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Monday, March 19, 2018

48 Responses to ‘Family Values’ Republican Guilty Of Sex Trafficking

  1. Another embarrassment for the Republicans. I wonder how Fox will fail to cover the story.

    I fail to see that dropping three charges of child pornography for a guilty plea on sex trafficking is much of a deal. Pleading into 10 years is not really a preferred choice.

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    • Don’t you love it that yesterday at a press conference Trump was going apoplectic trying to keep his trap shut when he was asked about Roy Moore?

      Trump doesn’t DARE open that fat mouth of his. He knows why. The minute he says one word about Moore’s sexual kink, every other woman who was threatened by Trump’s lawyers into silence about Trump’s OWN sexual predatory and molestation practices will have Moore looking like a neophyte. roflmao.

      • Trump is truly caught between condemning Al Franken any trying to ignore Moore. His hypocrisy is blatant, regardless of his actions. And any unhypocritical actions would backfire politically.

        Though, I’m unsure there are many more Trump stories to surface.
        What aspect of Trump’s life hasn’t been covered?

        • I can’t tell you what a thrill I get knowing Trump for the first time in his entire life is silenced. That mouth of his goes like one of those “nitro” race car I’ve seen here in NJ at Raceway Park. rofl.

          He sat during the press conference like at any minute his mouth was going to blast away. But, the expression on his face was priceless…Trump FORCED into silence…wow…a Kodak moment for history.

  2. One thing he definitely has to look forward to – being the victim of any father currently serving time in prison. They don’t take too kindly to child molesters in the Big House, and I am certain they will make him “squeal like a pig”.

  3. I hope he takes plenty of vaseline to prison with him. Ten years of being locked up for child pornography, or child trafficking is bound to give him a sore arse.

    • Believe it or not but there’s a 3rd degree of hypocrisy in this fallen world. His crimes will have to be held in secret if he doesn’t want to leave lockup in a pine box….Which in my opinion would be suitable!

  4. When Kelly Ann Contwat told Fox News yesterday that the most important thing was for Roy Moore to remain in the race ONLY so the Trump Disastrous Tax Reform bill would be passed, that told EVERY American just where that “swamp” is really located.

    This latest Republican sex scandal should thus come as NO surprise. Let me guess who these itchy dickheads will try to compare themselves to some obscure Dem who had the gall to kiss his own wife. roflmao.

    The reality for Alabama is that while they love to wallow in all that religious fundamentalism, a whisper of sex has them all supporting pedophilia. Obviously, that does explain why Moore openly admitted he had his eye on his now wife back when he saw her at age 16 at a dance recital, as he told the interviewer when asked how he “met” his wife.

    At what point is “having” his “eye” on a 16 year old girl when as he stated, he was already a DA is not being a predator? And what does he do? REun to dance school recitals to get his jollies and pluck from among the little girls he luridly salivates over for future “use?”

    If Alabama votes FOR Moore, the rest of the states who object to a child molestor/predator in the Senate have the right to withdraw all funding to Alabama. Anything less is condoning Roy Moore’s sexual kinkiness.

  5. Another fine example of Republican manhood – plucked from the basket of deplorables and held up to the light for all to see.

    But don’t be discouraged, Oklahomans… With time off for good behavior, you’ll be able to send this dirtbag to the U.S. Senate in 2026.

  6. Child Prostitution by a “Family Values” promoter, a champion of Donald Trump, a member of the GOP with its purported image of “For God, Country, and Family”, is yet another sign of hypocrisy by the GOP and a refutation of its supposedly Judaeo-Christian affinity. There is not one shred of decency that we can find in any Party that loves to loudly “Trump”et its devotion to the sanctity of the family. The GOP’s cover is ripped off, and what’s underneath puts a hurting on our collective vision.

    It’s a crime of the first order to be pimping children, and to do so as a married man stamps on the GOP yet another indelible label of a satanic predisposition of a moribund political party that pretends loudly to be holier-than-thou.

    Lord have Mercy!!

  7. Oklahoma?
    Too bad about the 17 year-old kid, but if state Sen. Ralph Shortey had been caught with somebody’s livestock, he’d be dead by now.

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    • I think many Americans see clearly that we cannot ever expect common decency, honesty or accountability from Republicans. They are a bunch of big babies who just want their way. They just don’t want to PAY for what they want.

      If we all step back and look at what the real GOP agenda has always been, it is the same as it was post Civil War…not picking themselves up by their bootstraps…but depending on the North to rebuild the south. Even then, they acted as if that was their entitlement for LOSING that war. What kind of BS is that? You lose a war and someone else pays? Especially, when those who lost that war did so as traitors who fought like hell to keep FREE slave labor and split up the union of United States. So, we paid for traitors to have a clean start and this is what we have to deal with?

      It was the same after the Great Depression. In Studs Terkel’s book “Hard Times” he allowed all of those who lived through the Great Depression to tell their “stories” of hardship. It turns out that once again, it was their own fault for their hideous lack of knowledge of farming and pandering to Wall Street who encouraged them to exceed common sense levels of farm products. Until all that was left was a thick layer of dusty earth.

      Did they once thank FDR who was their savior who created jobs for millions of them out of work and getting the country back on a stable financial footing? By creating a safety net so banks couldn’t ever again steal everything depositors had saved?

      Now, all you hear is their bitching about SS, Medicare, Medicaid and anything else they have to PAY for. Because as in the post Civil War, they want US to do ALL the paying for THEM.

      I don’t know about you but I don’t support a pedophile. I’ve already called my NJ representatives and told them I do not want MY tax dollars going to a state that condones pedophilia.

      Just like advertisers pull their sponsorship from those involved in scandals, taxpayers should have the same right. Anything less is using our tax dollars to condone all manner of family values that are anything but.

      • I read on of Studs Terkel’s books. Since I am non-partisan I have never faulted the Republicans for conservative values. That was a long time ago. They have proven to be amoral. They focus on a microscopic dot in their anti-abortion stance, but want to deny children, healthcare and education. They are against Gays, but condone sexual assault by one of their own.

        • We both know today’s Republicans are not really conservatives but scheming monsters out to turn everyone but their Republican states into a plantation.

          If you stand back and take a long look at what Trump and Putin have done to this country in less than one year, how vulnerable are we really?

          Nearly every social program our taxes already paid for are on the chopping block. Nearly every dime we pay of those taxes is ending up in billionaires bank accounts offshore. Then, they claim there will be trickle down “if” they can make more profits.

          BS. They ARE already making profits and they don’t create US jobs, increase wages or in any way contribute to helping the middle class. It is all one huge BS story and a scam.

          Their family values are like that of the Hatfields and the McCoys. McConman vs. Moore. Trump vs. women, Democrats, minorities and veterans.

          Already, since January Putin’s advice to Trump is taking hold. Now we have Russian journalists providing US news to US media and you just know Trump supporters are too stupid to realize why. Too stupid to figure out that Putin is running the US government in his usual KGB covert way. All while the Republicans run rough shod over the US Constitution and human and civil rights.

          You can almost count on it that their day of reckoning will not be pretty.

        • When that infamous video from Russia finally does appear, how will Trump and his dupes explain it away? I suppose it will be something like, “Trump never actually admitted it, so it never happened. Who are you going to believe, Trump, who’s denied what you’ve seen, or your lying eyes?” As soon as Trump starts doing things that conflict with Putin’s orders, we’ll start seeing some strange things. Heck, we’re already seeing strange things.

      • “FREE slave labor?” Ask the slave owners just how free that labor was. After all, they had to provide the slaves with housing and food, not to mention all that Christian-izing. And don’t forget that slaves weren’t free (pun intended). If you wanted a slave, you’d either have to buy one from someone else or trade for one you already owned. Free slave labor? Hardly! And then they had to put up with all of that ungrateful boiling-under-the-surface resentment from their slaves. Geez, the slave owners had it tough. But, as you have so correctly noted, the victors are still paying.

  8. Isn’t it interesting that the ones who talk the most about being against pornography, child prostitution, etc. are often the same ones who end up being guilty of the same? I think we need to keep a close watch on those who are so vehement against these things….they obviously have things hiding in their closets that they are ashamed of!

  9. The worst revelation for a politician is to be found with a dead hooker or a live boy. Seems to be a lot of boys being found with the phony ‘family values’ crowd and their ilk.

      • Richard, I noticed that too. What is it about the south that these people either marry their sisters and cousins or they roam around as predators of the young?

        Where in their culture did it all go so wrong?

  10. Along with the hypocrisy of the subject of the article, it’s way past time the government stopped passing laws for doing things within some distance of a church. It should be eliminated entirely, but if that can’t be done, how about within that distance of a religious institution of ANY religion.

    • Sandy, you’re aware of course that the Bible says nothing about God supporting the building and maintenance of Church buildings and thereby charging people to continue being a Christian; in fact, Jesus said that temples would come tumbling down. So religions that build church buildings and expect special tax treatment for the money they collect supposedly to have those church buildings built and kept up and running – is really a requirement based only on something Men contrived, not God – and therefore should not be tax free.

    • And it also shows just how little ‘Family Values’ really means to today’s Republicans – not only politicians but also Republican voters.

    • So very very true. It is a sad thing when an entire country must tolerate what we’ve all been taught is WRONG just so a few with airs of entitlement can continue on their crooked way.

  11. And as of this hour there is news that Trump believes Roy Moore, simply because Roy claims to have done nothing wrong stalking teen-age girls.
    Trump may as well try to convince Shortey that all is forgiven because Trump wants to prove once again how degenerate and dissolute he is, and is willing to support the illicit affairs of those he feels will enhance Trump’s stature as a knave out to be a recalcitrant unrepentant juvenile.

  12. I see the old Shakespearean line from Hamlet is true AGAIN!!!! “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Every time those protesting the most against something, you find out they are guilty of what they protest against. Just like Paul who wrote Romans and the guy who wrote Leviticus. I believe they were latent and closeted homosexuals who hated themselves. That’s why they wrote the cr@p they did. And of course, every moron fundamentalist screams out the hate from the pulpits against gays because of it. When I get to heaven, I am going to find Paul and beat the $H!T out of him for all the hate he has caused. I think I may have to stand in line, though. Kinda like that scene from the movie ‘Airplane’.

    • I just got a text from Paul…. He says he’s gonna change the locks on the pearly gates.

      PS Loved the ‘Airplane’ reference.

      • I can tell from your post that you are a totally cool guy and have a good sense of humor. Would not mind chatting more with you about many things. If you should consider it, here is my email. furhunter1 at the ya hoo dot com. I’m an artist/writer and you might like the commentary I wrote called ‘And What of Religion’. It was inspired by these holier than thou moron fundamentalists like Robertson, Jeffress, Graham. Perkins and Falwell, to name a few. I am throwing a week-long celebration and burning Robertson in effigy when that stupid dumb@$$ drops dead……Thornton

        • Cheers, Bro. I’ve been trying all my life to be a “totally cool guy” – without much success (until now, apparently).

          Insofar as the “Moron Majority” is concerned, you and I are definitely reading off the same page. Irreverence is my gig, and I have nothing in my heart but disdain for hypo-Christians and false prophets (the likes of those you’ve identified above) – and for all the mindless sheep they’ve led astray over the years with their pious bullsh1t. I don’t suffer fools very well.
          And since you appreciate my sense of humor, I’ll leave you with some yuks:

          Q: How come Baptists don’t have sex standing up?
          A: Because someone might think they’re dancing.

          Q: What does Roy Moore have in common with the manager at Walmart?
          A: Little girls underwear, half off.
          Q: Why should you never take a Mormon on a fishing trip?
          A: Because he’ll drink up all your beer. Always take two of them – so they can keep an eye on each other.
          To be frank, I’m not much of a pen-pal, but I’d love to read your “And What of Religion” commentary. Where do I find it?

          • OK…..After reading your post here….it is obvious you are a kindred spirit and a REALLY totally cool guy. I love your ‘yuks’. I’ll bet we could sit by the pool here with cocktails and talk for months on a ton of subjects and laugh our @$$es off. I hope you will reconsider dropping an email as I would love to get your opinions on future wonderful events in the country. Not to worry about constant communication as many of my friends touch bases once a year. Yeah. Here is the best of the writing websites where you can read my $H!T. Yeah. When you get there, to see all the selections, you have to click on the photo in the upper right-hand corner and go to ‘Down Loads’.as all of them are not in the immediate list selection on the main page. This is also mentioned in the profile at the top of the page.
            Take care and a very Happy Holidays to you and yours………..Thornton

          • I made an error in my post below. Click on the picture and then go to ‘Document Uploads’. That way you will be able to get to all the works I have there. If you have any problems, let me know. Would love to know what you think of some of my stuff. I have a feeling you would give some very good constructive criticism.
            ‘Resolution’ is my attempt at humor…but don’t read the ending first. You will ruin the surprise. GRIN!

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