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Saturday, December 10, 2016

FDA To Drastically Increase Trans Fat Regulations

FDA To Drastically Increase Trans Fat Regulations

On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration took steps to all but eliminate trans fats from all foods sold to American consumers.

Until today, the FDA categorized partially hydrogenated oils, the source of trans fats, as “generally recognized as safe.” Salt and caffeine are examples of other products categorized by the FDA as “generally recognized as safe.” After a statement made by the FDA today, however, this is all set to change.

“Partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), the primary dietary source of artificial trans fat in processed foods, are not ‘generally recognized as safe’ for use in food,” the FDA said.

The FDA has given a 60-day period for companies to present evidence that scientifically shows trans fats are, in fact, safe to eat. It’s a tall order, according to the New York Times, because there is overwhelming scientific evidence that shows the damaging effects of trans fats. If the order holds after the 60-day period, trans fats would then be considered a “food additive,” and only be used in food after authorized by regulators.

In fact, food manufacturers have — on their own — already significantly decreased the amount of trans fats in food. But, products like margarine, microwave popcorn, coffee creamers, and desserts are still heavy in trans fats. “Food manufacturers have voluntarily decreased trans fat levels in many foods in recent years, but a substantial number of products still contain partially hydrogenated oils, which are the major source of trans fat in processed food,” said Michael Taylor, the FDA’s deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine.

The move could prevent as many as 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths a year, according to FDA commissioner Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg.

Outgoing New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) is already claiming victory for the FDA’s push to impose stricter regulations on trans fats. Under Bloomberg, who made public health a pillar of his administration, New York restaurants were barred from serving food with trans fats. Bloomberg made his influence on this issue clear in a statement today: “Seven years ago we became the first city in the nation to prohibit restaurants from using trans fats. Since then, at least 15 states and localities have followed suit and banned trans fats – and more than 10 fast-food chains have eliminated trans fats entirely,” Bloomberg said. “Today, we’re greatly encouraged that the FDA proposed measures that would virtually eliminate the artery-clogging and unnecessary ingredient from our nation’s food supply.”

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5 Responses to FDA To Drastically Increase Trans Fat Regulations

  1. This is all fine an dandy.

    But, by the time the FDA is finished regulating what we eat, we might as well start eating LAWN GRASS.

    What they ought to be doing is enforcing their regulations that are already on the books instead of making new ones.

    • That’s just about how good it will taste. Mickey D’s fries are not the same and never will be. Soon we will have tasteless foods. I feel when I go out to eat, it isn’t for my health. I do that at home every day. As a grandmother, I watch what my grandkids eat and drink and we give them NOTHING with that artificial crap in it. I remember saccarin and how they found out it was a carcinogen as well as tasting absolutely horrible. Those sweeteners today are a close second in horrible taste. Yet, the jury is still out on it’s/their safety. My grandkids will not put that crap in their mouths, plus, they don’t like it either. yeech!! No weight problems, either. The four grancddaughters are 7, 5, 4 and 2. They are in the 50%-85% for height. My son’s daughter is the 2 yr old in the 85% for height, and he is 6’7″. Their weights vary from the 30%-50%. My grandson is in the 80/80% for height and weight. His shoe size at 11 is 10 1/2.

      • I found out years ago, the best food is Home Made! Though I still can’t make a steak as good as the Steak Restaurants do. Oh well, I’ll settle for that:) I usually make everything from scratch.

        As far as sweetening things, I use mostly Honey in my cooking and very rarely use white sugar, other than in baking. I’ve used Brown Sugar in the place of White Sugar and works out pretty good on some occasions.

        For Rice I use Brown Rice and stay away from White Rice most of the time. My addition is Yellow Rice though. Love the stuff with unsweetened Butter.

        When it comes to meat, I like to buy it in bulk and have the butcher cut it to size. Then vacuum pack it.

        We go out to eat to get the heck out of the house and save me from cooking that night. But, I usually make enough for 5 days.

        • Sorry, to take so long. I cook from scratch also. I always made large meals on weekends to have a diverse slection on non-cook days for my husband and three children to choose from once i started work. I was a stay at home mom for the first 14 years of my marriage. when the economy started to tank big time in the 80’s after our third child was born, I started to sell baked goods for the holidays. Among my menu, i had all types of cookies for the season, candy canes, pecan sandies, thumb prints, chocolate chocolate chip with chocolate frosting, regualrs, kolaches, sugar, etc., sweet potato pies, cakes from chocolate, yellow with white moutain frosting, sourcream pound cakes, German sweet chocolate cakes, etc. My oven would start at 5 am and not stop until after midnight. I still do not understand the hate of white sugar. It is the purest food on the planet. Nothing in it but calories. 25 K in a teaspoon. I don’t get it. I still use it. Brown sugar is the same sugar with less processing to remove the molasses which is what gives it its color and moisture. The same molasses that you make rum with. The darker the sugar the less processesing to remove the syrup. i cannot stand the tase of honey. I have used it when necessary, especially in teas for colds. Just don’t really care for it. I also use pure butter. Both salted/unsalted.

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