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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Carly Fiorina is still masquerading as a Republican candidate for president – although her poll numbers remain dismal – so perhaps we must pay attention to her. The longer she sticks around, however, the more she demonstrates that she is even more awful than anyone realized.

Which is, for the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and busted Senate candidate, a kind of achievement.

Attempting to reintroduce herself to America as the anti-Hillary, Fiorina has repeatedly attacked the work of the Clinton Foundation, repeating lies she reads in right-wing media about its budget and expenditures. When Fox News Channel interviewed her on June 10, she complained, “We are finding so little of the charitable donations [collected by the Clinton Foundation] go to charitable work.” Based on her interpretation of the foundation’s IRS 990 forms, she estimated that only 6 percent of its funds have gone toward charitable purposes.

Uttered by someone who claims to be a brilliant executive — which presumably includes the capacity to read and comprehend financial documents — that was an embarrassingly stupid remark. Very little knowledge or expertise is required to figure out that the Clinton Foundation is an operating entity, or really a public charity, whose salaries, travel expenses, and other costs reflect actual work on the ground all over the world.

Now the nonpartisan has bluntly corrected Fiorina’s nonsensical accusation in a long, painstaking refutation of what she and others (including a Fox News genius named Gerri Willis) have said about the Clinton Foundation’s spending.

“Fiorina is simply wrong,” according to the Factcheck report, which went on to assess the foundation’s budget in detail. The bottom line, according to the philanthropy analysts at CharityWatch, is that the Clinton Foundation spends 89 percent of donations for charitable purposes – well above the industry standard of 75 percent.

But that’s not even the worst part. Fiorina could have found out these facts very easily, because she is involved with groups that work with the Clinton Global Initiative and even got herself some free publicity in 2014 by appearing at a CGI event with former President Clinton.

So she mounted a damaging political assault on the same organization whose goodwill she had exploited for her own purposes, casually defaming thousands of foundation employees who perform important work — without even attempting to learn the truth from them first.

To me, this indicates personal character so low as to disqualify her for any elected office, let alone the presidency. She is untrustworthy as well as incompetent.

Anyone who has studied Fiorina’s career probably knows that already. Discussing her disdain for a minimum-wage increase at the CGI event, she blamed increasing economic inequality on “crony capitalism” – a problem highlighted, of course, by her own $40 million golden parachute, which enraged Hewlett-Packard stockholders, executives, and workers.

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  • Billie

    Didn’t HP fire her because she was a lousy CEO?

  • Daniel Jones

    The reason she didn’t fact check is the little menace knew damn well she was lying.

    Let me repeat that.

    She wasn’t making any mistakes and she was not being oblivious.

    Bitch. Was. Lying.

  • fortunev

    Bitch. Is. A. Lying. Bitch.
    My haiku for the day.

  • King Honkey

    The Wicked Witch of the Right is not expected to be truthful or competent. That would disqualify her from the GOP ticket.

  • charleo1

    “Now the nonpartisan has bluntly corrected Fiorina’s nonsensical accusation in long, painstaking refutation of what she and others (including a Fox News genius named Gerri Willis) have said about the Clinton Foundation’s spending.” And, isn’t that one of the big challenges in our political conversation today? There seems to be no penalty for making up the spurious, even outrageous assertion, or accusation. That often requires a tremendous amount of fact finding, information gathering, and maybe 4 or 5 paragraphs to rebut. But by then the readers have often moved on, while the lie just sort of hangs out there gathering cynicism. The fact finders are accused of partisanship for their part. And the lie itself is never actually settled, but rather is pigeonholed by the talking heads as being just another,
    “He said, she said, “controversial issue,” to be discussed ad nauseam on cable news as if both sides were equally credible.

  • Dominick Vila

    The only charitable thing I can say about Fiorina is that she has one of the most powerful attributes, indeed, a requirement, to be considered a bonafide conservative: the art of deception. The 5% claim advanced by FOX to its captive audience is based on the fact that the Clinton Foundation allots 5% of its outlays to other charities in the form of grants. The rest of its revenues is spent on charitable projects, salaries, travel, the acquisition of equipment or expertise needed to implement their projects, etc. The truth, when a person with a minimal amount of business expertise, and objectivity, examines the documents the Clinton Foundation submits to the U.S. government reveals that their charitable expenses exceed those of most other charitable organizations.
    Absent from Fiorina’s discourse ire the revenues and expenditures of TAX EXEMPT political organizations and churches. I question why those institutions enjoy tax exempt status while the rest of us have to justify every dime we earn and pay taxes on the money we make, while organizations that do not contribute the welfare of the people don’t have to pay taxes on the money they get. I can’t say I am surprised though…

  • booker25

    Carly doesn’t have anything to run on so she has appointed herself as the Hillary attack dog.

    • charleo1

      Exactly! My strong impression is being the female attack dog is the sole reason the Republicans/Right Wing media, is pretending she’s a viable candidate. Plus, she’s certainly got the schnauzer for it. Ditto, in my opinion with Ben Carson, BTW. Strictly ornamentation, a la, Herman Cain. To add a splash of color to an otherwise drab homogenous white male lineup. With the GOP it’s never about their policies. Their policies stink! So it’s all about the presentation, and stagecraft. It’s all about the show!

    • Carolyn1520

      They needed a woman to attack the woman who will run and win.
      Otherwise what’s her name is no more than another seat filler on the idiot bus.

      • booker25

        Even then she does a piss poor job of it. Just like she did at HP, that’s why she got her arse fired.

  • Insinnergy

    She’s a fake presidential candidate. She’s betting that whoever the GOP settles on, they also decide that they need a woman as Vice Pres.

    In effect she’s the next Sarah Palin.
    And well qualified to fill those shoes, I think.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The only work the GOP today EVER does is to attack anyone and everyone that refuses to fall for their lies, deception and distortions. If this is their version of “CONservative” ideology, it’s a huge waste of their time.

    At what point in life did the GOP EVER get the idea that they had naught but to speak and we would all just magically fall over in shock and awe like they do in their Tent Revival meetings?

    Fiorina is now what she was at Hewlitt Packard, the “token” woman. The GOP obviously wants all of us to be impressed by a female suck up who was given only 2 years to prove herself as a CEO and then, it was “2” and “out?”

  • Carolyn1520

    When one can’t run on their own merits, it’s SOP in the GOP to try and bring their opposition down to their level. She’s just playing by their rule book. Yawn.