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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Republican Party

The 2014 midterm elections are kicking into high gear, with GOP primaries throughout the nation being watched closely as “establishment” Republicans and Democrats alike anticipate the defeat of several Tea Party candidates.

Just four years ago, the Tea Party emerged as a powerful and, for some, fresh force in the Republican Party. Today, however, ultraconservatives are struggling to maintain their foothold against party leaders. As a result, the GOP’s ongoing civil war has been exposed, as the far-right faction battles “establishment” Republicans for control of the party.

The political impact of this infighting is especially transparent ahead of the midterm elections: The Republican Party is increasingly more conservative as even its more moderate members recognize the threat posed by their Tea Party challengers.

But even as Tea Partiers enjoy their influence on the GOP platform, establishment Republicans seem likely to run up the score in primaries across the nation.

Read on to learn which Tea Party candidates are headed for defeat in 2014.

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  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    While I really don’t want to see Matt Bevin win the KY primary, I do want to see him injure Old Pruneface enough that Grime’s chanced are improved. As for “Doctor” Wolf, it looks like he tried the old Republican standby “If you can’t beat him, disqualify him” unsuccessfully, of course. The rest of these races, especially Georgia, has been especially entertaining to the rest of the country.

  • annienoel

    I just hope this Braun doesn’t go back to practicing medicine.

  • Kansan

    Roberts has much too much money to lose. The big money is the Koch camp that has no reason to dump him. He’s been their local stooge forever.

  • Kansan

    McConnell will win the primary easily. If Rand Paul opposed him, he might have trouble. but as he did in North Carolina with Kay Hagan’s opponent, he will support McConnell as the only candidate with a chance to beat Grimes.

  • Kansan

    Broun is an anti-evolution whackjob. If he can damage Perdue and harm his chances in November, I’d send him a donation.

  • Kansan

    We owe the Tea Party a vote of thanks. Their and Sarah Palin’s support of Carly Fiorina over Tom Campbell, who was much more electable, assured that Barbara Boxer would stay in office, despite Carly dumping $6.5 million into her own campaign. Palin also supported the unelectable Ken Buck (CO), Clint Didier (WA), Christine O’Donnell (MD), and Sharon Angle (NV), keeping the Senate solidly in Democratic hands in an otherwise disastrous year for them.