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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi is finally rotting in the ground, ending the unsavory spectacle of his bloody corpse on public display in a refrigerated vegetable locker. A guy like him was lucky not to end up with his head on a stake.

He was a terrible man who, like Saddam Hussein, came to a terrible end. This overdue event would never have happened without air support from the United States and the commitment of President Barack Obama, whose strategy was lambasted from day one by the usual windbags.

  • Ben Shaw

    This article provides an amoral, if not immoral, analysis of the military action in Libya. It ignores these facts:

    1. Contrary to the requirements of the U.S. Constitution, the Obama administration did not bother to consult with Congress when it participated and helped fund this war.
    2. The terms of the U.N. Resolution were violated by changing the focus of the NATO “no-fly” zone from protecting civilians to regime-change.
    3. NATO marginalized or rejected attempts by the African Union to negotiate a ceasefire between the parties to save lives.
    4. Chose between which civilians to protect by bombing pro-regime civilian targets which also violated the U.N. resolution authorizing NATO’s action.

    The war was a blatant effort by former colonial powers and the U.S. to get more favorable terms on the oil in Libya than they had when GGaddafi ruled Libya . The favorable results will embolden the Neocons and Neoliberals who dominate both political parties to intervene or attack other countries such as Syria and Iran.
    Even the promoting democracy argument is suspect in the post-Gaddafi era. U.S. taxpayers are not off the hook yet, as the Colin Powell Pottery Barn analogy is still in play, “If you brake it, you own it.”

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  • lifeinyouisgod

    What happened to Muammar was his due, as the Quran says, “Whatever befalls you is your due amen.” But now it is the due of those who did it to him amen. Because whatever you do, “You will reap what you sow amen.”

  • Dennis W

    The murder if Muammar Gadhafi is not what he was due. He was due a fair trial at which he would have been convicted. He was due being sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. Murdering him, despite being as heinous as any thing he is accused of doing, let him off of most of his punishment. This was unjust to his victims who deserved to relish in his suffering.

  • Gillian

    There is nothing “deserving” about what the US and NATO (just a global US military, who do you think pays for the majority of NATO’s expenses?)did. Gadhafi was our “best friend” until he refused to play ball with the dictator Obama and his European cronies. And if that is not enough, why did they then kill his 16 year-old son? What did a kid do? The US government is nothing better than an out-of-control dictatorship, and Obama makes every president before him, including Baby Bush, look like cub scouts.

    Ron Paul for 2012!

    • ig5959292ee

      foad, thx

  • Anosike Aloysius

    The exit of gadafi, had water down the evil tension he had mounted in Libya for passed 42 solid years he used building tunnels that did not save him. Serving life sentence for how many of his victims.

  • Bassicdave

    The “murder” of Gadhafi. I suppose you’ll blame that on Obama too.

    Sure justice would have been served had he been brought to trial – ultimately the outcome would have been the same – but quit whining about it.

    As Mr. Hiaason said, Republicans can have nothing positive to say about anything Obama does. You are marginalizing yourselves. Events that are so plainly and skillfully executed by President Obama, to criticize them make you look like fools.

    President Bush may have completely blown his opportunity to prevent 9/11 but his entrance into Afghanistan was swift. The public and world at large were supportive of this action. With the diversion of troops into Iraq his stock collapsed along with the economy of the United States. What did not collapse was the hatred for the United States in the Middle East and with Bush’s swagger, the standing of the United States in the world as a global citizen.

    And you, Mr. Shaw, with your narrow-minded point about the constitutionality of Obama’s actions in Libya – your time arguing constitutionality would be better spent on the violation of your 4th Amendment rights to due process that your phone is monitored by the NSA or 1st Amendment right to assemble such as the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are being unconstitutionally harassed by the police.

    You are all alike. Righteous indignation over everyone else’s shit but your own.

  • Ben Shaw

    In response to bassiedave. I also concerned about the loss of my 4th Amendment rights. But, The Constitution is not a zero sum game. I can walk and chew gum and be concerned about multiple Constitutional issues at the same time.

    Concern about the violation of the Constitutional requirement that Congress is the only branch of government with the right to declare or at least authorize war is not “narrow-minded”. The possible loss of life of American soldiers and of the people we target and the expenditure of our financial resources in dire economic times are crucial to both or moral and financial well-being.

    The U.S. is expanding its reach everywhere in the world. The creation of the Africa Command and recent excursions in mineral-rich parts of Africa by the U.S. military show the consequences of the demise of the power of Congress to declare/authorize war.

    Please read more about Article One, Section 8 of the Constitution here:

  • Gillian

    The “murder” of Gadhafi. I suppose you’ll blame that on Obama too.

    Of course I am going to blame this on Obama. It was HIS Secrectary of State, Clinton, who said: We came, we saw, he’s dead. How is that NOT Obama’s fault? Isn’t she one of his tools??

    Of course, Obama isn’t the one who is really in charge, he’s just the face they put up to the public. Nonetheless, he doesn’t get a free pass. He is the president, and he does have to take some of the responsibility.

  • lugdus

    To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;