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Friday, November 24, 2017

Los Angeles (AFP) — The FBI vowed to widen a probe into the massive hacking of naked celebrity photos if necessary, after new reported leaks including nude shots of Kim Kardashian.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched an investigation earlier this month after a first batch of pictures, including of “Hunger Games” megastar Jennifer Lawrence, was published.

On Saturday U.S. media reported that more nude celebrity photos, including reality star Kardashian and actress Vanessa Hudgens, had been circulating on social media.

The pictures, also including U.S. soccer star Hope Solo, appeared briefly on 4chan and Reddit, before being removed, celebrity gossip site TMZ reported.

BuzzFeed said that personal videos and photos belonging to actresses Aubrey Plaza, Mary-Kate Olsen, Hayden Panettiere, and Leelee Sobieski were posted, in addition to previously unseen pictures of Lawrence.

“The FBI’s investigation into alleged computer intrusion/theft is continuing,” FBI Los Angeles spokeswoman Laura Eimiller told AFP Monday.

“I’m unable to comment on specifics with regard to alleged victims, but any individual who believes they are a victim of these violations is encouraged to report it, if not already engaged with law enforcement,” she added.

Hackers first released a trove of nude starlets’ photos on September 1, after snatching them from Apple’s iCloud in what the tech giant has called a “targeted attack”.

The company has denied its cloud storage system was breached, suggesting that the celebrities had their accounts hacked by using easy-to-guess passwords, or by giving up their personal data to cyber criminals posing as Apple, a technique known as “phishing”.

In addition to Lawrence, celebrities whose pictures were allegedly stolen and posted online in early September included model Kate Upton, singer Avril Lavigne, and actress Gabrielle Union.

AFP Photo/Astrid Stawiarz

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6 Responses to FBI Widens Probe Of Naked Celebrity Photos

  1. Sorry, but any nude shots of Kim Kartrashian were probably “hacked” under her mother’s approval. This brainless twit whose claim to fame was a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend is only complaining because she isn’t making 10 cents per download. As for the others, well, we have now seen just how secure the iCloud is. As Apple has “produced” a product that is simple enough for people of her proven limited mental abilities to utilize, she really shouldn’t expect to not be hacked.

  2. I hope their investigation uncovers lots more nude photos that can be leaked to the press after we are done wasting tax payer money on this BS.

  3. Are you kiddin’? Spending taxpayer money on a colony of nitwits and fools…only the infected mind of a liberal Democrat could think this one up.

  4. Is this an Onion article? I bet they are really “widening the probe”. I bet they have agents right now scouring the web to find naked photos!

  5. Instead of wasting their valuable work hours looking at T&A, they should be doing their real duties like locating and rounding up those illegal alien “children” and families who ever so predictably failed to show up for their deportation hearings. Those dumb bare a–ed celebrities don’t deserve sympathy for being patently stupid – the thing that bothers them is that they didn’t get paid for the posing. It is real crime wave that domebody saw Kim’s boobs when thousands have seen her taking it up the wazoo.

  6. GREAT! Waste the taxpayer’s money for this crap! Maybe their time would be better spent on rounding up the criminal politicians, protecting our Borders, arresting criminal drug lords, criminal Illegal Aliens, and teaching the Secret Service on how to protect the President. I have a job list if anyone is listening.

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