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Friday, November 17, 2017

12 Responses to Father Biden And The Altar Boy

    • Couldn’t you envision the Father telling the altar-boy to be careful with the censer? Ryan wants the position of VP so much that he will even taint the picture (truth) to the public. And so … he will put on an act and smile after he is done. He hopes that the nation believes him. I DON’T AND YOU SHOULDN’T.

    • D Dawg thank you for speaking out, they’re the ones whom are incompetent idiot’s They have treated this President worst than a foot rag. what a shame on these faceless two footed clowns. what respect do they have for the people of this nation ?
      Would the American people want these people to rule this leading nation ? These are the people whom establish that VT to blemish an honest nation and its people, and created blood shed of the american people in the middle east.

  1. Few men in government share the knowledgethat Vice Predident Bidon has attained over the years. He is a hustler very agressive and well respected. From which I have lurne form watching and listening to him speak over past years. He is well capable of taking the helm in the presidence absence. The multifaced Romney and liar that he is has no place in our government. Neither has Rhian the ability to lead as vice president. He has a vert twisted concept of how government should be run. It would be four more years of Bush, or should I say the Chaney and company government. We all know whata disaster that was. War, war and the growth of chaneys business, that was almost in bans rupsy, when they stepped in office. It thrives now. Time for another war. gotta keep Chaney and the boys happy.

  2. ah ha ha ha ha they will kill me lmaol Father Biden and the alter boy Ryan is a good antidote for the cunning republican rogues. bring on some pelicans noe lol.

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