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Saturday, March 23, 2019

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Mitt Romney will join President Barack Obama for lunch at the White House on Thursday, in the first meeting between the two men since Obama defeated Romney on Election Day three weeks ago.

Shortly after the election, Romney criticized Obama, claiming that he won re-election by giving “gifts” to young voters, African-Americans, Latinos, and other groups that overwhelmingly voted for the president. Could this have been a sneering farewell to voters who Romney always disdained? Perhaps. Or maybe Romney was just jealous that he didn’t get any swag for himself.

To help bury the hatchet and move past the campaign, here are five gifts that Obama could give to Romney at their White House meeting:

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153 responses to “5 Gifts Obama Could Give To Romney”

  1. corbogey says:

    Obama is such a class act…

    • 81643 says:

      I think you mean ‘low class’ act ……

      • johninPCFL says:

        Now you’re talking about McCain.

      • ExPAVIC says:


        Now what game have you been watching? Tell us all were it’s being played. Maybe Karl Rove’s front yard?

      • corbogey says:

        I am only trying to be helpful and not being a jerk but if you like that comment, you really need to try to understand where your anger really comes from. Obama is probably the nicest, kindest, high moral fiber President we have ever had. He really loves his family and this country. I am not saying that you have to vote for him but if you don’t see that he is a really good person that never loses his cool or returns the anger that is spewed at him, you need to understand what is wrong with you. You are living in an alternate reality if you don’t see this. I don’t like his politics on every issue for sure but to hate this guy, you have to look at yourself or the information source you are plugged into. I would say the same to someone who hates George Bush. I wish I hadn’t voted for him (twice-ouch!) but I would bet that he is a very nice person that no one should hate. Bottom line: there is no room for hate in politics. It is just politics for God’s sake. It is not life or death until we send our kids to war.

      • amedeo11 says:

        I think you are referring to yourself and a lot of the Republicans. You people just don’t get it!

      • Inviting an opponent, after a spirited campaign, and encouraging him to share his views on how to solve the problems we are facing is something the average Republican will never understand. Your immature comment proves the lack of class that characterizes GOP behavior.

      • highpckts says:

        yippee! Another sore loser!!

      • adler56 says:

        You don’t think you just repeat repugnant lies.

    • corbogey says:

      oops, I responded to the wrong message. See my response down a couple. Please don’t be a hater. I seriously am concerned for people who are fed so much misinformation from places like Fox News. Good people are lied to and then they make you look dumb. I watch FoxNews more than any other channel because I am very interested in how good they are at subtly feeding propaganda to people as if it were not biased. The result is hatred for a President that has done nothing to deserve it except to not look like the 43 Presidents before him.

      • jetfuel4 says:


      • duckie66 says:

        this is so very true. i dont think some people will ever get over it due to so much hate they carry around in themselves. i live in small town north carolina and stopped at a conveniance store this afternoon for the local paper (population around 7000) and one of the locals was outside talking about our president and every other word out of the guys mouth was the N word. some people have no respect for the office of the POTUS. make me sick to my stomach to hear these type of remarks. i pray everyday that it will end but i know in my heart that it never will but i suppose one can always have hope.

        • tman000 says:

          These type people are full of “hate & fear” like Tabloid Radio hosts, except these “hosts” have an agenda to keep America split, all in the name of “greed”.

        • corbogey says:

          Most people don’t realize how much hate for black people that still lives in the south. It makes me laugh when people are surprised at what bad losers the Republicans are being. How can this surprise you when most of the red states in the south still are not over the war they lost to Lincoln in 1865. I live in a red state also (AZ) and there is a lot of racist people out here too. The good news is that I don’t see that hatred in most of the kids. The general reason that this state is red is because of all the racist old people that moved here to retire. I am one of those older people so I better watch myself with what I am about to say but hopefully more and more of these old intolerant people start to tip over into graves and let their kids and grand kids take their place. The younger they get the more they seem not to understand why the pigment color of skin is a good way to judge character and why hating someone because they are different than you is really stupid. Even kids of really racist people I know are ending the cycle of hate. Most of them interact with people of color at school, etc. It is really hard to say that you hate all black people if you have a friend or even an acquaintance who you don’t hate. The friend of racism is ignorance so I hope we start investing more in education like Jeb Bush and President Obama have been great champions of.

          • I feel if the folks in the South that voted for Mitt only due to him being white would have voted for O , the final count would have been much greater in O favor.

          • shopper says:

            I’m one of those ‘older’ people, too but I was raised in small, town northern. Had a law that said non-whites could not be in the town after sunset. We moved when I was in high school and finally had some blacks in the next town. A boy was in my high school class. I didn’t hate blacks…….I just did not know them. I’m glad that changed with every year that I aged, learned more, and made new friends. My children learned from the beginning. I hope we can all continue to learn. I don’t ‘hate’ anyone, there are many I do not respect and that has nothing to do with skin color but everything to do with their intelligence and common sense.

          • Honor2 says:

            I, too, am one of those “older” people, but I was raised in the south. I was not brought up to hate anyone, and never have. The only thing I hate is prejudice which is prevalent in both the north and the south. My folks taught us to judge a person by their character, not by their color. Lots of people here in the south should have been taught the same, as well as many northerners.

          • Gilbert says:

            And let us not forget… President Obama is the product of this change in thinking by the younger generation. His mother, a white woman from Kansas, produced him with the aid of an African father! Some people, no doubt, will hate him just for that as they contemplate their own sons and daughters making a similar choice in life. These people will die-off though. Die and be forgotten.

        • Gilbert says:

          Thank God these people don’t live for ever! They are low-lifed TRASH, who count for nothing, losers who have thrown in the towel and blame others for their own sorry state-of-affairs. Who cares what they think???

      • kdisg says:

        Hey Corbogey: You must remember something my friend, Fox “make it all up as they go along newscasters” Hate Obama for one reason and one reason only, look back at All THE BULLSH_T STORIES they have made up and us fact checkers showed those storties for the lies they were, what Obama has done for woman alone in the face of the gop doing everything to set woman back on everything has made woman vote for him and NOT killing medicare made seniors vote for him, and NOT killing medicare, disability and programs to help americans in need brought alot more to vote for him, thats why he won even though they hate him because the color is wrong, but remember these are the same people who think a woman should walk behind her husband and make a less wage when she does the same job he does. So how can we expect anything less than tea party loonies taking over the republican party and the rest of them following. I agree with you and love that comment you made about the 43 president before him.

    • amedeo11 says:

      He really is. That is one of the reasons I so admire him.

    • onedonewong says:

      yea not many folks that hate this country are able to con the majority of illegal and black voters

  2. My View says:

    A swift kick in the pants on the way out the door and office!!!!

  3. LillianL says:

    Stay Humble like he is. His gift was inviting him to the White House.

  4. For Christmas, a lump of coal, one of Robme’s campaign themes. Let him eat coal.

  5. GINA says:


  6. corbogey says:

    I’ve been a Republican for 50 years and I have no problem with anyone not voting for him but if you hate this guy, you either have other issues that you need to work on or you are getting information from someone or something (Maybe Fox News or other TV or radio audience) that is not giving you the truth. No matter how much we don’t like his politics, he is an extremely good person that all of us should be proud of for how he represents our country. There is no room for hate in politics, no matter what. Full disclosure: I am not sure that I can say I am still a Republican because Obama was the first Democrat I ever voted for when I voted for him in 2008 and in 2012 I voted for the entire Democratic ticket because I felt that most Republicans became party first and country second and I will never support that. We are Americans first and if you don’t get that, you need to leave public service. It is not called party service. I hope I can vote Republican again some day but my Senator (McCain) has gone off the deep end now too on the Susan Rice made up conspiracy. He lost my support in the 2008 election when he tried to become a “severe conservative” also! I don’t want severe conservative, severe liberal or severe anything else representing me. We need a bunch of young moderate John McCains to replace this old John McCain and people like him and then I will be back. My Mother had a saying that works well for almost everything including Politics. She would say “everything should be taken in moderation”. She meant that even too much of good things like religion, excursive, health food, etc. can be a bad thing…everything in moderation.

    • Riobound says:

      Yes, including moderation.

      The article was meant to be humorous.

      My suggestion is for you to vote in some reasonable Republicans. Then both sides can start a dialog and actually run the country and pass laws that help the public instead of the vitriol and fear mongering that has been served up by the GOP since 9/11.

      Go on! Vote in reasonable politicians. I’m all for it. Get rid of those T-baggers whose only goal is to hurt Americans. Stop playing the race card by telling your “mouth-pieces” to shut up if they have nothing constructive to say. Tell them to work for ALL Americans not just the few with the big bucks and bigger bank accounts.

      But I really don’t think that will happen until the Repubs lose a few more election cycles. And by that time the GOP will be irrelevant.

    • johninPCFL says:

      McCain is just pushing for another chance for Scott Brown. If Kerry goes to SoS, his seat goes back up for a special election, and Scott Brown would probably win.

      • Bear in mind that John Kerry is being considered for either the SOS job or Secretary of Defense. Either way, his senate seat will be vacant and a replacement will be needed. Yes, there is a good chance Scott Brown may be picked to replace Kerry, but I think there is more to what is going on that little ole Brown. The GOP is already in full campaign mode for 2014 and 2016. Parading Ayotte is not an accident, they are getting ready for Hillary’s nomination. That is also the reason they are trying to discredit her record as SOS. If what I suspect is true, I think they will fail miserably. Ayotte is no Clinton, and Hillary’s record speaks for itself.

        • johninPCFL says:

          You may be right, but I think they’re focusing on the short term. Brown nearly tied Warren, so if he were put on another ticket, he’d be tough to beat. Sinking Rice to force Kerry to the SoS job is just so easy, it feels like that’s the strategy.

          I think I’d nominate Rice anyway. Let the GOP hold her up while the ME burns, but make sure the daily data gets broadcast.

      • Hillbilly says:

        Scott Brown can’t take Kerry’s seat, he doesn’t live in North Dakota.

    • oldtack says:

      I think you echo a lot of what everyone feels down deep.

  7. kanawah says:

    Anne might not appreciate the Viagra.

  8. Riobound says:

    An Etch-A-Sketch with a drawing of Romney that will not erase …

    And a pair of flip-flops

  9. abundidi says:

    A heart 😀

  10. Stella53 says:

    A couple of binders full of women!

  11. Delores S says:

    what great gifts 2 give 2 mitt romney 4 the holiday’s

  12. Tom Clark says:

    An absolutely free of charge, best money can buy audit from the IRS on his last 10 year tax returns, made public of course.

  13. Budgie says:

    The backs of every one of the 47% he derided.

  14. 81643 says:

    The oval office would be the best gift Oblame-a could give

  15. lighthousejustice says:

    Ha, ha, ha, we all know the President is way to classy to pull Mitt in and game him (like many of us would like.) Mitt has a wealth of knowledge about business and finance, his views could be helpful on this subject. They might also try and hammer out some sort of agreement that would soften the intense sanctimony which the GOP exudes. One thing for sure, the President will not give ground on his people first appraoch to government. This could prove very interesting.

  16. mtooey says:

    How about the gifts Jesus Christ gave to the people – love, compassion, understanding, tolerance and humility. Romney does not seem to possess any of these gifts. The so called Christian GOP has probably never heard of them as well.

    • Honor2 says:

      Love, compassion, understanding, tolerance, and humility all call for reciprocal agreements–I don’t think that is in Romney’s being. As much as I would like to say it would do him good, I am afraid I can’t. Sometimes, you just have to let things lie as they will and this seems to be one of those things.

  17. Landsende says:

    I’m glad the two are meeting and hope it is a civilized meeting. There is to much divisiveness in politics. Hopefully it will set a precedent and the politicians on both sides set aside partisan politics and will work together on the problems the country is facing. Sounds like a fairy tale but stranger things have happened.

  18. frida says:

    A logo written: I LOST TWICE !

  19. bslow says:

    This just shows the mean spiritness of the left! The election is over….let it go!

  20. bslow says:

    This just shows the mean spiritedness of the left. The election is over…let it go!

  21. Judy says:

    Have some respect. You must be a Repub.

  22. Judy says:

    A fake Pinocchio nose.

  23. Judith Geary says:

    A donation in Romney’s name to the Clinton Foundation. Since Bill Clinton so effectively reaches across the aisle to Republican leaders it would be one way (maybe the only way) Romney could work with George Bush senior on a project to improve the world.

  24. a80a says:

    he could offer him the job,hillary is vacating. then OLD SENATORS who don,t like anyone could join the negative response of both parties neither of the three monkeys would like this nomination either,

  25. DukeDacat says:

    Open the door, invite him in, and face to face say….nan a nan a nan a nan nan……

  26. ExPAVIC says:


    McCain has an excuse for being a wimpy a–hole when you think about the head beatings he took while a guest at North Vietnam’s “Hanoi Hilton.”

    Romney, however, was born a wimpy a–hole Mormon and that unfortunately will never change.

  27. bslow says:

    Hogwash from the liberal media. Two years of complete control over the legislature and what did he do…couldn’t even pass a budget. I think liberals have become more angry and unhappy through the years…even when they win!!

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Uh, does repub filibustering ring a bell anywhere in you’re belfry? Super majorities? How about attestment and vows from pubs to hinder any dem budgets? Having control over the house and senate during the first half of a presidency isn’t a sho-in (ask dubya how he coped with his majority). You’re a fool who’s a sore loser and part of America’s continued problems.

  28. dre says:

    John McCain is just a bitter old crack face man. He doesnt have it all in his head so he has to do something that makes him feel good about himself, which is attack others.

    • oldtack says:

      John McCain is a class act con artist.
      According to a fellow Cadet with McCain at Pensacola:

      McCain would never have gotten through flight training except for the fact that his Father was a Full Admiral.

      McCain would not have lost his plane and become a POW if he had obeyed orders on flight altitude.
      McCain would not have gotten himself in this problem if he had bothered to learn Combat tactics in Cadet School.

      Many American servicemen ended up as POWs and many were there as long as McCain. But- they came home and absorbed themselves in Civilian life whereas John McCain milked his for all it was worth. He wore his POW time like a bloody badge on his shoulder for pity pandering. He has used it in Congress and in public life. We need good Senators – we don’t need more McCains.

      • jarheadgene says:

        I’ve also heard those stories. But repeating them is one thing I do not condone. At least the guy Wore the uniform, unlike so many Cowards like Romney that want to lead but NEVER learned to follow first. And do forget that ChickenHawk Cheney.

        • oldtack says:


          I stand corrected. You are right. I commend John McCain for his service. but I can’t condone him or any Serviceman exploiting their war record for gain of any kind. From you post ID I assume you served in the U S Marine Corp and for that I want to thank you. You did mention five rtime exemption Cheney but you failed to mention Clinton, and George AWOL Air National Guard Bush. I’m sure if we did a search we would find many more in our Government that dodged every war.

          Ruh Rah

  29. dre says:

    Romney would have cared about the victims of Hurricane Sandy if it had done something to him or his family. Other than that, he is selfish.

  30. Honor2 says:

    I think Romney should be given an Obamacare Health insurance policy.


  32. DurdyDawg says:

    Well if that’s the tradition then my enemies owe me big time.. Wait a minute! They’re my enemies, they owe me nothing as I owe them nothing. Give this toad a gift and watch how fast he turns it against his host.. Give the loser the time of day, nothing more..

  33. whitelady4Obama says:

    Our President could give Romney the gifts of collaboration, compromise, humility…..BUT most important an ability to see, care and have compassion for middle class and people at and under the poverty level. ………Cause Romney doesn’t have a CLUE about that.

  34. Obama should give Romney a tax bill for over due taxes.

  35. The reason the republicans lost the election 1 No class,2 greedy,3 power hungry, 4 fot very smart,and 5 not realizing the power of the people for the and by the people. God Bless Obama.

  36. JohnRetiredSenior says:

    I’m disappointed in Henry Decker. In writing this article, I’m guessing he was trying to be funny, but I didn’t find it funny at all. Fortunately I think that Obama takes his job as President seriously and will try to find some common ground with Romney where Romney can work with the Obama administration to achieve some good for our country.

  37. amedeo11 says:

    Romney should get a swift kick in the you know where. When Romney was campaigning he never acknowledged Obama’s accomplishments. He was always putting down Obama’s performance in the White House. I do not believe in turning the other cheek. I would not invite him to lunch. No matter what Obama does, Romney will always look down on him as a person. He is a hyprocrite.

  38. corbogey says:

    As they keep counting more and more votes to finally get the election finalized, Obama keeps widening the amount he won by. He is at 52/48 already but it seems like far more of these absentee or other manually counted ballots are Obama votes. When all is said and done, I think Romney will only get about 47% of the vote and Obama 53%. I can’t be the only one who thinks that would be really funny considering his 47% comment. Ok, maybe I am…

    • rabrock46 says:

      I really LOVE your thinking, and find it comforting to know that I’m not the only one who really appreciates it when “Poetic Justice” finds ” justified irony” in real life….especially when the recipient (Mr. Romney) so richly deserves a pointedly, humbling experience.

  39. ivory69690 says:

    Romney criticized Obama’s “gifts” to African Americans, Latinos, and other groups that supported the president’s re-election./// and ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY what was the gifts you was going to give out ????? hmmmmmmmmmmm oooh ya you was going to give the greedy bastards 2 % of the rich more money . that thy dont even need . as far as what the Pres. ran on was to take care of the 98 % of the ppl. his thinking that from the dirty Bush era . the greedy bastards 2 % had gifts given to them from BUSH for too long . what the DIRTY BUSH era did to this country and its ppl. is put us all in a deep hole and was breaking the country bank account . and took what ever money the country had in the bank and blow it not only that but had to start 2 wars on faulse and bad intelagents info . as for the gifts you was going to give ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY well your greedy bastard buddys the 2 % did pay alot to try to buy the house . but lose . and now their mad that thy are losers now and blow a lot of money to try to buy the house . awwwwwwwwwww poor POS

  40. deniswinkle1 says:

    I thing Obama should give Romney and Norquist brand new luggage made in China. And a free one way airfare to china as well. Oh and don’t forget Mcconnell, Ryan and Harder.

  41. ivory69690 says:

    To help bury the hatchet and move past the campaign,/// put a hatchet in the head of the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEYS and bury it deep

  42. ivory69690 says:

    Chris Christie, will tell the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY made so sick that he wants to be a DEM now

  43. highpckts says:

    Really??? Mean spiritedness??? You have got to be joking!! Libs mean spirited? Do you read the news? Who is mean spirited about the election? THE REPUBLICANS!

    They have been nothing but negative since the results came in including Romney!!

  44. I am a little late, but I would have voted for the empty chair!!

  45. highpckts says:

    And you are brainwashed from all the fed hogwashto you by Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh!!

  46. c_orit says:

    I’m thinking a gift certificate for boarding your poor dog while traveling I’m guessing the poor tortured animal would much prefer that to roof-top travel

  47. How about is very own Democratis Party tie pin and when he is not looking have a white house staff slap a vote Obama bumper sticker on his car… LOL!

  48. five gifts for mitt, here they r, 1. learn to count, 2. stop lying to gain votes or points, think about
    the poor, don,t be a sneakie racist, pay you’re fair share of taxes,

  49. BonnieMama says:

    More gifts for Mitt Romney:
    1. Good scientific background info on Climate Change – not the papers written by the Bush lawyers who ran EPA but by scientists and humanists who can draw the connecting line to Hurricane Sandy.
    2. Something along the lines of “A Nation of Immigrants” – not just cold demographics but socio-economic impact and updates; e.g. the JFK’s “Aliens whose Services are Needed” law that moved us forever from 50’s country of origin quota system.
    This is on the premise that there’s hope for the man . . . besides being a poster boy for “you can have all the cash – but none of the class”. Oh, sorry Trump already has a corner on that.
    Sign me first generation immigrant who came under the Kennedy bill to contribute to the DNA research, mother to professional children (one served in Iraq) who voted for Obama, now a proud member of the 47%.

    • Bonnie, good for you! More people need to remember at some time most of us were immigrants or the children of immigrats. My grandmother was an Irish immigrant with a fifth grade education. She raised four sons, three of whom had doctor’s degrees. The fourth had master degree and served on the Boston Fire Department. Two of her sons were college Professors, one of whom was a mentor to Bill Clinton, all in one generation. America the land of opportunity, if only the rich and powerful would recognize the potentiential contributions of new immigrants.

  50. The trophy FICKLE FINGER OF FATE from Laugh In needs a home. I´m sure the rooftop dog would love to see it next to his bowl.

  51. dianrib says:

    Mr Pres Why bother to have lunch with MITT when you have so much to do ?

  52. Edna says:

    how about a free tutorial service for Romney…. lessons on how to be honest, kind, compassionate and be smart to relate to the 47% with dignity and respect.

  53. anthonyw says:

    ’tis the season for giving,where was romney’s ‘gifts”?

  54. Ed says:

    How about a thorough IRS audit?

  55. abbey says:

    lf the president wants my inputs as regards a gift list for Mr. Romney, well here are my list that i am sure he will appreciate , something decorative that will remind him if things have went his way..

  56. abbey says:

    Romney @ the whitehouse for Lunch..Let me guess the MENU.. since the man does not drink alcohol.. it has to be a pizza and that bubling water from FRANCE.perrie ..and a specially brewed white house TEA.. ahhhhhhh..hahahahahahahaha….
    l am still waiting for my own gift from the president, Romney told me there is a gift for people like me ..hey Mr. president iam ..WAITING…

  57. MethMouthMary says:

    Great gift ideas! Maybe the Pres could put them under the National Christmas (Holiday) Tree and invite Mittens over on Xmas morning to open presents.

  58. abbey says:

    lf the president wants to send me a gift, i dont want money, i want a life size cut out cardbord of the empty chair with Mr. Romney and the Actor standing behind the
    chair and shaking hand, then i can seat on it and take a picture, send a copy to G O P
    CHAIRMAN AND ALL THE lunatics present @ the so called convention.

  59. robert says:

    Felix Navidad, senor Myth. . . Stay thirsty, my freng.

  60. suddencall says:

    Romney Deserves no gifts at all. He is a menace to our society.

  61. Diana says:

    The best gift would be if he gave Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan the Presidency and Vice Presidency in January.

  62. robert says:

    corbogey, you’re not republican, you’re actually American. you vote America, not Democrat, not Republican, not Tea Party, not Independent—- America. me too.

  63. Rex H says:

    I’d give Rummy the ugly stick.

  64. President Obama is a class act. He is a caring person who wants the best for all the people not just the wealthy. Also, he is the smartest guy in the room, any room he is in. Warren Buffett and Colin Powell realize that, and they are also very intelligent and caring. That is one reason that he won reelection by a wide margin.

  65. You are so right Johnin. We all noticed how the tea party R’s came out and said the same thing. They think everyone is stupid. When they all say “I am more concerned now, and John Kerry would be so much better for the job” they think we don’t know they just want Kerry’s senate seat for the loser Brown. And, they will slam a good woman just so they can win.

  66. marciano3rd says:

    I have loved reading National Memo, until this. Don’t add insult to injury. Or maybe you are trying to be funny.

    • bob eddy says:

      actually it was quite funny. Romney already added insult to injury when he started his “Obama won because he gave stuff away” line of nonsense….I see no reason not to insult this embarrassment to American politics and the Human race.

  67. thomas says:

    Tell Mitt Romney not to go away mad but just go away.

  68. patuxant says:

    How about a Rachel Ray spatula so he can flip flop with ease and to his heart’s content?

  69. tax payer says:

    I am just surprised that the Spurs sent four of their players home because their coach felt they needed some rest. He knew they had no chance against the Heat, so this way he’ll say they lost to the Heat because his top players were too scared to play the Heat.

  70. nanc35 says:

    Cute! These gave me a good laugh. Very appropriate.

  71. onedonewong says:

    You left out a notarized copy of his Kenya’s Birth Certificate
    $100 Million IOU from Michelles vacations
    his Indonesian national passport
    his canceled checks paid to him as a foreign student
    a bottle of his $400 a bottle WH beer

    • bob eddy says:

      And you apparently forgot to check back into reality before you posted. Once again we see why there are so few conservative comedians!

      • onedonewong says:

        Much more relevant than Deckers

        • bob eddy says:

          Like I say….The reason there are so few conservative comedians….You see, humor should be based on some sort of rational thought and have some connection with reality to be funny whereas your list if based entirely on myths from the right wing propaganda machine.

          • onedonewong says:

            Barak was born in Hawaii hahahahahah

          • bob eddy says:

            I understand why your sceptical, there are, however, a lot of black people born in the US and of course we have the birth certificate and the long form birth certificate and verification of both of those documents by both the state of Hawaii and independent sources as well a contemporary (That means they were printed in the newspapers at the time he was born) notices in newspapers (two of them, BTW) That’s some elaborate conspiracy, Skippy!

          • onedonewong says:

            No question there are too many blacks born in this country but very few have the father block filled out on the BC. The fact that the long form that barak “produced” has been looked at by experts as well as the Israeli Mossad and they have all say it was photo shopped

  72. bob eddy says:

    The only gift Romney has earned is the proverbial stick and a lump of coal (the elusive “clean” coal, of course!)

  73. Sundancer says:

    I would like to give Mittens a good kick in the seat of his pants. And stick my tongue out at him.

  74. ridemybroom says:

    give him 5 good swift kicks in the ass and send him home to ann…period !

  75. Jim Myers says:

    President Obama should give him a tax audit from the last 12 years.

  76. Willy Holliday says:


  77. keithdouglas322 says:

    I think that Mr. Romney already got a gret gift, a decent President who cares about this Country and it’s People; As well as the rest of the World

  78. John McCain is a neurotic suffering from neurosis from his prisoner of war experience, the defeat by President Obama and failure to get any position of authority as he would have liked to. These personal failures troubles McCain to a point that he finds himself perpetually disturbed psychologically and emotionally. McCain has found it difficult to adjust to the fact that after losing the presidential elections which he craved for so much, he is never going to get a another chance to have a go at it again. So the only thing he is left with is WITCH- HUNT and VENDETTA for point scoring against people who are age mates of his children if not grandchildren. Susan Rice is twenty nine years (yes 29 yrs) McCain’s junior, the President is twenty five years (yes 25 yrs) McCain’s junior. McCain should have self-respect by realising that he publicly humiliates himself by appearing to be pursuing witch-hunt and vendetta against people who are not of his age. At 76 years how much time has McCain got left in his life to be pursuing these type of baseless allegations against people like Susan Rice? Ms. Rice is a US Ambassador just like many other US Ambassadors around the world. She also needs protection alongside her staff like the Ambassador in Benghazi needed. It is completely incoherent as to how Susn Rice could have been expected to have or provide accurate information about the Benghazi attack as if she was the Head of CIA or the National Intelligence Agency. Indeed if Susan Rice had given accurate information on what happened in Benghazi, right now McCain would be up in arms accusing Ms. Rice of leaking classified information. There is no way McCain can ever be happy with anything, because his aim is not to get the truth but an effort to frustrate the President and all those around him. It is possible McCain may have been a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the past. John McCain should be pursuing rtd Gen David Patreaus who was the Direct of CIA at the time the Benghazi tragedy took place. Unfortunately, Gen Patreaus was busy with Paula Broadwel at the time, so he was not even aware of what was going on in Benghazi. But McCain is also scared of taking on Gen Patreaus because in military ranks, McCain stands nowhere. In fact McCain has no military reputation to talk about. So the easiest target for McCain to take on Ambassador Rice an easier target for McCain. Last week when Gen Patraeus was briefing Congress about what happened in Benghazi, McCain was out in the streets crowing that the Administration was not giving them enough information about the Benghazi fiasco. When confronted by the press as to why he was not attending the briefing he ran away spewing verbal diarrhoea that as a senator he was free to be where he wanted. Something is amiss in-between McCain’s ears. Maybe the guy has become senile, such that he can’t differentiate sense from nonsense.

  79. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    Let’s think about what Romney can give to the president…..the gift of TRUTH……just because a fact is uncomfortable doesn’t take away from its truthfulness. When it was suggested that Obama was “buying votes” because of all the free stuff he provides, it bwasn’t said out of malice….it’s true! If you are unemployed, underemployed, disabled or simply enjoy benefiting from “free stuff” (food stamps, welfare, whatever) OF COURSE you will vote for the person giving it away. So would I! And as luck (or lack of hard work) would have it, there are more needy folks than ever here in the US than there were 4 years ago. So Obama in effect DID buy votes….call a spade a spade…..this is the democrat way of staying in power even without accomplishing anything else. It may sound crude, but IT’S THE TRUTH!

  80. exitright says:

    A clean pair of underwear. He walks like he could use some.

  81. Melvin Chatman says:

    A 2012 “Lie Detection Device” with the all latest upgrades that would shock him back to the TRUTH! AKA “Character”!!

  82. demograph says:

    Love the empty chair. However,

    I believe he could benefit from a PERSONALITY.

  83. I would give Governor Romney , a one way ticket to the Cayman Islands so he could spend more time with his money, an IRS audit, a case of lime jello, a case of hot chocolate mix and a case of Pacifico Mexican Beer!

  84. A handshake. A piece of Humble Pie. A side of Jackass meat. Turn him around, and a good strong swift kick in the seat of his pants! HPLMAO!

  85. joceandre says:

    I understand that they had turkey for lunch , Obama should have given Mitt the ” wish bone”.

  86. Patricia says:

    I don’t think that Romney should get any thing at all.

  87. bob eddy says:

    BS. You’re an idiot!

  88. Gilbert says:

    President Obama has already given Mitt Romney the best possible gift that an arrogant, spoiled brat could get from anyone… A damn good ASS-WHIPPING!!! … at the election polls. If Romney doesn’t learn from that, he will never know.

    • Honor2 says:

      We, the people, beat Romney. We put Obama in office because we wanted to. The election is over. (Romney has gone back to the Marriott Board–for some reason they wanted him back.) We now need to get on with our lives and support our president in whatever way we can.

  89. Gwendolyn says:

    Obama could reccomend a psychiatrist for An Rommney, I hear she needs one.

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