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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Today the odds of President Obama being reelected — according to Intrade — hit 72.5 percent. New York Times‘ poll guru Nate Silver says if the election were held today, the president would have a 94.8 percent chance of winning — and Mitt Romney would still have the odd tan he showed off at the Univison candidates forum. The Real Clear Politics average of polls has the president leading by three and nine tenths percent.

Click here to see how Mitt Romney could still win.

Basically, the chances Mitt Romney will win have never been lower.

But Gallup still shows the race as a tie. And Republicans look at all the polls and make assertions like “No incumbent who hasn’t had a more than a four percent lead two weeks after his convention has won.” Sounds convincing.

For the right, it’s always 1980, and they love to imagine Romney storming back — even as their nominee proves again and again that he doesn’t quite understand how to relate to actual human beings. So one thing is clear: If Mitt Romney is going to win, it won’t be because of Mitt Romney.

Still, America is a republic. and nothing is settled yet. Yesterday we told you why Mitt Romney is a worse candidate than John McCain. Today we’re going to explore how despite that fact, he could still win.

Click here to see how Mitt Romney could still win.

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  • old_blu

    #6 Pigs fly.

    • Tell Even Bigger Lies, Steal Even More, And Do More Cheating!!

  • sisterH

    I love Mitt! He will create jobs and cut government. He will help people because he truly cares. He is generous and smart.

    • BDD1951

      In your dreams, sister!

      • Romney Has Destroy American Companies By Loading Them With Debt, Romney Made 20.000 For Each Person He Fired And 15.000 For Each Person He Laid Off And 15.000 For Each Jobs He Shipped Overseas!! Romney Made Money Disposal Of Aborted Fetuses, Romney Funded Monsanto Help Make It The Giant Biotech Corporation Is Is Today Monsanto The Ones Who Put The Poison In Our Food All Over The World!! Romney Is A LIAR, A Bully An Animal Abuser, A Flip Flopping On Every Thing He Says And Romney Is A SOCIOPATH!! Romney Came In 47th In Jobs Created When He Was Governor And Mind You There’s Only 50 States, Romney Lied About Saving The Olympics, The Government Save The Olympics!!! All These Listed Are Well Known Facts!! Now To Any Sane Person What In All This Bullshit Say President Of The United States!! NOTHING!!

    • FortySevenPercent

      Sister H. Where have you been for the last few weeks ? Wake up and look around you.What make you think Mitt Romey cares anything about you. I’m sorry dear you been brainwashed.

      • rippper

        One more time. Look into Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts. Raised fees, tax breaks for his pals and who could forget The Big Dig in Boston. Go on, check it out. And while you’re at it, check out what he said about his sons doing as much as the sons and daughters in Iraqe by tring to get him nominated the last time he ran for office. Don’t remember that?

    • old_blu

      Cares about what? sister.

      • MONEY!!! And Being President Is Something On His Bucket List!! Money And Himself!!

        • old_blu

          Exactly, he don’t care what’s good for America, only what’s good for him and llie’n Ryan.

          Good morning Fern!

    • Sister, I realize Republicans have no choice but to support the man they nominated, but do you honestly believe the stuff you said? Mitt Romney is the most uncaring candidate in history, and if there was any doubt about his feelings and the priorities that are evident from his professional record, his recent statement about the way he feels about 47% of Americans said it all. The only thing Mitt Romney cares about is Mitt Romney.

    • BDC_57

      you like all his lies and is out sourcing jobs to over seas and giving tax breaks to the rich.

    • That is beliefs not facts.

  • Democrats worried about how close this election is should consider two things: (1) the final decision rests on the electoral college vote and President Obama has a commanding lead in that area with 237 solid votes, against Romney’s 199. If Obama wins Florida, and gets its 29 votes, he will only need a state like Ohio or Virginia to surpass the 270 votes needed to be re-elected. If that happens, it would not matter if Romney gets the remainder of states listed as toss ups or leaning one way or the other. President Obama is leading in Florida and with absentee ballot and early voting starting next week, that spells disaster for the Romney camp, and they know it. (2) Most polls are conducted via landlines because of outdated processes, cost considerations, and because of FCC regulations governing robo calls. The end result is that thousands of minorities and young people who cannot afford a landline phone but have a cell phone are not being polled, and most of them are Democrats. What this means is that the accuracy of the poll data we are seeing is likely to be off by at least a couple of points, enough to swing the popular vote in our favor.
    These, and Romney’s continuous gaffes, are the reasons for all the infighting within the Romney campaign; the reason Republicans in tight races are distancing themselves from Romney or openly criticizing his 47% and Libya statements, and the reason for the frustration that is apparent among Republicans.

    • Gammaanya

      Dominick you forgot to add, the other Repukes are in fight for their own jobs and they don’t want to be on unemployment line they will spew a different lies, once they stay on the job they will continue to be against the minority, no matter what. Look at Joe Walsh here in Il. he toned down for now because he is in fight for his dear job. He was in debt up to his eyeballs, his wealthy father paid rent on his house inMcHenry so he could run and he won over Mellissa Bean by 300 some votes. Narrow margin and only because money talk s and BS walks. Once he got in he now have all the money and talks BS and the Money people who hates Obama pouring in millions and he benefits from it. He is puny short, skinny and ugly (I mean ugly looking guy) and most people do not like him, but will vote for him because he tells them lies that they like to hear and they just don’t like black man. In his office in Fox Lake all whites. Fat Chris Christie, The Vaginal probe and evem Pawlenty quit R/R, they ALL in FIGHT FOR THEIR JOBS. ONCE THEY ARE IN ,THE BUSINESS AS USUAL. SHAME that they FILIBUSTERED the VETS jobs and benefits. SHAME. Well I guess SISTER H is Happy, she did not lose a limb, or brother or sister in a useless, costly war and will not ship any of her family members to fight for Israel with war in Iran.
      In reality war is bad for business and war is a racket.
      By the way Romney WILL NEVER show his taxes – he invest too much of his money in other countries who invest a lot of money in solar, wind power that he is against it here.
      If people did some research/travel further than walmart they would notice how other countries i nEurope so far a ahead of US in everything.

      • I could not believe it when Mitt Romney said yesterday that “of course we have to protect the social programs that benefit the middle class”, and his original tax plan is now focused on eliminating deductions that benefit the rich! I guess he finally realized his chances depend on how the middle class votes rather than what his country club pals want. Too late for him, he already showed his true colors and pandering to the middle class is now too little too late.

        • According to the IRS his tax returns are on the up and up. I can’t believe how you can support a party who spends money like water then put down a man because he has money. Obama has never had leadership skills. He is the only president that has embarrassed the US by apologizing and bowing to other countries which shows he is weak, not to mention his socialists ties. You people better wake up. There is a reason for a 4 year term. Not many presidents have gone a full two-year term.

          • old_blu

            My taxes are on the up and up also, but they are more on the up to 28%-33% not 14%.

            The rest of your comment I already heard from your blow up doll Rush.

          • Another Tea Bagging Idiot Found Her Way In Here We Must Get Hire A Bouncer!!LOL

          • old_blu

            LOL we do need a bouncer, Fern.

          • Here’s A Post I Read In Yahoo Last Night And Yes I’m Writing And Replying To Myself!!LOL Rush Limbaugh The Dear Leader Of The Republican Party Said It Best, This Election Is Not About Romney It’s About Getting Obama Out Of Office! He Said We Would Have Nominated Elmer Fudd If That’s What It Takes To Get Obama Out Of Office, The Hatred That The Majority of The Republican Party Have For Obama Is What Brought About This Sorry State Of Affairs, They Ran A Primary Like It Was A Reality Show With A Bunch Of Lunatics Escaped From The Loony Bin As Candidates There Were Only 2 That Made Any Sense Huntsman And Johnston And They Got Booted Out Because The Lunatic Were Running The Asylum! So They Nominated Romney Who Lied And Flip Flop On Every Issue Imaginable, Who’s Willing To Do And Say Anything To Get Elected, Now They Are Stuck With Having To Defend That Piece Of Cow Dung!! Any Of You Sane Republicans Brought This Upon Yourself By Sitting On Your Hands While The Loud Mouth Hijacked Your Party!! Now Live With It !!! Haterade!!

          • old_blu

            I don’t think alot of the rebublicans are happy with it either, but now they have to back the stupid canidate they chose, so once again Fern you “NAILED” it.

            I have been saying all along all they had to do is come up with one good canidate to win and they failed.

          • This Morning I Heard Romney Tell The People At A Rally He Had In California That Obama Haven’t Been Hard Enough On Fidel Castro That If He Was President He Would Get That Job Done And Get The Latinos Back To Work?????????????? This Man Is A One Man Wrecking Crew On His Own Campaign!! Castro??? This His Is In His 80’s And He Sick What In The Hell Is Wrong With Romney!! I Know He’s Is Sick Also In The Head!!!!!

          • old_blu

            Who gives a shit about Castro? LOL

            Maybe if it was the trade embargo, but Castro?

          • I Know Right ??? The Man Is Nuts!! This Morning Sarah Palin Said Romney Should Go Rogue LOL LMAO That’s The Problem!!! He Gone To Rogue!!!!LOL

          • old_blu

            LOLOL, I did not see that, like Palin should be giving anyone advice.

          • johninPCFL

            Since the teabaggers run the House, they’re spending the money.

          • WHAAT!

          • I suspect OBL and all the other Al Qaeda leaders killed during raids and drones have a different interpretation of what constitutes an apology.
            We have been awake all along, but you may want to make an effort to educate yourself about the meaning of socio-economic philosophies such as socialism before you accuse people of being socialist without having a clue of what that means. You may also consider the fact that when you call a President a liar you are insulting the Office of the Presidency and, by default, the American people and what our country stands for.

          • old_blu

            I agree Dominick, sounds like she just hates America. Hey Fran, why do you hate America?

          • BDC_57

            you are right about this not one of the teabggers have ever read any fact of what they are saying.

          • BDC_57

            you are idoit because u have no brains

          • old_blu

            You are absolutely right BDC_57 her brain is in Rush’s head.

            At least all her thoughts are in his head.

          • I See We Got Another Tea Bagging Nut Here Also And He AllllllAmerican Nuts Also!! LOL1

          • old_blu

            I think I will say something to him/her.

          • You are absolutely right, BDC, she has been programmed as to what to think.

          • Fran, no one doubts his tax returns are on the up and up. What they do is point out the disparity in what the top 1% pay compared to what the rest pay.

            None of your thoughts are original. They are talking points put out by faux news and other tea bagger blogs. Since you, and Romney thinks he should stop trying to establish dialogue with other nations, do you, and Romney plan on sending your kids to fight and die in another war that this country cannot afford? You talk about socialist ties and I find that something you cannot back up with facts from reliable sources.

            I have actually associated with people in countries that have socialized medicine.

            On thing you parrots do not have is the ability to do critical thinking. You only throw out the rhetoric you were programmed to throw out.

          • Fran, you would hardly be the person I would use to make up my mind as I only listen to facts from well-informed persons.
            Actually, studies show that Obama’ s spending is lower than Bush’s. This is what causes deficits: Not enough revenue coming in and we are paying for some very expensive wars. You don’t even have a grasp of government, whatsoever. Presidents are elected for four year terms. Which presidents only served two years of their term? We aren’t discussing the governorship of Alaska.

          • LOL Brain Dead !!LOL

        • old_blu

          Are you saying now he needs the 47%?

          • Just More Flip Flopping!! Duh?? That’s He Trade Mark And That’s Also His Problem!!! Romney Lawyer Sad This Evening They Cooked The Books!! Now Romney Going To Strap His Ass On Top Of His Car!!LOL

          • I think he finally realized that without the 47% he dismissed so handily he can not win in November, that’s the reason for his sudden transformation and all the pandering we are now hearing.

          • It is funny that several of the reddest states take the most in welfare money. Mississippi is the state that takes the most of all.

          • old_blu

            I guess the tea baggers like to use it okay, although I think it has more to do with the introduction of the civil rights bill.

          • Romney Is Full Of SHIT!!

        • Romney Is Full Of SHIT!!!!

      • jiggymama

        I thought that hiding money abroad was illegal. If so why hasn’t he been charged with tax evasion or what ever is appropriate?
        If the average person did the same the government would be on him like white on rice.

  • 3243565

    Romney is unfit to lead this country. If this is so, America could be in real danger if he were to become president. Think, Americans. Think, Americans. Think.

    • Right… think American… not socialist.

      • As usual, air headed talking points. You don’t even know what socialism is. I hope you aren’t using public roads, they are built by the government, that is socialism. If you house in on fire, call Hannity or Limpdick, because if you call a government run fire department, that is socialism. If a billionaire buys up thousands of acres to get paid from the landbank for not raising crops, what is that?

      • BDC_57

        are you saying take me to your leader? sounds like you are brain washed.

      • grammyjill

        Do you even have a clue what a socialist is?

  • 3243565

    Romney may be developmentally challenged. His actions dating from childhood and young adulthood are indicators of this condition. We must not elect a person to the highest office in the country who lacks the ability to engage in critical thinking and problem solving. Also, we need a leader who respects all races, ethnic groups, and socio-economic diversity!


  • sadikifu

    Shock and awe will go from coast to coast if Mitt Romney wins the presidential election; Not necessraily the GOP party, just Mitt Romney (and his very extreme right wing running mate) winning the election will set off a tremendous emotional depression. (Maybe Mitt can run against Hillary Clinton in 2016 and maybe by then Mitt will reveal his tax report!).

    • The GOP will not nominate Mitt Romney to be a janitor at the RNC in 2016. I have the feeling we are going to see a very different GOP four years from now. They will reflect on what happened, do some soul searching, and move to the center-right.

      • old_blu

        Maybe they will oust the tea party.


    You IDIOTS just don’t get it. Do any of you know what socialism is??? I had to live in Europe for 12-years. I saw it every day in many different forms. It starts with government slowly taking over individual’s lives, coming up with more and more regulations to tell people what they can and can’t do. The US is a Republic and is supposed to have very limited government. The people are supposed to be in control of alll aspects of their own individual lives. Obama is socialism to the 10th degree!!!! He clearly wants to control every aspect of our lives. He wants to diminish the US’s strength in the world and lower us to third world status. Just one small example, that proves this is true as exemplified through his refusal to cut off billions that are being sent to the muslim brotherhood along with many other countries that profess death to America!! The list is endless that he has created in such a short period of time. It’s no wonder he has caused so much damage so quickly, he never had a private sector job in his life or owned any real property before his dealings with his Chicago convicted felon butty! Before becoming president Obama’s resume was a blank sheet of paper. Shouldn’t the citizens of the US want an individual to take the seat of the largest CEO of the world to have business experience or any experience at ANYTHING for that matter!!!!

    • Gammaanya

      This is BS and U know it.
      PLEASE DEFINE SOCIALISM???!!! Please give up your SS, Medicare, ACA and Public ed- ALL SOCIALISTIC PROGRAMS. Obama is NOT A SOCIALIST, MUSLIM, and for a change stop watching Faux News, listening to fat mouth stupid Rush. Romney wasn’t and it’s not a largest CEO in the world if he was he would be the #1 on the list of the richest men in the world. $250M in the bank or in invest,ent doesn’t make him the smartest or the richest. Actauall Bill Gates is still the richest with Warren Buffet following and Gates have more experience in running business than ROmney and he gives to more charities (have also charitable foundation) thsan ROmney ever will in his lifetime.
      How much did Romney pay you???US Gov. is not a business and can not be run as such.
      U R so full of hate that is so obvious, your venom is dripping.


        Gammy, The President of the U.S. is the largest CEO of the land and wouldn’t it be better for someone with experience in business to take this position instead of someone with only community organizer experience? We see on a daily basis he is experimenting in every decision he makes. All the programs you mention above were set up for people who have paid into the system. Not for free loaders that are totally capable of supporting themselves but choose to freeload. This will eventually break the country and there will be nothing left for the people who actually have paid in and have the right to it.

        Obama doesn’t care if you have paid in or not. Why else would he promote people to be dependent on the government. The ride off the government can only last so long and when it finally explodes everyone will suffer. We need a leader to step in and stop the madness before it’s to late. I don’t particulary like Romney either. However, we must say anyone but Obama!

        • You might be right if Romney had run his business with the best interestsof the US in mind but his only interest was in making money for himself regardless of who he hurt. Many of his practices are hidden and unknown, including his taxes. Ask citizens of Mass. how he did as govenor..I have friends who think he did a terrible job. No thanks.

          • 47th In Create Jobs And Hell There’s Only 50 States LOL That’s Cause He’s Use To Shipping Them Out Of The USA Not Creating Them!!LOL

        • I don’t want a CEO for a president. I want a statesman. CEOs might have tunnel vision concerning their experiences.

          51% of welfare money goes to social programs. Corporate welfare gets 92 billion dollars a year.

        • grammyjill

          the freeloaders are the people bush put out of their jobs, and if the republicans had passed the jobs bill and the infrastructure bill then they would be back at work now. the only ones that want to take our rights away are the republicans.
          oh, and the other freeloaders are fighting in the middle east our in retirement and had paid in for their whole lives.

    • Landsende

      You say, “government is slowly taking over individual lives, coming up with more and more regulations, telling people what they can or cannot do.” What do you think the conservative teapublicans are doing? They want control of what women can do with their body by legislating invasive procedures. They want to decide what can be taught in schools according to their beliefs. They want to take away any safety net for the poor and middle class even though all it would take is the loss of a job, a serious illness, or another financial meltdown where 401k’s and pensions lose half their value, for anyone of us, even you, unless your part of the 1%, to need that safety net. Most of the government regulations were put in place to protect us from things that can harm us such as defective products, contaminated food, air and water quality, financial crooks and workplace safety. Are there some regulations that are just plain stupid. Yes. But rather than gut all the agencies that protect us, as the teapublicans and corporations would like to do, demand our legislators start doing the job they were elected to do, which is represent everyone, not just those with the most money. Right now we have a do nothing Congress with the lowest ratings ever and yet they are in recess until after the election even though there are hundreds of pieces of legislation to be voted on that would help the economy. Wish we all could take six weeks vacation at the taxpayers expense but only Congress is allowed to get away with that and unless we vote them all out and get people in there that really do care about doing the job they were elected to do, we will have continue to have a do nothing Congress.

    • alll, which country did you live in? What did you experience? CEO’s are great people? When our taxpayer money was used to bail out the banks, the first thing they did was give our six million dollar bonuses. Would Romney be expecting 7 figure bonuses for being president?

      Since all your arguments come from a bag of tea. I can reemember when maijuana was called tea. And the money going to the Muslim Brotherhood. facts please.

    • grammyjill

      you need stronger meds and maybe a teddy bear.

  • anndalton

    I think who ever writes this National Memo ia a democrat who should wake up before we are like Russia where they take what those who have something and shared with e those that didn’t and that did not work . I do not like how Obama thinks he has the right to bypass the congress and senate to do what he want, like giveing illegals the right to work when alot of Americans do not have jobss. Speaking of how the other races beside whites will be paying isn’t it about time, we have and are supporting alot of them now, maybe it their time to supports us. Maybe it wiil be because Obama tell employers to hire mexicans and blacks over the whites now to give them priority.

    • Ann, for several years Russia has been a democracy.

      How about the trickle down that is still in effect since 2001. The country was sold a bill of good that is we reduce taxes for the “job creators” it would fix the economy? It was supposed to create jobs. In what country? People, like you, expect American workers to compete with 83 cents an hour and slave labor.

      If US businesses refused to hire Mexican laborers, they wouldn’t come here.

    • BDC_57

      you know russia is a demcracy what histroy class did you missed.

    • grammyjill

      he didn’t give them permission to take our jobs. he gave children the right to go to school and those that are already in our military to stay there and fight for your racist ass.

  • Cairndance

    We should remember than when Mitt left the govenorship he bought all of the computer harddrives so there would be no access to his records. Mitt did the same thing after the Olympics! He took all of the records. Our government gave him 1.5 billion to run those Olympics, without which he would have failed! What was he hiding then and what is he hiding now?

    Yesterday they announced that he had always paid atleast 13 % in taxes every year, but also that he paid an average of around 20% over a 10 year span! I’m not an accountant but that doesn’t make any sense!

    • That’s What I Said Romney Didn’t Save The Olympics The Government Save Them!!! What Do You Expect From A Big Flip Flopping LIAR!!!

  • GeorgeChipLeveto

    Theres not much sense to comment as i don’t think it would make much difference but you might want to visit http://www.veteranstoday, ….read Romney’s Draft Deferment,……… and once you’ve read it all come back and see if your post stands the test…

    • He Got Like 5 Of Them Right Romney Is A Draft Dodging Chicken Shit Thug Who Don’t Mine Sending Other People To Wars !! None Of His Sons Served!!


        NO ONE!!!! Is “Made” to sign up for the military!!!!!!!!! It’s all done on voluntary. Most people sign up either because “THEY” LOVE their country and want to save it from being a socialist country AND to help keep the terrorist off our land!!!!!! Others sign up for the education and benefits they get.
        NO ONE HAS A GUN TO THEIR HEADS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • old_blu

          It wasn’t voluntary when Romney could have gone there was the draft which he missed cuz of a important mission (more important than helping in Veitnam) from Joseph Smith.

        • Little history lesson here. During the Viet Nam War there was a draft and I worked with two young men who admitted they went on a church mission to avoid the draft. Then they entered school to keep out of Viet Nam.

          If they were really patriotic they would have enlisted first and then went on their missions or went to school. You did not understand what Fern was saying. It made sense to me.


            YES YES YES—-We allllll know at one time they DID have drafts, and that’s when Clinton dodged the draft—-
            BUT THEY AREN’T HAVING DRAFTS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            That is what the one blogger said “None Of His Sons Served”
            USE SOME COMMON SENSE!!!

        • grammyjill

          but obozo, there was a draft for viet nam.

        • I Got A Rule Here When You Are A Nut DON’T TALK TO ME!!!

      • BDC_57

        he would probly send his kids on a misson so they would not have togo to war.

  • daniel bostdorf

    This article is about five ways Romney could win, not Obama or anything else.

    The blogger LOLGOP states it best:

    “Basically, the chances Mitt Romney will win have never been lower.”

    Hello “anndalton…”

    Others posting here are distracting us intentionally…with lies, distortions and off topic nonsense.

    Your are propagandists like Rove, Limbaugh and beck and fox news….

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Linmbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    So those of you who post propaganda….keep it coming….we know what a fascist is and isn’t…

    • Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who can be scared into voting for Romney and a number of uninformed people who are functionally illiterate. They can read and write but cannot understand what they read so they get their talking points done for them.


      Your right!!!!!!!! That’s all Obama does he get up at lie lie lie to the American people!!!!!!
      Obama HATES America—-
      He said he would NOT wear “that flag” pin on his lapel!!!!!!!!
      For the longest time he wouldn’t say “God Bless America” it just wouldn’t come out of his mouth!!!
      Obama wants everyone is the world to be equal and line up in the bread lines—-
      Obama wants the government to run everything so you can’t have any say so about anything—–
      Obama wants no one to work harder to be a head of other that are lazy—–
      YOU vote Obama in for another four years; you will see everything collapse and the value of the dollars diminish.
      Obama is a GREAT speaker—-Great at lying, deceiving Great at putting on a show!!!!!!!

      WHY do LAZY people hate to see others get a head and make more money???? They could do the same thing —BUT, they have to get off their butts and work 7-days a week 15 hours a day to do it.
      Who REALLY cares about Romney’s taxes?????
      It took 4-years for Obama to finally get a birth certificate that wasn’t all chopped up and made in print artist.
      Obama doesn’t have tax returns because HE HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

      • BDC_57

        where are your facts ? they proved that romney is the biggest liar so prove it.

      • grammyjill

        obozo, you’re not fooling anyone. do some checking on your own instead of listening to that bag of wind limpdick. the president, any president has someone that follows everywhere he goes and writes down anything he says for history. the president we currently have also has his admin. video taped. if you watched something besides fox you’ld know that. the video guy was interviewed last week. and i don’t give a shit about that crooks taxes. i want an iq test and a mental evaluation. there has to be a mental reason for him not knowing or understanding the truth.
        and obama’s tax returns are online. and his were done on time too.


    Obama Stats….;

    Unemployment in 2009 = 7.7% Now = 8.1%

    Food Stamp Recipients in 2009 = 32 million Now = 47 million

    Americans in Poverty 2009 = 32 million Now = 46.2 million

    Gas Prices 2009 = $1.80 Now = $3.85 (more than double)

    U.S. Debt 2009 = $10.2 trillion Now = $16.2 trillion

    = Total failure. The numbers speak for themselves.

    This is only a snipit……. The list goes on and on.

    His record speaks for itself, we are going down in flames.

    It doesn’t matter if your republican, independent or democrat, because Obama is none of them. He is only using democrat as cover.

    Help stop the madness.

    • old_blu

      Go ahead tell us why he needs a cover, I can’t wait for you to spew your verbal vomit about how he was born somewhere else, he’s Muslim, bla bla bla and anymore of what your blow up doll Rush says.

    • all, why do I get the feeling you are not exactly truthful? The Bureau of Labor Statistics who unemployment was 9.3 in 2009. It is 8.3 now. I am apolitical – meaning I don’t believe in parties as they divide and weaken this nation. One party’s behavior certainly tells me now to vote for people in that party.

      8.3 is still too high. If you inherited a house that could be worth a lot, but had a badly leaking roof and you are deeply in debt, you might have two choices: Let the leak finish destroying the house or borrow money to fix the leak. Obama inherited a leaking economy. With little help he has fixed the leak, but workmen refuse to help him fix the economy as the most important thing, according to Mitch McConnell, is not to fix the economy, but to make Obama a one-term president.

      There is a jobs bill on the table, now, that the republican refuse to vote on. If it works it might make Obama popular. If employment is high, the deficit gets paid down and the economy flourishes. Working people are taxpayers and consumers.

      The economy must be great as the 2001 tax breaks are still in effect.

      • old_blu

        I know why you get the feeling he’s “not exactly truthful” because he’s a liar and a tea bagger.

        Tea bagger = Liar.


        “It’s ANOTHER stimulus bill”

        • old_blu

          So I ASSUME you GAVE your 300.00 back cuz you didn’t AGREE with it…

          RIGHT!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • grammyjill

            that’s obozomustgo trying out a new name. not working for me. i think it’s because we were all ignoring him.

          • old_blu

            Ahhh, I see now thanks jill.

          • You Mean ASSHOLEMUSTGO!!

        • A person, who is functionally illiterate, can read, but not understand what he read. Some people on this blog are programmed talking heads for the Tea Party. The government gets revenues to run the government from taxes. Where did you think it came from? And in order to pay taxes there must be jobs. And, when employment is high those taxpayers will pay down the deficit. They also purchase things and thus impact the economy for business. I don’t know why this is so hard for you to understand. There is only so much money in existance and if only 1% have most of it, that also affects the 99%.

      • grammyjill

        that’s obozomustgo trying a different name. truthful…not.

    • grammyjill

      yes we will help stop the madness, we will vote out as many republicans as we can so we can get to work and clean up the mess the republicans left.

  • howa4x

    Mitt can still pul lit off because this country has 48% of greedy, stupid and racist people in it

  • goodtimes101

    He can shut up.fess up,read up, grow up and man up.

  • 1ItsJustMe

    Mitt Romney has a hispanic son that tells me he’s has more than one wife and he just interducing Ann. Mit Romney is a cheater I don’t trust him and mostly all his sons are the same age.

  • 1ItsJustMe

    I’m voting for President Barack Obama in 2012 an more honest man who deserves a second chance like Bush got that go us in this mess in the first place.