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Thursday, March 22, 2018

10 Responses to Fox News Has A Bizarre Defense For GOP Health Care Bill

  1. Let’s apply Lisa Kennedy Montgomery’s reasoning to other ideas. Car seat belts are useless because we’re all gonna die. Helmets for motorcycle and bike riders are useless because we’re all gonna die. Making sure the food you buy in the grocery store or restaurant is not infected with salmonella is pointless, because we’re all gonna die. Having the doctor check out that big lump in your breast is a waste of time because we’re all gonna die. We might as well let our kindergarten-age kids play with our rifles and pistols, because they’re all gonna die anyway. I could go on and on with this reasoning, but very few people would say it makes any sense, except for Republicans who are defending their health care bill.

  2. Predicting when people are going to die is the foundation of life insurance.

    So yes, insurance companies can and do successfully predict when people are going to die.

  3. Without having read the article, it was a foregone conclusion that the GOP’s farcical Health Care plan would become an exercise by FOX to try and put a happy face on the GOP’s 2nd embarrassing attempt to come up with a replacement. Spraying watered down GLADE on a steamy pile of dung is what FOX’s pathetic attempt amounts to.

    The nuances and complexities of the current issue regarding health care for all would totally escape the deficient mental capacities of all employed at FOX, from the top to the flunkies hired to make a fool of themselves in the FOX studio by offering inane and insane comments on anything under the sun.

  4. Just when you thought Faux News couldn’t get any f**king dumber.
    I swear pointing a camera at a lawn to watch the grass grow would be more useful and educational.

  5. When you’re as evil as conservative political players have become, you’ll grab at whatever straws you can come up with to try and deflect the blame for your obviously evil acts and intentions. Even if those straws point out to anyone with common sense just how evil you really are – e.g., suggesting that people should deliberately ignore the danger posed to their very lives by the actions of evil conservatives just because they are destined to eventually die anyway. Evil begets evil.

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