that is NOT LIBERAL and Bias.

          Why Do you HATE FOX???

      • Fox news is owned by a foreign national. . Trying to influnce the people of the USA. Scary. FOX is truly not fair and balanced

    • Fox news is pure entertainment thats all!

  • tobewan

    No, that couldn’t be it. It must be, as Fox News tells us, that Obama is just a better manager.
    Obama is smarter and better at facts, and he doesn’t have to do that Mormon-Taliban thing.

  • As long as there are Trumps and Limbaughs spouting their hateful rhetoric, there will continue to be disdain for this President and for the office that he holds. They have no respect, faulty morals and hatred in their hearts and minds. That will never change.

    Obama’s win is a win for all Americans, if only those who doubt that will allow themselves to see…

    • Ibsyboy

      Trump is a showoff, Rush is a Disc Jockey. Rush plays the hits. What ever flows from the blogosphere that is too nutty for most folks. Rush is all to happy to run with it. Trump is just a shameless hack. He is the Master of Ceremonies on a TV game show.

      Neither one of these guys has an ounce of pride or a bit of character. Rush sells advertizing. Trump sells Trump. Two guys who I think will experience their joint swan song this year. Trump is the butt of so many jokes. Even FOX will back away. Rush is just one more “slut” like comment from oblivion.

      They can not help themselves they will self destruct.

      • Completely well written & extremely boldly put.

      • Well said. Trump should be dropped from NBC and hopefully the Rush fanatics will tire of his bs. By the way it’s been 3 days and I haven’t seen any comments from Montana Bill and ObozoMustGo. OBG correctly predicted a landslide election victory but for Romney. Where did they go, back into their right wing bubble?

      • Rush sells mattresses. I like to refer to him as Mattress Seller.

    • They are a joke but noone is laughing..

    • Well said!!

  • My unadulterated praise is for the American people. They saw thru the lies and propaganda at its highest level. I was really worried that all the money being spent was going to confuse a lot of Americans but it did not. Some Republicans are good for the country but when they act like they are the only ones who are the real Americans and are the only ones who can make decisions for this country, then this is where they lose me. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

  • BDD1951

    The Prez not only had a better ground game than Romney, he is just flat out a better man than Romney.


      watch the movie 2016

      • If I want to watch fiction, I prefer Avengers, thank you.

      • Sweeeny

        The world is changing. In another generation or 3 we’re all going to be light brown and educated with most of our leaders being women. Angry white men will play a smaller and smaller role as will the GOP . You seem to have little enough to offer now (other than discord) so the future does not look too bright for you and your ilk.

        • AllAmerican is supposedly a white female member of the KKK. If true she won’t accept the truth about President Obama even if hits her upside the head with an elephant trunk. Anybody that thinks Fox new is truthful has some major problems in separating truth from lies.

      • Not that is funny. 2016, a fantasy land movie for loser traitorous Confederates.

      • northroader1775

        This is groundbreaking jouralism….ALLL you have a scoop on your hands get out and yell it from the roof tops…you should totally head to homeland security and tell them about this dire threat to our republic. Seriously go down there and get those guys to do their job…tell them they should be working on a way to get this guy out of the white house…go tell them ALLAA…you will be a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As for me signing a petition for what ever reason I will not .
    After what happen with my Vote I never throught something as this would take place but it did. Nothing was done about it.

  • Johntheoldguy

    Romney lost because the voters rejected the right wing pitchfork politics of the GOP. The GOP can continue to blame something else and that suits me fine. They will lose again.

  • The pres is just better,PERIOD..The majority of people spoke 11-06-12 loud and clear..They’re not interested in a snake oil salesman to run this country…

    • latebloomingrandma

      If Mitt Romney is really a very nice and very smart man, then he should have been himself. We all know politicians stretch the truth and spin, but having a hundred personalities was just too, too phony. We want some semblance of authenticity, not Eddie Haskell. He did this to himself. Also, for being the well touted “business man”, the young geniuses in Illinois used all the newest technologies and data collecting that successful BUSINESSES use. They put the millionaires club to shame. The millionaires club actually laughed at them for all their field offices. Looks like $$ can’t buy you everything, especially love and respect, and thankfully, votes.


        Mitt Romney was himself—He was just trying to win over everyone!!!

        If he wasn’t a nice guy he could had REALLY torn obama a new one.

        He should had pounded him about Libya and Food Stamps and unemployment and the economy and on and on and on—-BUT HE DIDN’T

        “IF” he would have pounded on obama about allllllllllllllllllllllll his faults he would have won. He was not MEAN enough.

        If that was Christie Chris, he would have NEVER held back and he would had pounded and pounded and pounded the way Shaun Hannity talks.
        HE would have won.

        The Media lost it for Romney, they made him out to be this terrible terrible guy.

        Money can’t buy you everything BUT handing out FREE Food Stamps to 47 Million people and giving them FREE obamacare that we are going to have to pay for them and Free phones and FREE houses and FREE daycare—-WHY WOULD YOU VOTE FOR ANYONE ELSE.

        • Um… yeah, because the head of the Federal government controls the amount of food stamps each STATE social service agency puts out. They just give block grants. STATES decide how to spend it. Sheesh. (BTW, that phone program, damn, Obama was good. He’s practically supernatural, being responsible for a program that started in 1985, TWENTY FOUR years before he was even elected. Put down the Fox pipe, and maybe read a little history.

          • SaneJane

            Excellent Karen

          • foolsdance

            Thanks for the effort Karen, but alllllllll rejects reality every chance he gets so I don’t think he’ll heed your words.


            Where does the money come from whooo is paying this to the STATE???

            When obama came into office everyone was getting FREE phones
            we know a lot of people in our area that got them!!!!
            They brag about everything they get FREE.

          • northroader1775

            Maybe they brag to you about it because they like to watch as your blood boils and your head almost explodes. I know I would push your buttons every chance I got. It is probably great fun down at the office they have a pool about when you will go postal or have a heart attack when Obamacare is moved forward into the single payer system that we actually need…

        • ALLLLL are you having a bad day? You need to take about 20 mg of Valium. That is two blues.

        • I think your keeper should enroll you in that FREE daycare.


            why do YOU only have STUPID remarks—WHY??

          • oldtack

            It’s simple. Stupid remarks deserve equally stupid replies. An intelligent person would understand that but then we are not conversing with an intelligent person. We are conversing with YOU.

          • northroader1775

            How could we waste good remarks on you…that would just feel wrong…like putting really good ice cream on a generic hotdog…just not right.


            STUPID remarks—WHY??

        • What planet do you live on? He did do all of that.

  • SeekingOut

    What is also hilarious is that the so-called party of God is complaining that Sandy worked against them. Maybe they should stop and think about why God intervened to help the President. HaHa. Lol.

  • Mem

    There is a lot to be said for fox News comment. By admitting Obama is a better manage they are saying that he is really the best President. Because, what is the President after all, if not the manager of the country. Thank you Fox News. This may be the only truthful thing you have said about this whole election.

  • Pam

    I am a white middleclaass retiree. I have listened to my friends from Roswell, Dunwoody, Dublin, St. Simons Island, Georgia spout hate and disdain for President Obama even before the first election. Everytime I would Fox News would be blaring through their house. Finally I started standing up by stating facts which they had none. They do not talk politics aroud me anymore and we enjoy each others company. I hate what Fox has done to the South.


    I have said over and over and over that FOX news reports everything and doesn’t HIDE ANYTHING!!!!! THEY ARE FAIR AND BALANCED!!!!!

    You haven’t watched FOX news if that’s how you feel.

    If you watched in the morning they tell the News (the REAL NEWS)

    If you watch at night Bill O’Reilly is sooo fair and balanced, sometimes I think he’s a WUSSY LIB.

    Shaun Hannity is the ONLY one that really gets angry and pounds on the president — BUT it’s all true what he says but he does say it over and over and over.

    Then they will have Ann Coulter on as a guest, but she is wacko and waaaaay overboard.
    BUT, everything she says is the facts.

    NOBODY else rages about anything!!!!!!!!!

    Some people just HATE to hear the FACTS!!!

    Did your NEWS channel tell you about ANOTHER cover up in the White House?

    On November 1st Iran Military forces had shot down an unmanned US spy plane, according to the country’s semi-official Fars news agency. The media and White House kept several very important new announcements hidden until AFTER the election.

    WHY DID THEY HIDE THIS before the election—-“The Obama Administration is afraid to admit al Qaeda is running rampant throughout the region because it would expose the truth instead of what President Obama so pompously spouted during the Democratic Convention”

    • Yep, and if you say it in all CAPS with lots if !!!!! that makes it EXTRA TRUE.

      Then how about this. FOX IS NEWS ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! MURDOCH called it that. Same as pro wrestling is SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT.

      And just about as real.

    • ALLLLL’s blood pressure must be quite high by now. Sit down ALLL and take your Xanax and two shots of Wild Turkey.


        Stupid remark—Typical LIB

    • If Fox news is so truth why doesn’t it report on the fact that its owner Murdock and his son James is still under investigation in the Untied Kingdom for breaking the law with unauthorized phone taps, messing with evidence in a murder case and bribery of different officials to get stories for their United Kingdom gossip newspapers. You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you up the side of your head with an elephant trunk. Oh you also believe something that an Iranian newspaper published , you need help to realize what the truth really is.


        They DID report about Murdock—

        What does that have to do with the price of tea in China???

    • ALLL you lie. Iran never shot down a drone, they never shot, all they did was buzz it.

      Quit your lies a and trool spam. Then you will have time to empty your bowels.


        Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! Look it up

        then go shave—what are YOU hiding

        • rozlee

          Alll, you poor thing. You need your meds in the worst kind of way. But, stay away from the fire you light later on, hear? It might set your white robe and hood ablaze.

  • Well, duh. I guess some people don’t realize there’s a wide variety of businessmen and they all come with different skill sets. Romney never bought or sold a good or service, that I know of, to a normal retail customer in his life. I don’t know if he ever hired anyone before he went into politics and had to deal with campaign staff and cabinet positions. And that’s really NOT the same thing as it is in business (where most aren’t working for you for FREE).

    He was a CEO of a venture capitalist firm that primarily dealt with already existing (often long existing) companies rather than fostering new firms and innovation, and he mostly made his profits from them either by cutting costs (generally by firing and offshoring jobs), or by piecing them out and selling them, after looting pension funds and loading them with Bain’s debt. Both accomplished in a very ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ way with the company involved, whose relationship with Bain (based Solely on how much profit it could drain from it in as short a time as possible, regardless of the long term consequences to the firm itself) was inevitably very short.

    This does not translate (or, god, we hope not) to the NATION as a whole.

  • montels2

    Yes Elisabeth – lack of respect like CBS anchor calling the President “Mr. Obama”. He has done it several times in the last week. Of course their reports are slanted republican!

  • howa4x

    Fox continues to be the organ of disinformation. The constantly told listeners that Obama was a socialist, and that Obamacare is a communist take over of the health care system, even though you have to buy insurance from a profit making ins co. I’ve met more Fox veiwers that have been lied to repeaditly by their news team. One yesterday said Obama was going to take away his insurance. I asked where he heard that and it was on Fox. When I told him it wasn’t true and he actually got benefits he was suprised. You can’t have a die hard republican partisan as head of your news namely Roger Alies and try to come across as impartial. I think every democrat , progressive, gay, minority and independent should boycott that network and not grant any more interviews. Ruppert Murdoch is a businessman and soon he will look at all the data and see a declining veiwership, and a loosing message. Young people don’t watch it, nor do Liberals, progressives 1/2 of independents, minoraties, Latinos, Asians, intelligent women, Intelligent white men, or any of Obama’ coalition. In capatalism that is a shrinking market not an expanding one. So the choice for him is clear. Stop being the voice of the republican party or loose more market share every year.

  • llferrell


    I know a disabled Viet Nam Veteran, who, as part of the 47% who don’t make enough to pay taxes, that would like you to come over to his front door and tell him in person that he should not be allowed to vote.

  • JohnRNC

    Better manager – Really? I thought it was because illegal immigrants and uneducated poor folks had better math skills than their wealthy-white-male-with-health-insurance counterparts. You know – REAL americans.

    Or maybe its just better bullshit detectors…..

  • Mitthead is lazy, feels entitled, and refuses to take responsibility and care for his own life. Mitthead is a drag on other productive, hard-working Republicans. The Republican Party has turned its back on meritocracy and “hands-out” positions based just on whoever thinks theyre special.

  • ddearborn


    Actually Romney was NOT the best GOP candidate in terms of execution. Ron Paul managed to win many of the primaries and cacucus despite the US media as well as his own party being 100%against him. They were against him to the piont that the media lied and smeared Paul virtually every day about his campaign. The GOP had to resort to physical violence and election fraud along with frivolous lawsuits to illegally stop Paul. There are still over 25 Grand Juries around the country convened examining illegal activities against Paul.

    So lets keep this real people. Ron Paul consistently polled nationally higher than Obama. Ron Paul would have defeated Obama. But then he would have done so over the bodies of the 1%. Romney was NOT the peoples choice. He was the choice of the 1%.

  • I did not listen to the debates, nor did I watch the political ad’s on tv from either party, I either turned the channel, or muted the tv. I voted for President Obama because he is a caring, loving person, an american, a family man, who came from a poor to middle class family, and no matter if his grandparents drank, they loved him and taught love to him. so his mother is different, but she taught him to fight and do the best he can, that is why I voted for him.

  • annienoel

    And Obama is a better person. Anyone who voted for Rmoney and knew about his tenure as Massachusetts Governor is sick.

    • Sand_Cat

      Forget his tenure as governor: the real sickness is in those who watched his grotespuely dishonest and shameless contortions to please everyone and his outrageous lies and distortion of Obama’s record – and even his words – and still voted for him.

  • Foxites are blowing a new bubble they can live in the next four years.

  • uuuh, mr unamerican, I really like the comment look at the news article that said when President Obama was going to Harvard, Barak Obama the first Aferican American president was born in Kenya, the news paper must have been able to see into the future. GET OVER IT,


      You might want to read it this time!!!!!

      OR I know it’s hard to do and a little work

      BUT, you could look it up for yourself.

      “Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”


      • oldtack

        Disclose your information source and better yet – produce a copy of this article. Produce documented proof of your allegations.

        Information without documentation is not worth the paper it was never printed on.


          the right scoop dot com

  • OMG, are you for real, and that junk about the news article from when he was at Harvard, how could it possibly say the the first black president was born in Kenya, unless they were clairvoyant, how did they know he was going to be President???????

  • you are correct dearborn, Romney was not the best candidate, he had the money to crush those running against him in the primary, but then none of those running in that primary were to my liking. I don’t care much for Paul because he is a religious zealot. I want some one who is going to allow me the freedom FROM religion. I am talking about me, but there are many people in this country also who feel as I do. I am a Christian, I do not try to force my beliefs on anyone, that is why I voted democratic, somehow the republican party thru mr Reagan has gotten the notion that their religious beliefs are the only ones. Its not the economy that upsets me, it is my and others freedoms as to how they believe, that is what this country was founded for. Let people who are Athiests who are also americans, have the right to an abortion if that is what they want.

  • I DO watch Fox probably at least once a day if I am watching political junk. but after half hour I must turn it off, sometimes it makes me ill. they like so many conservatives are totally 1 sided, I loved watching the desk when Ohio went for Obama, they were really pathetic.

  • emadis41

    It took a good managment and the facts to win. Obama offered real beef, Romney offered garnished lard, most of the people did not buy.

  • Sand_Cat

    Well, it might not look too good if they admitted Romney lost because he kept spewing the same BS Fox news does, regardless of management skill.

  • RR3

    The real trouble the President haters have is that is not going to go away….their hate will always blind them, regardless… what??….that’s the question they don’t want to hear and circuntly don’t wish to answer….because they don’t know, and quite frankly they don’t care!!!!…..the Trump’s, Hannity’s, Beck’s, O’Reilly’s and Limbaugh’s will continue to fuel their hate with distortions, lies and fantasies….that’s the bubble they want to live in… be it…..the GOP will not win the White House on this path in at least 12 years….a completely new generation of GOP conservatives needs to be born…..

  • Running the government and being ‘the most powerful man in the world’ is light years away from owning/managing as office supply store. We don’t need an MBA in the White House. We need someone with a vision as to where they want the country to go during their term in office, can answer difficult questions without preparing for days and has the ability to sell their vision to the people who will hire him/her.

  • notafoxfan

    there are some excellent comments on here and right to the point..the hate and rhetoric,the “godlike” fox news anchors and pundits such as oreilly and hannity,sadly will not just “go away” because this election is over,but it at least might “fade” a bit so the rest of the country who dont espouse this attitude can relax briefly!

  • He won because the people were not fooled by the opposition.

  • TheHawaiian0941

    He can’t have a transplant because he doesn’t have a brain.

    • Replying to TheHawaiian0941

      Sorry to burst your bubble.

      Dick Cheney proved that ANYTHING can happen with enough money. After all, if anyone checked him for a pulse, they would have declared him dead because he did not have a heartbeat.

      He had an artificial pump that circulated his blood, and did not mimic the pulse normally indicating a heartbeat.

      Recently, he went through transplant surgery and received a heart.

      So, we can no longer call him “heartless.”

      Although, for all practical purposes, he is still the same “heartless” person he always was.

  • The republican party consist off white people who still think they are the sole owners of this country and no one eles matters and its time for a change

  • patuxant

    Never believed in the management expertise line their campaign. Romney never had hands on management and it is evident now to everyone. He was a wheeler-dealer not a manager of people. He managed big chunks of cash. That is it.

  • Ed

    I agree that mittens is a lousy manager, but the truth is that, up until midseptember he presented an image of a man who thought you should be grateful he agreed to be your president.

  • Romney was always overrated as a manager. He bought and sold companies, he never managed any of them. The Obama campaign chose to go in certain directions and the results speak for themselves. One omission was to not concentrate on the Romney record as Governor which was where his supposed management skills were sorely lacking.

  • Romney bet on the premise that GENERIC REPUBLICAN would do better than sharing his real plans.
    Generic Republican was winning polls vs Obama, while real people were losing to Obama in polls. So…. Romney did not confide his detailed plan to replace medicare with some voucher value specifically. He kept it as secret as his tax returns from the Bain years.


  • So, is Trump going to lead a Million Moron March on Washington?

    • nobsartist

      allfullofshit will be the parade master.

  • Meandyou12

    I have just about read enough from this “ALL-American” Idiot. Why don’t you and the Donald and all these other rich with money, but low on intelligence just shut the F–K up. If you don’t like it here in the greatest country in the world than move to KOREA. I hear they have room for low lifes like you and your buddies. Sorry Korea! When you continue to Ramble on and on and on, your just wasting fresh air. I’m didn’t attend Harvard, but at least I know how to mind my manners and speak the truth, something you and Mitt the TWITT and the GOP and learn from.


      what is YOUR problem with your Typical Lib mouth.

      I like it fine here—I just don’t want a Muslim being our president and trying to crash our country. We are being pushed into Socialism and communism. obama wants us to worship Allah or you will die. READ THE KORAN/SHARIA Laws

      the obamacare wants us to get a chip—The Mark of the BEAST

      • nobsartist

        thanks for the rant allfullofshit. if you dont like it, move out of your hovel.

    • nobsartist

      allfullofshit is another form of entertainment.

      just wait until he starts telling you about his jet and bentley.

  • We have seen the hate and lies for quite some time now. Soon, more bad news will be showing it’s ugly face. There will be nowhere to turn because the bank is bankrupt, and the wealthy have only so much money, enough to only put a small dent in the deficit and debt. Face the truth, spending has to stop, enough promising everything to everyone for votes.

    • nobsartist

      stop electing stupid republiCONs is the cure.

  • jcarroll727



      They wont listen or EVEN try to get educated.

      They have thier blinds on and hands out.

      They think we are the Looney ones trying to educate them on it.

      ALLLL you have to do is RESEARCH it

    • nobsartist

      you can move. i will bet you are one of the red state idiots that voted for willard the rat and collects welfare like allfullofshit.

    • jstsyn

      Hey half wit, make a copy of what you say and dig it out a few years down the road. See if you aren’t embarrassed of your diatribe. If not it proves you can’t learn.

  • hottrika

    I am not from America and I am in no way concerned as to who won or who lost, yet I was inundated with more than 20 emails in my inbox per day mostly from Dems (DGA). My observation is that Obama campaign was based upon downright vulgarity, personal insults and extremely negative and scary scenario should “Neocons” win. Obama campaign was in short, ugly. Romney campaign was far more decent and graceful. In the end I, as a neutral observer feel that constant bombardment of lies, negativism and insults won it for Obama. Observing from the reactions of Obama supporters after the elections are over and Obama has won the second term, I am saddened to see only undignified, graceless and arrogant comments from the haughty posters. It is sans humility and humanity. It seems the victory has gone to their heads. Note: I am neither Obama nor Romney supporter. This is just an independent observation from a far off country. If I were a referee, I’d declare Obama the winner of the game, Romney, the winner of the FAIR play trophy.

  • ridemybroom

    of course OB is a better manager…he is younger and he is spryer and thinks on his feet …not with alzheimers….i would trust OB more so than Romney…i still think something is wrong with romney health wise and in 2 yrs or less you people gonna know its true….

  • I think FOX had it right in part. Obama ran a better campaign, period. How else would you explain a president with 8% unemployment and a sluggish economy beating a candidate with a machine like FOX and friends behind him, especially when that machine has access to potentiall endless funding courtesy of citezens v united? What FOX isn’t about to admit is the real reason they lost, and that is the far right extremism back-fired on them in a general presidential election. Had the moderate Mitt that was governor been able to win a GOP nomination he would have won. But he had to pander to the extremist GOP base as a “severe conservative” and then play a juggling act of keeping them somewhat appeased while attempting to move to the center for the general electorate. And the nail in that coffin is the baggage of the raving mysogenists like Aiken. What killed the republicans was the general electorate’s rejection of those far right ideas.
    Let’s not fool ourselves my progressive brethren. Despite the media labeling this election as a shelacing, the popular vote was close – disturbingly close. We dodged a bullet in this election. We have to nullify citizens v united before the Koch brothers find a candidate who is slick enough to keep all that extremism under the rug until after the election. Remember that a lot of these clowns were voted in during a mid-term. Aiken was on the science commity! If we don’t stay motivated and vigilant we could lose our country to these raving idealogues.

  • TZToronto

    What do you get for free? Oh wait. You pay for everything you get? Did you pay billions of dollars for the Interstate highway system? Yes, you paid taxes, but you’re getting the benefit of the billions of dollars others paid, aren’t you? Oh, you consider your part of the cost kind of like an admission fee? It isn’t. You’re getting a tremendous benefit that you didn’t pay for because your taxes probably paid for maybe a few square feet of the highway. How about the electricity you use to light your home? Did you pay for ALL of it? Did you pay for the generators, the transmission lines and towers, and everything else required to get that electricity to where you live? No, you didn’t. Don’t you think you should be thanking everybody else who paid their electric bills so that you can have a working TV to watch Fox on?

  • DownriverDem

    How about as a woman, the repubs were going to destroy all I hold near and dear? Repubs still don’t get it. It was Romney so much as repub policies being pushed on us that we reject.

  • oldtack

    All A
    Sorry for the delay. This is Veterans Day weekend and we have been extremely busy with our Program “Socks For Soldiers Amarillo and with America Supports You Texas.
    I read your source among other sources on Google.

    According to Harvard this was was not published in the Harvard review. This was published by a Literacy Agency, Acton and Dystel. The Editor of this biographical text, Miriam Goodrich ,made the following disclaimer. “This was a fact checking error by me. There was never any information given to us by Barak Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. This was a simple mistake and nothing more.”

    A New York Times article (2/6/1990) about Barak Obama published one year before this Acton & Dystel Promotional booklet was issued identified Obama’s birthplace as Hawaii.

    If you log onto Google you will find about two pages of claimers and disclaimers on this subject.

    One is free to choose which “story” one wishes to believe. But – there remains no documented evidence to prove ones belief.

    This is what brings rise to conspiracy Theories with ardent adherents on both sides of the spectrum.

    The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Tradition – Shot by Actor John Wilkes Booth who in turn was killed by a Union Soldier subsequent hanging of four other conspirators – end of story. Conspiracy theory: Government assassination plot formulated by Secretary Stanton because the Radicals in Government thought Lincoln would be too easy on the States that seceded from the Union. Stanton closed all roads out of Washington and posted Guards except for the bridge going across into Maryland – the road traveled by Booth in his escape. Booth received a large amount of money from the Government, fled to Canada and died in advanced age.

    Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman that shot and killed President Kennedy and was in turn captured then killed by a lone gun man Jack Ruby.
    Conspiracy side: There were gunmen on the grassy knoll across from the Book Depository and they were the ones that killed the President. Or. This was carried out by Lyndon Johnson so he could achieve his ultimate dream of being President. Or this was carried out by the Mafia as retaliation for the attacks on Organized Crime by Robert Kennedy.

    As with all other aspects of life one is free to select ones on beliefs.

    But, again, unless those beliefs can be supported by irrefutable documented evidence as absolute truth then those remain unsubstantiated beliefs.

    I respect your beliefs – Religious, Political, Social or otherwise as I expect you to respect my beliefs.

    Your Political Party lost the election. I have been there and know how that feels when the votes are counted. BUT, it’s not the end of the World nor is it the end of the Republican Party. The GOP will assess their Campaign strategy, correct errors and be a decisive force again. That is the way our Political system works.

    Hope you have a good future life.


  • t

    Blacks and Hispanics just got pissed off (in addition to Obama being much better)

    • How would that explain Obama’s winning the heavily white states of New Hampshire, Maine, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Oregon, Vermont, or the pro-marriage equality votes in Minnesota, Washington, Maine, Maryland, or the marijuana legalization in Colorodo, Washington? Of course blacks and Hispanics were pissed off, but people also voted on policy.

  • bpai99

    Gee – a community organizer put together a more organized and effective campaign than a CEO.

  • Excellent article, and I agree with you 100 percent. I think, the powers that be in the GOP, the FOX people (money is made by their continuing crap), and the low information voter that watches them regularly–will simply blame it on Romney and contiue to think they just have to change their PR to fix the problem. They can’t accept the fact that they have an inferior product–real change is needed to become competitive in the future. That is both, good and bad–I sure don’t want clowns like Romney/Ryan, with their ideas in charge. The “Tea Party” base is extremely dangerous for this country’s future. However, we do need at least two real parties competing against each other to keep a Democratic Republic–I don’t see it right now. It is more a somewhat disorganized Democrat Party, a radical Republican Party, and a bunch of rich guys pulling the strings on both.

  • Mitt Romney lost because three million republicans stayed home. After four years of screaming that the sky was falling, three million republicans decided that foreign born, muslim appeasing, socialist leaning, white man hating, gun control loving, religion bashing, foreign policy disastering, business killing, anti-Israeli, President Obama, wasn’t enough of a problem to get off their fat butts to vote. Now the Democrats think they have a mandate, but the country is just as divided as before the election. The only difference is this- I’m DONE listening to those whiners who claim the wheels are coming off the choo-choo. Three million of them didn’t vote, and those who did vote, didn’t put enough effort into Mitt Romney’s Campaign.

    In the last few weeks before the election, Mitt started to look like Thomas Dewey. The president, on the other hand, is already looking like LBJ, without that man’s accomplishments. Unlike Bill Clinton, President Obama will never move to the center. Despite the wild claims of Democrats, nothing will get done soon. In the end, Mister Obama will burn out like LBJ, and we’ll be stuck with eight years of a republican administration that will make Mitt Romney look like a left wing loon. That will be followed by four years of a more moderate republican for a total of twelve bad years. (Twenty if you count the present administration) Don’t expect big changes on the Supreme Court either- The conservatives will now gladly die before retiring, and since their health care is top notch, chances are they’ll live. The economy will get worse, the middle east will explode, our standard of living will continue to plummet, both parties will blame the other for the gridlock, the Democrats will hurt themselves by leaning left thinking that’s what the country wants, and the president will continue to improve his golf game! That’s the future…

    But what do I know? I thought three million people who stayed home were going to vote!