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Monday, June 26, 2017

48 Responses to Former RNC Chairman: Nobody Wants To Work For ‘Crazy’ Trump

  1. To Michael Steele, I say this: You may complain about Trump all you wish, but as long as you’re an integral part of a political system which has with opened arms allowed for a Donald Trump to further corrupt America, then your words are just empty rhetoric with no effect whatsoever. Just an empty exercise to vent your spleen, like many of us are doing, while still actively supporting this moribund and spiritually bankrupt system called Partisan Governance, purportedly operating on the basis of ideal democratic principles.

  2. To Michael Steele, I say this: You may complain about Trump all you wish, but as long as you’re an integral part of a political system which has with opened arms allowed for a Donald Trump to further corrupt America, then your words are just empty rhetoric with no effect whatsoever. Just an futile exercise to vent your spleen, like many of us are doing, while still actively supporting this moribund and spiritually bankrupt system called Partisan Governance, purportedly operating on the basis of ideal democratic principles–which many of aren’t supporting in principle.

    So, Michael, until you can figure out how to extricate yourself from the spider’s web of a bitterly partisan form of governance you’ve decided to be ensnared in, you and the others will always remain a big part of the problem, and have no part in being the solution. A solution which begins with rehabilitating from the ground up this nearly dead “patient” called American Government. A government which, by the way, is still superior to other systems of governance in many ways—which goes to show the level of grave danger of a world on the brink of a total collapse, insofar as the stability of human society and the environment is concerned.

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    • Flagged the spam for you.

      Steele speaks as if Andy Card would be the solution to Trump’s troubles. Just as McMaster. Just as Priebus, who replaced Steele at RNC. Just as…

      The ability to organize/rein in/control Trump is irrelevant when Trump doesn’t want to be organized/reined in/controlled.

      Crazy starts at the top.

      • If you have brain cancer you don’t cut off your toe and the problem with the white House right now is the head. Removing the other parts is not going to help. We need to get rid of trump, although it looks like pence is not going to fix the stupid.

        • Pence will fix the incompetence. That’s not good, for America, or the entire planet. Though I doubt Pence is likely to be blackmailed by the Russians.

      • OK—Now that you’ve identified the source of toxicity, what do you propose as the nest step. Remember that talk is cheap, and actions and viable solutions to the toxicity are needed. We would all love to hear your suggestions to help us move forward.

    • I wouldn’t go that far in complimenting Michael Steele, but I will admit he is the first Republican to show any balls in the face of the insanity of Donald Trump.

    • Maxine Waters is a woman of great fire and passion. She is also the one woman the GOP wishes would disappear. All the GOP men know how to do is find petty superficialities to smear their female counterparts.

      So Trump called Elizabeth Warren, “Pocahontas” and McConnell has had words for Nancy Pelosi. Male genitals are not the ONLY prerequisites for leadership

      Which explains why the GOP hates Hillary and is thrilled Trump is bashing hell out of Angela Merkel.

  3. Kudos to Michael Steele. At least he has gathered courage to call: a spade, a spade. Not like his fellow republicans who continue to mum, as if they have never talked before.

  4. Trump’s huge mental health problems are killing the leadership of America in the world and decimating our good name. The man is a blooming lunatic. He lacks not only the temperament but the intelligence for this job. He must be removed by impeachment before Russia obtains its stated goal of having the United States weakened beyond recovery.

    • And it is only 100 days. i am scared to think what is in store for the country for the remaining term. Need divine intervention.

      • You see what he is doing…He deliberately snubbed and insulted our European allies because he considers them of no profit. He also knows that they have access to information on him he doesn’t want us to know about. Not to worry. Thanks to his insulting Chancellor Merkel whom Trump loathes because she is A. a woman and B. A Smart woman like Hillary, now you can make book that if the Republicans don’t get off their asses and stop stalling the investigations, our European allies will start publishing things about Trump and his Slovenian hooker wife he won’t want little Barron to ever know.

        Trump only swims in the swamps with men like himself. That’s why he sucks up to Poo Poo Putin, Assad and the Saudis. They are all the US has now of allies. One of them hacks into our election and Trump and the Republicans go into massive COVER UP mode, hoping to make it all go away.

        • If he actually thinks he can trust the Saudi’s, he’s so wrong! I wouldn’t put it past them to use OUR weaponry (the stuff we just sold them for billions of dollars that they don’t have) against us at some point in the future. Either that, or they’ll go after Iran or Iraq and cause even more problems in the Middle East. We can certainly thank GWB and his cronies for starting this ridiculous problem in the Middle East… will NEVER end!

          • When it comes to Trump sizing up the characters of others, as we’ve all seen, he stinks at it. His massive ego always makes him a magnet for crooks like himself. To him, our world of right and wrong, is “fake” and his world of Wrong is Right is real. How do we all undo everything we have ever been taught by our parents and teachers about recognizing right from wrong?

            I have never trusted the Saudis for one reason. They are the slickest, oiliest articles who had to know they had bin Laden in their midst, what he was doing and that he planned and recruited the 9 terrorists who carried out 9/11.

            Now, Trump bends over backward to make nice to them? It’s the same thing he is doing with Russia.

            There is NO way he can ever pretend Russia didn’t hack into the 2016 election. He claims it had “no influence on the outcome.” BS. Then, why do it at all?

            You’ll notice not once has he ever specifically stated that the Russians hacked into the election. Not once and yet, top Republicans who have seen all of the classified documents have testified under oath there was hacking.

          • Had President Obama arranged the sale, the Israel Lobby would be out with pitchforks and torches.

            Trump? Crickets.

    • Actually, I think Russia’s goal is to weaken the European nations, and by Trump distancing himself from NATO, he is pretty much on his way to getting that done! With the U.S. not being overly responsible for helping our European allies in case of war, the Russians can take over as much of the continent as they want without having to worry about the U.S. stepping in. It was Putin’s plan all along!

      • Putin is not going to invade Western Europe. That would get people upset big time. What he will do is intimidate a weakened NATO into doing things he wants.

  5. Has anyone else noticed how Mike Pence appears to be keeping his distance from this insanity? Unlike Fritz Mondale, GHW Bush, Dan Quayle, Al Gore, Richard Cheney and Joe Biden all worked as partners (or in one case as Overlord) with their respective Presidents. Pence, on the other hand, appears to be not part of the inner circle of what is going on. Who knows – maybe this will help him once more revelations come forward.

  6. Steele is an opportunist and medicare at best.
    Telling people to court pence may not be the best advice either as pence has been caught in more than one lie and could be flush too when all comes out in the investigation.

    • Steele may have been a “token” black RNC chairman. You’ll notice he is less rah rah RNC and GOP these days.

      Mike Pence will never be president and neither will Ryan. All of the men in the GOP are as guilty of taking Trump’s $100 million he claimed he donated to his campaign. The payola for Trump was that he had to hand out political patronage jobs to a bunch of hicks who are dirtier than Satan himself.

      Steele is right about one thing. No one wants to line up to the “TRUMP” name because they know what’s coming. Trump has gotten away with more illegalities in 4 decades than Al Capone ever could.

      Why did they throw Gotti in jail for RICO racketeering charges and not Trump who in NY is being investigated by AG Eric Schneiderman? Who allows a crook like Trump to run on the GOP ticket knowing he had a legacy of lawsuits and fines, one of them for money laundering?

      Pence lies when he says he didn’t know about the Russian hacking. Yes. He Did. The public is fed up with this stonewalling and Pence, Trump, Kushner, Conway, Spicer and Bannon lies.

    • Pence is against abortion. It is his so-called Christian religion. All that other stuff in the Bible? That is not important.

  7. Think Folks.
    Haven’t you ever run across a boss or co-worker like Trump?
    They think they know everything, alienate folks, step on toes, lie, create havoc and then wonder why things is not going the way they thoughtl.
    First Trump only ran to get back at Obama.
    He’s so jealous of Obama he can’t see straight
    This is why he is attempting to dismantle everything Obama even if it hurts the country.
    He has to prove he is ‘better’ than Obama.
    Secondly, for some reason he thinks the presidency is a noveity job.
    One just sits behind a desk and look pretty.
    Trump was reported pretty surprised to find that yes, the job is pretty damn stressful.
    He has even said as much which has him longing for the days when he could do what he wants to do.
    Now a days, his ever move is captured and he doesn’t like being in a proverbial zoo.
    Trump is a con man who conned himself into the job of president and now can’t handle the pressure..
    Once upon a time, he could talk himself into things and it wouldn’t be a problem, he could just cancel it.
    Now the world is finding out that he is as ignorant as many thought he was and then some.
    His words are as one past official noted, God. and this ‘God’ is as dumb as a rock.
    Now even his most loyal supporters are opening their eyes to the fact that ‘their guy’ is/was nothing more than a common used car salesman.
    Mike Pence knew that Trump was an idiot and saw that this is his only way to the White House.
    That poker face and hidden smile on his face gives Pence away.
    But as for crazy, this is what the GOP is willing to trade off on.
    They are hoping to use crazy to get their agenda passed.
    I so hope that they fail and that Trump shenanigans can last another 18 months.
    Then we can have what amounts to another October, 2008.
    And since the GOP controls both houses, and the courts, crazy is what the United States is in for.
    Maybe Karma is a fact.


    • All you hear from his nepotismics is that he campaigned on “being a different president.” Was that really what the word “different” meant? Or was he using his covfefe Big Baby Babble to hide his real intention…to hand over the US to Russia on a silver platter.

      He has almost already achieved that in just 133 days.

    • Ida, I agree. I think he realized too late he was nothing more than the RNC and Priebus’s token black.

  8. I read an article by the AP in our local paper that some of the Europeans tried to explain the Climate Policy to Trump using simple language, as they all recognize he is a dolt.
    I wonder what they think of the American people, that we put him into office over Hillary.
    The 21st century, at this rate, will not be an American century. Our grandchildren will soon be learning Mandarin.

  9. I’m all for it, let the orange covfefe fire the lot of ‘um as I’m sure as a pay back each will have an individual story to reveal about their former short lived emperor..

    • I think Trump makes them sign a confidentiality agreement, so they might have a problem telling their “stories” of the Trump administration.

  10. Glad too see that Michael is not stuck just repeating those tired and old republican talking points. I watched him on some of the talk shows and he’s showing his independence and his evolution from just yet another party hack.

  11. the DUMPSTER treats every thing the same way .with his arrogance personality thinking in the white house he can get away with all the BULLSHIfTING he has done all his problem child life but the law of the country will catch the CLOWN FOOL . his plan was from the start . the DUMPSTER things he is smarter then anyone else . he is wrong he is just an addicted attention seeking junky . I see his plan falling apart and it costing him big time by the end of it all . he is not to bright and has no clue of that he will bring on him self . and I feel it will go deep and into his brain washed family by the end . that when he will cry that his DUMPSTER FULL OF GARBAGE plan blow up like TNT in his face . and another card he thinks is a golden card but its just a joker like him . he will try saying well I didn’t know what was going on and ive never done this kind of work before and I didn’t know what I did happen or why thing just went so wrong it wasn’t my fault (this is the time the clown will be blaming every and any one else those are his sneaky moves he thinks will go over and fool every one . the DUMPSTER is wrong

  12. if be it DONNY DUMP was to plan to have had tried to make things better in and for the USA so be it . but the DUMPSTER dose all the thing he dose because he is an addict he is addicted and his junky fix in attention dose dot matter good or bad . and now he is doing what the GOP gang of pinheads always do is just work for the 1 & 2 % of the greedy rich dirt bags . thy like the DUMPSTER is doing now screwing all the people of the country . and the joke is most of the people the DUMPSTER & GOP are and want to screw are the very people that voted for them and put them in office. the DUMPSTER PROMISED SO MUCH (ALL LIES ) he talked about the country’s debt . his plans are not to bring it down the DUMPSTER loves debt and owing money . its his hallmark . his true plan is for the debt to rise and the money that could bring it down he wants to give to the 1 & 2 % of the rich greedy dirt bags . he promised not to touch healthcare well his budget shown 23 million will lose their healthcare that’s almost as many jobs the CLOWN said he was going to make . he wont never come anywhere close to 25 million jobs made pipe dream from little hands DONNY DUMP . the DUMPSTER whole thing is a big soap opera as the – stomach turns . its all his unreality TV plan the same as his life losing show for anyone that has any thing to do with the DUMPSTER full of all his BULLSHIfTING

  13. ITS IMPORTANT TO KNOW just because THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW says it dose not make it so ! its closer to if the DUMPSTER say it better chances of it not being so and better to know it’s a BIG LIE

  14. OK Washington Post better now ? time to change the logo of the DEMS and GOP the DEMS CAN BE THE elephants and the GOP gang of pinheads can and should be the jackbutt & donkey . seems fitting of late with THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW in the house

  15. You’ll know the end is near when McCain and other GOP “leaders” use the word “orange” for the first time.

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