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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

31 Responses to FBI Director Confirms Investigation Of Possible Collusion Between Trump Campaign And Russia

    • I know you’re super stupid – homeschooled in an armed compound of racist inbreds will do that! – but the red areas represent far less of the population than the blue areas.

      I’m also not clear on why you think treason is ever OK, but you spit on the flag all you want, you spineless America-hating coward.

    • I mean, if you can fight off the meth shakes long enough, you could try looking up the maps of Obama’s crushing victories and see that they are nearly identical.

    • No! GOP hacking of the vote counting computers stole an election – AGAIN!!

      And your map is a total farce – the GOP lost the election if the votes were counted fairly in more than half of America’s states!!!

      • I love how you’re so stupid you start screaming your inarticulate nonsense at one of your fellow traitors. Slow handclap.

  1. Well, the FBI confirmed what we already knew: That Donald is given to hysteria and paranoid delusions when it comes to Putin’s little green men running amok throughout the Dark Tower in Manhattan. But Spicer and Kellyanne will continue checking all Microwave ovens for the Nth time, trying find some gadgets, so don’t despair Donald, because Spicer might find something in one of the rats’ nests.

    But seriously—The theme of “a dark cloud”, as the 1st Hearing concluded, will be hanging over Trump(to add to the cloud already there). And that cloud now hangs over the WH, and each Trump servant will be seen with their own personal Sony Walk Cloud hovering overhead, with earplugs to listen to bells tolling to the sound of Monty Python’s troupe chanting— “BRING OUT YOUR DEAD, BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!”.
    (Sorry, but I’m in a melodramatic mood).

    Next Tuesday can’t come soon enough for Round 2 of the big take-down, as we explore further the details of an on-going investigation. Trump will wish he had stayed in Russia by the time this is all over, and it really bodes ill for Mike Flynn.

    “Lock Flynn Up”?

  2. You still aren’t being clear enough: Trump’s insane claim was a LIE.

    It’s not a “false statement”.
    It’s not a “mis-statement”.
    It’s not an “incorrect claim”.
    He wasn’t “joking”.
    He didn’t “really mean” something else.

    It’s a LIE.
    A statement made to deliberately deceive the listener.

    He’s a LIAR. And a pathetically obvious and pathological one, at that.

    Be blunt.

  3. Watching Trump throw Paul Manafort and Roger Stone – a guy he’s been friends with for decades (I guess they bonded over tales of sexually abusing women) – under the bus is both hilarious and educational. He knows the FBI has the goods on them, and being a spineless sociopathic coward he’s desperate to make it about them instead of himself.

  4. Also too: Fox News has quietly suspended Andrew Napolitano – the guy who, on-air, repeated a fake Russian claim that the British were involved with the non-existent “wire tapp” of Trump.

  5. Spicer’s been quite busy dreaming up various spins to put on the disaster unfolding anew for Trump and his circus show. By trying to diminish the roles played by Flynn and Manafort, he should be careful. Otherwise, we may have to unleash Melissa McCarthy on “Spicey”.

    • How’s the heroin up there in Portsmouth. You should ask Comey to help you remove it. That would be a better use of your and his time.

      • Since you keep bring up the matter of heroin, I take it that that’s your sheepish way of trying to locate a source. Sorry, homey, but I can’t help you with that—you’ll have to do some legwork on your own to satisfy your habit.
        Now, please go take a walk outside, breathe in some fresh air, and let your damaged neurocircuitry repair itself.

  6. Where the Hell was Comey with this revelation back in October? Oh, yeah, that’s right – he was trying to kill Hillary’s chances. But that was before he realized what a Beauzeau he helped elect.

    • The other explanation is that Comey could not control the right wing cabal of FBI agents who are ardent Clinton haters and supporters of Trump. He knew they would leak so he went public. So he is either partisan himself of he can’t control his agents – or both. I vote for both. Comey sure looks partisan but that doesn’t mean he wanted his agents to damage the Bureau’s image by leaking right before the election. Instead he did it himself.
      There is a lot of reason to think Comey is biased. He is (was?) a Republican like all other FBI Directors. He worked with Ken Starr on the Whitewater investigation. He refuses to indict Flynn for lying to investigators about his ties to Russia but he sent Martha Stewart to prison for lying to investigators. Comey found no evidence that she had engaged in insider trading so he went after her for lying. Of course the fact that she is a big donor to Democrats had nothing to do with this blatant double standard.
      It drives me crazy that the fact that the law enforcement division of the FBI is dominated by right wingers is not being discussed in the media. These guys are so idiotic (or anti democracy?) that they are long time fanboys of the lunatic, corrupt Trump and think he is qualified to be the most powerful person in the world.
      From what I have read the bureau is dominated by white, right wing Christians (mostly Catholic) men. For years the FBI has worked against Democratic candidates. Media fave, “Boy Scout” Louie Freeh did everything he could to bring down Bill Clinton even though Clinton appointed him. He worked closely with Ken Starr, frequently leaking damaging information to the media. Freeh was still making money last fall giving anti-Clinton speeches. Sadly Obama did not learn his lesson and he also appointed a Republican that the media praised as a “Boy Scout”.
      I have always wondered why the New York Times was taken in repeatedly by right wing smear meisters, repeatedly pushing right wing smears and lies – Whitewater, Wen Ho Lee, WMD, Clinton Foundation “wrongdoing”. Now that I know that the New York office of the FBI is dominated by a right wing cabal of rogue agents and has been for years, I have to wonder if they were involved in leaking all this damaging information to the Times. It never made sense that the Times would be gullible enough to be played by right wing crazies but if the informant was either coming from the FBI or being confirmed by them it starts to make sense, although it does not excuse the Times for getting played repeatedly.

      • I actually believe that he really did intend to head off the leaking of information by others within the FBI, but his solution was so bone-headed (leak it first!!1!) that there’s no way any reasonable person could think he’s capable of being in charge of any law enforcement agency.

    • Yo baron,

      You do realize that you lost, right? Comey is a puppet and will be gone soon enough. He was embarrassed by DJT. DJT will be in the Oval Office for 2700+ days. Get used to it, sore loser.

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      • Assuming of course that those actually controlling what should be America’s judicial processes act in good faith and not with partisan political motives.

    • Glad you’re making some progress in reading ability. Now, switch to news sources beyond December 2016. As I look at your mug, I can feel only pity for a little man desperately trying to say something important. If you try being a little more humble and less belligerent in tone, you may come across as a decent person.

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