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Monday, April 23, 2018

21 Responses to Former ‘Apprentice’ Star Subpoenas Trump Campaign

  1. So now all of his white male misogynists and sexual predators will try to smear her reputation. Always have to save the Lard Ass’s bacon right boys?

      • Remember when you were a child and your parents took you to those amusement parks and walked you through those “halls of mirrors?” The images could make you look as tall as a skyscraper or as short and squatty as a military tank.

        That IS the world Trump, Republicans and their ultra radical extremist right wingers live in. They look in the same mirror you do and they see their reflection as perfect, white skinned men and women totally without flaws. Not so much as a hair out of place nor a single mole, skin tag or freckle. Then, they look at YOUR image and see as many flaws as their deluded minds can conjure up.

        Now really, how on earth can we live in that distorted mirror world they live in? When they split truth in two so there are two truths for the same issues, they call that “alternate facts.” Read: distorted mirror image facts.

        When they call media accounts of what we know we all heard or saw Trump say or do, they call it “fake” news because in that distorted mirror world they live in, “real” is fake.

        At some point, I imagine their inability to leave that distorted Hall of contorted mirror images where everything looks only as they choose it to, will rain hell on their heads.

          • Thank you. Mirrors for Trump have been as rigged as his businesses. If he is the icon of the successful business man of America, he proves beyond any doubt that CEOs (childish empowered oafs) are ALL as crooked as he is.

            THAT is how you know he’ll go down. These guys may not use weapons to “off” each other; but, sure as hell they know how to turn the screws to “gut the fishes” as the Mafia would say.

  2. 30 women are all lying about trump? Decent women who are proud to be real women, do not want a POS assaulting them. Those lumpy lolas, who were wearing T-shirts inviting him to assault them, had nothing to worry about. He only assaults beautiful 10s, even though as a male specimen he is a minus. Maybe all those t-shirt women should seek audience, disrobe and present their grabbables to him. They are stupid enough to be flattered and if it were really really dark he might think he had died and went to heaven.

    • He may be a minus, but he makes people believe he is a rich minus. Therefore he makes every woman he tries to get into the sack want to believe she has the possibility of becoming Mrs. Teflon Donnie Number Four once he finally gets tired of Mrs. Teflon Donnie Number Three.

    • Hey goldburg, you’re as dumb as trump. I seriously doubt she’s simply out for money. And why shouldn’t she get money from the dipshit cheeto in the White House? She gave that simple corn hole two months to retract his statement about her and he’s not man enough to do it. The POTUS should be in jail! LOCK HIM UP!!!

      • Agreed… galls me when men seem to think just because a woman might not be as pristine as they would like them to be means they can be groped and raped without any repercussions. That’s just a load of BS!!!

    • My, my, aren’t we self-righteous! If she is a professional sex worker, then trump was trying to steal her professional services. trump is a jerk and a deadbeat.

  3. I couldn’t help but notice one of the women named in the subpoena is Jessica Drake. For those who are asking who is that she’s an actress in ahem Adult Films. And to think the so called Evangelicals continue to defend this grotesque creature leaves me stunned ????

  4. Trump has quite a rap sheet, and it gets longer every day.

    A misogynist, an avid sexual abuser and groper, racist, admirer of racists, a friend of Bannon’s, an adult given to frequent petulant outbursts who engages in childish name-calling on a world stage—Trump is a dismal and depressing work of art.

    Hieronymus Bosch would have had a field day, and a studio full of depictions of Trump, were he alive today.

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