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Thursday, October 20, 2016

If you made a Republican theme park, the most popular section would simply be called “1980 Land.” Every time the right had to face a sitting Democratic president, they would gather in 1980 Land and wait for a new Ronald Reagan to appear.

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And you can understand why they pine for an election like the one in which Jimmy Carter was defeated and the GOP went on to hold the White House for 12 years. Carter led for most of the race and lost to the former governor from California in the last weeks of the election. It’s a fantasy so appealing that game show hosts from the 1980s seem to have magically appeared to invoke it:


Yet this fantasy makes little sense when you look at the particulars of the 1980 campaign, which Republicans rarely do.

Click here to find out why 2012 isn’t 1980.

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  • bcarreiro

    tell chuck wollery that obama will be back in 2 in 2. why do all the good presidents get shot?????

    • Because they push progress. Not only for America, but for all of humankind.

  • Link’s broken, someone put the actual reasons up?

  • Jimmy Carter was, for better or worse, a very bland person whose behavior was constrained by his deep religious beliefs. He was more inclined to talk fact than engage in an argument, and was very reluctant to launch a vicious attack against an opponent even when he was the target of such attacks. President Obama, like Bill Clinton, is a fighter and he is not going to roll over and take it like Carter did. I doubt Obama will do anything insulting, but I would not be surprised if he nails Romney on both policy and his personal record.

    • neece00

      But Carter has done more for the world in the last 30 years than any president ever. I still have great admiration for him, he is a good and decent person.

      • I agree. The way he has conducted himself and the endeavors he has engages in since he left office should serve as a model for all ex-presidents.

  • “Carter led for most of the race…” No he didn’t.

    • Ed

      Better check your facts!

  • emadis41

    Carter record also included 10 million jobs, which tarnishes any GOP president, including Reagan. Carter did not engage in attacks and deception of the voters, I did not find anything to blame him for with the exception of his brother dealing with Libya’s Gaddafy, which he denounced. He was fiscal concervativend a man of religious convection. The only President who succeeded in forging peace the Middle East that earned him a Nobel Prize. His peaceful, humanitarian, and democracy efforts are well known. Carter image is that of the “Good American”, in contrast with many others who portray the “Ugly American” abroad.
    What got Carter was the Iran hostage crisis, he Feds laon tightening more than Reagan carisma, theatricals , or statesmanship.

    • Ed

      Yeah, but the GOP tarred him as a wimp.

      • emadis41

        Was that who tarred him Ronald reagan who withdraw from Lebanon after we lost 257 Marines, or that who invaded Geranada? Or that Who was called the Teflon President because of the Iran Contra arms scandel?

    • I am still trying to figure out his peace prize. If you have looked at the Israeli-Palestinian situation lately, there is still the same apartheid and ethnic cleansing being practiced by Israel in both their country proper and the occupied West Bank that we boycotted South Africa, and sent troops to Bosnia for.
      Considering that Sharon and Netenyahu have done absolutely nothing to promote peace with their neighbors there still is no peace.

      • emadis41

        Carter did achieve peace between Egypt and Israel, and put the peace process on a roll; it was not his fault that the Israelis reneged on their obligations, or that the Presidents who followed himsided with the Israelis.
        I agree with you that Sharon and Netanyahu did nothing to promote peace, and worse they promoted the appartheid policies followed by Israel today.

  • I feel certain that the invisiable hand will come into play during this debate. Belshazzer will see the hands writing on the wall

  • S-3

    Link’s not working… Oh Well. I wanted to read this and reassure myself some things in my otherwise dying nation…

  • I’m still clicking and not getting the five reasons.